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*** Official Smackdown Discussion Thread - 21st October 2005 ***


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In a city where fortunes can change in an instant, friendships could be solidified or shattered next week when Friday Night SmackDown rolls into Reno, Nevada.


On the heels of their battle at No Mercy, Batista proved that he was on Eddie Guerrero's side when he saved Latino Heat from an attack by Cowboy Bob and Randy Orton last week. Next Friday night, the two will become teammates once again when they face the Ortons in a tag team match. Will the World Heavyweight Champion and his new amigo be able to overcome the crafty father and son?


Normally close friends, Chris Benoit and Booker T will go one on one next Friday night for the United States Championship. In recent weeks, Sharmell's interference has helped her husband win several matches, including the Fatal Four Way Match last week that earned Booker this title opportunity. With one eye on the outside, can the Rabid Wolverine turn back another challenge, or will Booker T strike it rich?


Also last week, two mysterious men attacked the Mexicools after Psicosis & Super Crazy's victory. Will they show up again next week, and will we find out their identity or their motive?

Credit: WWE.com

Spoilers are allowed in this thread.

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Wouldn't bet on that right away wyndy....


After originally being scheduled to appear on Christian's "Peep Show' date='" Matt Hardy will instead let his actions speak louder than words this week on SmackDown. Be sure to tune in to see what Hardy has in store this Friday.[/quote']


Seems they want to do something different with Matt. Maybe if Edge is coming to Smackdown, they could do something with that, but I really don't see a point in it. Oh, and just to point this out, don't assume it's a match against Christian, as it doesn't say what he will be doing yet.

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Dark (?) Match (Velocity lights were on, cameras were on and an announcement

was made, but the announcers didn't come out until after this match, so I

dunno if this was a Dark or Velocity match): Scotty 2 Hotty over Matt

Stryker w/ the Worm.


Velocity announcers come out.


Juventud over Paul London w/ the Juvi Driver to keep the WWE Light

Heavyweight Belt. Good match that'll likely play better on television with

both playing face. Nice fast-paced spot that was fun in the middle.


It was funny to see a WWE guy take out Juvi's lawn mower.


Christian over Brian Kendrick with the Unprettier. Good amount of offense

from Kendrick. Christian with a lot of cheers during the match.


William Regal & Paul Burchill went to a "no result announced" against the

LoD (Animal & Heidenreich) when several teams ran in. First time I've seen

Burchill and he looked pretty good. Heidenreich's skull facepaint looks a

bit too cartoonish for my taste and I'm shocked that he hasn't had his

ringwear LoD-ized. MnM, Super Crazy & Psicosis, and the Tollands (?) all

ran in.


Sign Of The Night that made it onto the big screen but won't make it out of

editing: "Are you sure this isn't Thunder?".


Tazz & Michael Cole come out to start SmackDown!.


SD! opens with a retelling of the Booker T/Sharmell saga that leads us to

tonight's title match.


Booker T over Benoit to win the US Title. During the match Benoit did a

dive to the outside and took what looked like a hellacious bump into the

announcer's table with the small of his back when he appeared to overshoot

Booker somewhat. Towards the end of the match Sharmell attempted to toss a

chair into the ring but Benoit caught her in the act. By the time he turned

to Booker, Booker'd been able to recover, delivered a quick flurry, sent

Benoit into the ropes, where Sharmell delivered a low blow when Booker

wasn't looking, then, seeing the Benoit was doubled over, hit the Axe Kick

for the pin and the win.


Quick vignette with Booker thrilled to win and Sharmell happy for him until

Benoit showed up and accused Sharmell of interference. Booker ended things

by calling Benoit a sore loser. Someone should TiVo SmackDown! for Booker

this Friday if he can't watch it! Or at least show him the friggin' tape!


Vignette w/ Cowboy Bob Orton claiming an injured back is taking him out of

the tag match. Teddy Long says Randy can find a new partner or take on

Batista & Eddie Guerrero in a handicap match.


JBL interview where the incident at last night's RAW is replayed where The

Big Show/Edge match is interrupted by Edge and Edge vowing revenge since it

cost him the match. JBL denies having anything to do with the incident.


