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*** Official Raw Discussion Thread - 3rd October 2005 ***


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Now I know for sure you know nothing about Russo booking.. this show was nothing like a Russo show. It was poorly written' date=' a Russo show has you at the edge of your seat every second of the show.. this show was BLAND.. they tried to make it good but they didnt know how. BORING SHOW.[/quote']




Sorry I guess I forgot making Flair, Stacy's lover, viagara on a pole matches, and 6 heels turns and 9 gimmick matches on PPV, as being booking genius.


I believe Russo wrote that no?


I rest my case.

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My highlight was the intro bit (presumably the end of a US show) when Heenan said Raw was a new kind of work, or something. I though he didn't talk in carnie on TV!


That was it really, the rest was a major let down.


Only Cena could win by Angle hitting himself with a chair..........again.


Oh no, seeing Kevin Von Erich was nice.




What is it with all of these kop-out and draw matches of late??????????? Ref Kurt-Shawn.


I can't believe that is all they have made of Matt-Edge, at least Matt came out second, indicating they recognise his popularity, I think he looks really good in the ring now; after losing the podge etc.

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I marked out for Shane's music because it was unexpected. Stephanie and Linda were about as expected as the 20 minute HHH promo next week.

I bet that every airport he has been in, people keep on asking him why trip, WHY!


And I bet he ends up saying it is to get past his previous gimick and build his heel persona for a feud with Cena..............Maybe with Masters as his new lacky.

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I watched it and it sure was a great Homecoming. Cool seeing those legends. Still wish my boy Macho Man was there, but he's simply a legend and one of the biggest ones at that, doing his own thing, just like Bruno and Jesse Ventura. Still wish he would join TNA again but have a different Impact this time around. Was cool to see Kevin Von Erich and really cool seeing him do the Claw. I give him respect for being there in Von Erich Terrority. Superstar was tight, Snuka off the Rope was great too.


Hogan was too brief, but I could see a Hogan vs Stone Cold match being great if it ever happens.


Linda took the Stunner real bad, lol, she looked like she was never in the ring before. Does she forget about her first time when she was kissing the Million Dollars feet for a few dollars? Think she would of learned something since then about Wrestling, all well, some people never learn in life in general.


Cool seeing Shane. I always thought him and Stephanie added some good stuff to the WWE, they should have them on more often I think.


I think it would of been great if Arn came out and had Ric Flair's back when Triple H was attacking him.


Lol, the Ted Dibiase and Mae Young skit was definitly great. That's what the WWF used to be all about, funny skits like that (example: Piper's Pit, Mr.T, Jesse Ventura, Perfect Skits, Million Dollar Man Skits, George Steele).

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Raw was OK. The highlight for me (Other than Vince saying he was .. ahem ... twisted. Sorry you missed that Maxx) was Stone Cold. What troubled me about that was the segment was pure nostalgia.

I guess I'm too cynical, but I was disappointed that the highlight of the night was reliving glory days from the Attitude era. It seemed a striking reminder to me that some of WWF/E's best days are behind it and I can only continue to hope things start to look up.

I know there are a lot of people on this board who dislike Trip and God knows there are plenty of reasons, but I think Raw was really missing him and I marked out when Motorhead hit.

Personally I wasn't surprised at the heel turn, if you can call it that. Trip was a heel when he left and I think that's where he belongs. It's really easy to loathe him. Plus, when JR started selling Flair as Trip's "best friend" the red flags were hoisted.

I was thrilled WWE would book an iron man match and enjoyed HBK/Angle, but like others here, I wish they finished it.

All in all I hope the move to the USA network will truly start a new era in the WWE, but I'm not sold yet and was generally disappointed in the show.

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Raw was OK. The highlight for me (Other than Vince saying he was .. ahem ... twisted. Sorry you missed that Maxx) was Stone Cold. What troubled me about that was the segment was pure nostalgia.


Vince said ...twisted:(


















































...NICE! :devil

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You know what this thread needs?


Another person to give there views on RAW Homecoming!




I'll keep it brief. ;)


I enjoyed the show and once you realised that it could never really live up to the over-hype then you could sit back and enjoy and i have to say i haven't marked out many times watching RAW this year but i did a few times last night. :xyx


As others have pointed out the show did have a rushed feel to it in the last hours and the show did seem to be booked as it was going along especially the Smackdown! 6-man tag team match.


Pipers pit was a bit weird especially with Randy and Bob already in a feud with The Undertaker on SD! But i guess there 'to do' with Rowdy Rod and Mick Foley will be shelved until both guys return and Randy is done with 'Taker.


The 30 minute Iron Man match between Kurt Angle and Shawn Micheals was good but a bit of a let down, especially the draw ending, which wasn't a suprise if you know the WWE, they will just shelve this rivalry until Angle is done with Cena and bring it back up and finish it at a pay-per-view.


