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American Football


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nah mate, cant help you with that one



In all honesty there are loads of rules to the game, best thing i can do is reccomend you check out NFL.com and look at their rules section if thats what you want to know. As for the game, well you get (i think) 40 seconds to make a play, which can be a rushing or passing play. The center starts the play with the snap, which is the process of giving the Quarterback the ball. The QB is the centrepeice of the offensive unit. They then pass or hand the ball off to a running back in an attempt to gain yards. The recievers run various routes in an attempt to get open and catch a pass. If a pass falls incomplete, then the offence has to start again from the line of scrimmage (where the ball is snapped from). A team has 4 plays to get 10 yards or more, and if in 4 plays they fail to do so the ball is turned over to the opposing team. Normally though a team will try 3 times, and if they fail they then punt the ball, which still turns the ball over but does do a lot further down the field.

Oh yeah, the field is 100 yards long, with an additional 5-10 (not sure) yards at either end for the end zones. If a receiver or running back carries the ball into the end zone then a touchdown is scored (6 points). A point after is then attempted, which is a kick from a feew yards out (cant remember exact yardage). A field goal is worth 3 points and is used instead of a punt when an ofensive unit is in range to kick the ball through the uprights.


Thats about it for now, the basics anyway. Not much to tell about defence, just if a player tackles the QB while he still has the ball, its called a sack.

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It's a simple game with numerous rules. Alan pretty much covered the basics.

Another big part of the game is turnovers. If the QB passes, a defender (usually a Safety or Cornerback. PM me if you want more detail) has as much right to the ball as a reciever and can intercept it. However, the defender must be careful not to blatantly interfere with the reciever's own attempt on the ball. Generally that means the defender can't grab or tackle the reciever before the ball gets there and must be in the process of going for the ball himself. Sometimes that can be a fine line.

Runningbacks and recievers can also fumble the ball putting it up for grabs for anybody.

Unlike just about every other sport I can think of this late at night, there are seperate defensive and offensive units on an American football team.

The most common infraction is holding, usually on an offensive player (tackle, guard or center) after a defensive lineman has managed to get by them. Holding usually constitutes an offensive lineman grabbing or tackling the defensive lineman once they've gotten by and it will cost the offense 10 yards. Linemen, of course, are the big fat guys beating each other up along the line of scrimmage.

Other penalties are false starts and offsides/encroachment. False starts are when an offensive player moves (usually rocks back in his stance) before the ball is snapped. Offsides/encroachment usually happens when a defensive player jumps over the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped or an offensive player moves.

There are many other nuances to the game. As a Yank in Southern Colorado, I've been watching and playing the game since I was in diapers.

Try watching Monday Night Footaball if you get it out there. John Madden is one of the best at explaining how the game works and is a hall of fame coach. Those are the only reasons his name was ever put on those video games.

PM me with questions if you want and I'll try to get back to you.

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We do get Monday night football most weeks, as our Channel 5 covers it every few weeks. However we dont really get Al Michaels or John Madden talking unless the game is going, we never get any half time shows that are from the stateside guys, only our lot.


But as aziraphale said, best to watch a game, then you get to see it all in motion and i think its easier to pick up that way.

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