Matt Hardy over Simon Dean with the Twist of Fate. I'd heard that Matt was

supposed to be introed to SD! on Christian's Peep Show, but that was never

part of the taping. In fact, Matt got no time on the microphone at all.

Good response from the crowd though. Small "Nova" chant for a short time

during the match. Pretty anticlimactic for Matt and his fans I'd say,

though his debut was promoed a few times before the match.


Rey Mysterio went up against JBL in another "no result announced" match when

Edge's music and video started playing after Rey's 619. Edge hit the ring

and Gored, er Speared Rey, then stared at JBL who quickly chased after the

retreating Edge. While Rey was getting up Chris Masters hit the ring and

put him in the Masterlock for a few seconds until Shoichi Funaki led

several of the Junior Divison/Cruiserweights/whatever they're being called

in to help Rey out and was himself quick dispatched as were Paul London and

Scotty 2 Hotty. I think two others came out but never made it into the ring

and weren't shown on the replay. After Masters dispatched them as well,

Hardcore Holly and the LoD came in for the save.


After a pause that I assume was a commercial break where we saw Nunzio w/

Vito come out to his music, we saw Rey in the locker room with a lot of the

SD! wresters both heel and face. Teddy Long asked if he was okay and Rey

said he wanted Long to work his magic because he wanted Edge.


Turns out Vito was wrestling, even though his name never showed in Nunzio's

video, Bobby Lashley. My first time seeing Lashley and he's got some

impressive power, pulling out several tough-looking suplexes at the end

before finishing Vito off with his version of the Dominator.


Palmer Cannon was telling Teddy Long about his "NTI" (New Talent

Initiative), which he credited as the reason Matt Hardy was now on SD! (boy

did HIS stock drop fast or what?!) and introduced Long to the new division

on SmackDown!: The Juniors! Out comes Mascarita Sagrada, two others (not

sure, but another masked mini who looked like Pierroth in red, white, and

blue, and possibly the Heart Throbs' "Pocket Rocket"), as well as one more

slightly larger luchadore: BRAZO DE PLATA! Super Porky himself! And he

was called just that by Palmer! Sagrada and I think the other two minis

were also named. Porky was of course eating what looked like a ham. FUNNY

segment for those who know a little about Mexican wrestling!


I was PRAYING that Brazo de Plata would get to do the same entrance that he

does in CMLL, but that was the Juniors' only appearance.


A WWE 24/7 ad ran with Madusa's trash-canning the WWF's Women's Title on

Nitro clip included.


Sylvain vs. Hardcore Holly started during a backstage interview and went on

through the blackout of a commercial break before coming into the ring where

Holly won with an Alabama Slam on Sylvain through a table. Those who miss

it might think Sylvain juiced, but it was likely the ketchup Holly spritzed

on him at a concession stand.


Nice vignette where Eddie is acting heartfelt towards the trust that Batista

has shown him after watching Rey getting attacked made him start to think

about what happened to him since he wand Benoit held their belts up together

at WrestleMania. He finished up by saying that Batista shaking his hand

after their PPV match where batista was the better man brought tears to his

eyes but was called on that little detail by Batista. Eddie replied "Okay,

I lied!" and they did a good job of selling that Eddie can't seem to BS

Batista (something they sort of did at one point during Batista vs. 3H).


Randy Orton came out alone in what appeared to be a handicap match. After

Eddie and Batista came out (and Batista's pyro is LOUD in person!) Randy

leaned over and the announcer said that Randy's partner was Mr. Kennedy.

Nothing special of a match with Cowboy Bob Orton coming out to distract the

referee while Batista pinned Randy. Kennedy was about to come off the top

rope with a chair but Eddie got on top of Batista. Kennedy hesitated then

blasted Eddie with the chair. Batista got up and, after a cheap shot from

the Senior Orton, was beaten down by the three men with Eddie pretty much

out of it. The threesome walked off and right into Teddy Long, who then

said that next week all three of them would face Eddie, Batista, and "Rowdy"

Roddy Piper in a six-man tag match next week.