The Austin segment was pure quality, in my eyes (although Vince, Shane and Steph stayed down for too long selling there stunners). I truly marked out for Shane O'Macs music although it would have been nice if he had something to say instead of giving that gig to Steph (who looked better than ever :lol ). The last part with Linda was truly cring-worthy television (infact it was like watching a scene out of the hit docu/comedy The Office at times) and i wasn't sure where it was heading to but yes, Linda got the worst stunner in history.


Seeing all the old WWF Superstars return was nice but they shouldn't have had them beat on a talent like Rob Conway, that really annoyed me. The guy is a good worker but he hasn't a rubbish gimmick, the worst entrance music in years and needs a mean streak to get him over as a heel, which i think he could achieve but not as 'The Con Man'.


I was excited to see Triple H's return...that lasted for about 30 seconds because as soon as i saw him i knew he was turning heel, he just had that look about him, and that meant it's going to be back to old ways for 'The Game' and frankly that character is tired, boring and frankly everyone's had enough of him.


Seeing him beat on Ric Flair like he did left was over the top, wasted time which on the night they needed badly and i wonder where there feud is going to go now after such a big opening...oh hold on i know, HHH will do the same beating again, cost Flair a match or two, cost Flair his Intercontinental title, cut the same boring 'i am god' promos, which he started in ernest during the beat down and then he will beat Ric on pay-per-view.


We need something new and fresh Hunter, for heavens sake!


Just something i thought of, during the HHH, Flair vs Carlito and Chris Masters surely it would have been better for the faces to be on top and looking like they were going to get a win and then HHH turn on Flair, thus enabling either Master or Carlito to at least get a pin fall on Flair instead of the promising Carlito doing another job?


Hold on, i forgot it was Tripper, no way would he want anybody to steal the glory off him on his return. :roll


Anyway enough on him.


The Ladder match was good, with a few unique spots and i thought both Edge and Matt Hardy worked hard.


I actually predicted (when the match was announced) that it would be Edge doing the job as i thought he had become stale on RAW and needed something to freshen him up, which i think a stint on SD! would have done (plus they need his help more than RAW right now).


Personally that's how i would have had it played out as i think Edge is stale whereas Matt is over big time and maybe i would have even thrown a heel turn by Lita on Edge into the mixer as apparently the two 'get on' now and let's face it, i don't think anybody would have seen it coming. I think the crowd would have marked out for that, maybe...maybe not, who knows?


I hope Hardy is put on Smackdown! in the next few weeks and does well as i'm a big fan of the guy, i just think that the WWE missed a good opportunity here and the ending wouldn't have been so predictable.


The 3 on 2 Bra and Panties Handi-Cap match was a waste of time, pure and simple.


I'm not adverse to the good women workers (Trish and Victoria) or the Divas (now and then) but don't put non-workers in matches.


Anyway, we've seen it all before and let's be honest, if you want to see women without there clothes on just come online, there's plenty on here to keep everyone satisfied and not filling up valuable time on wrestling shows. :xyx


Onto the Smackdown! 6-man tag with Heaveyweight champ Batista, US champ Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio vs JBL, Christian and , boy did they drop a clanger on this one! :oops


Everybody knows SD! is struggling to get to the level of RAW and it's firmly the 2nd WWE show but having Eric Bischoff come out and rip it the way he did served no purpose what so ever and only put the show down even more, i mean some people will now think "even the WWE think Smackdown! is pile of trash so why should i watch it?''


Maybe they done it because of time constraints (which would explain Eric's quick, to the point, promo) or maybe they done it as an 'excuse' for the SD! wrestlers invasion after the main event but even if that was the case it wasn't necasary as Kurt Angle dropped a big hint when he went to see Eric when the RAW General Manager announced his title match with John Cena would be no-DQ and when Randy and Bob Orton interuppted Pipers pit at the beginning of the show.


Not needed, in my opinion.


Hulk Hogan should have been given more time to cut his promo with Gene Okerland which sewn the seeds for a potential Austin vs Hogan Wrestlemania 22 headliner, which i'd love to see even though i'm not a lover of the Hulkster, but time constraints being tight he had to do it in about 30 seconds.


Maybe dropping that bra and panties match wouldn't have been a bad idea after all, hey?




The main event, Cena vs Bischoff for the WWE title.


I'm sure i'm not only one who actually thought Eric had a real chance of getting the belt, especially after making the match no-DQ plus with Kurt Angle at ringside, and i was hoping it wouldn't happen (i'm no fan of the current champ by any stretch) and it never did happen.


The match was over too quickly (mainly due to running over on time due to booking overkill), it could have been very good with Angle getting involved and Eric scoring near falls but Cena hit the F-U and that was it, apart from Smackdown! GM coming out and orchestrating a SD superstar invasion which let to the RAW locker room emptying to get invlolved which was a good way for the show to go off the air.


That should do it! :D


I know i said i'd keep it breif but i got carried away and i'm very bored, at the moment. :lol


Thanks for reading.


pinmepayme. :xyx

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