There was a pregnant pause here, but the cameras were still going and Tazz

and michael Cole were still out, so I don't know if this was a Dark Match or

not, but Batista recovered enough to say that he wanted Randy Orton now and

was willing to put the title on the line. Long agreed, sent Cowboy Bob

Orton and Mr. Kennedy to the back and Eddie was assisted to the back, as

Batista went over Orton with the Demon Bomb. Batista sold being pretty

banged up before getting up and saluting the crowd.


Now I've never been to a television taping before and this was one weird

expreience. I didn't know that the SD! stage screens pretty much show what

looks like the show minus Tazz and Cole's commentary, including replays

during matches. I also didn't know that they really do pause for commercial

breaks, which, since it's a TAPING, still seems odd to me. At least they

started playing some filler material after several commercial breaks to give

us something to look at.


As I said, Lawlor was nowhere near full, but from what I could see on the

screen it didn't look like it showed. The only part that might be telling

was that the entrance area/stage was pretty close to the ring.


I haven't watched SD! in a LONG time, so several people were completely new

to me. That said, if SD!'s having problems attracting fans, I don't think

it's a problem with the talent as there's some that is pretty underexposed

and underutilized, based on this single exposure to them I've had. Paul

Burchill and Bobby Lashley come quickly to mind.


That's about it. Apologies for any mistakes.


Michael King


From Dave Meltzers site!

Edited by GENE
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Oh God, I read the spoilers and literally laughed out loud when I read about Super Porky debuting in WWE. This could quite possibly be the greatest move Vince has ever made.




Wait until you see this guy move. You WILL be blown away.

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Smackdown has been pretty good so far. Midgets are still awesome though. Loved the Raw vs Smackdown angle.


Oh, and the Hardcore match was old school. I liked it. :xyx


Mr Kennedy is in the Main Event!!!!! But who had the Russo-esque idea to not let Mr Kennedy introduce everyone.



























......you know the drill

Edited by Craig
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Well, when you think about it regarding Mr Kennedy...Kennedy not doing his introduction, it was actually a good thing. If he does it every week, it could easily become stale, if he does it on some weeks it could make it even greater.


Still, Mr Kennedy is so great on the stick that he is still good IN A MATCH. That is talent. Vince Mcmahon, thank you for pushing this man...man.

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Smackdown was off the charts tonight. Benoit vs. Booker T was a great opener, even though Benoit should have won. The Raw invasion of Smackdown was done very well. The backstage segment with the midgets and the Boogeyman was hilarious. The hardcore match between Hardcore Holly and Sylvain was a nice match. Bobby Lashley continued to impress me in his match. And the main event was very entertaining as well. Smackdown just keeps getting better.
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What a load of boll**ks! Is Christian injured? NO! Is he sick? NO! Has he lost his voice? NO!


So why in the hell didn't they have Hardy on the 'Peep Show'!? I was so looking forward to that. Smackdown! sucked balls!


Although, Mr Kennedy in the main event :worship Kennedy.

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Ok who in the hell forgot to tell Chris Benoit that wrestling is supposed to be fake :)


Good show again 2nd week in a row without any fast forward on the video, if they keep this up i will go back to watching it on Frdiay nights.

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Christian and Chris Benoit should be feuding over the US title... not boring booker and **** sharmell



its embarrasing.. smackdown is on the up but they need to push Christian.. the guy is over and should be pushed.. booker is half the worker of christian.... ITS POINTLESS


Damn straight. Christian should be feuding for the WORLD title, let alone the U.S. Title. But noooooooo, Booker T gets yet another push and this time is taking that horrid hag Sharmell along for the ride. Good god please let this be over soon and have Christian relieve Booker and his tart of the U.S Title.

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Smackdown was good this week, certainly better than Raw....


i liked the hardcore match.. it was like the old fashioned around the arena one


main event was good... i like kennedy but iwas hoping the partner would be christian


US title match was good... shame about 2/3 of the people involved.. no-one cared about booker, his is boring and bland... sharmell just plane sucks.... Booker should have caught Benoit on that dive though


the invasion segment was well done... it is looking promising


Was it me or has Vito had his eyebrows plucked??!! it looks that way Lashley looks very impressive


Matt's debut should have been on the peep show... but was ok never the less


the midgets made me laugh.. the one with the mask is actually a good wrestler.. he was in TNA once


Smackdown was good :xyx

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