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Santa's not dead, but Rudolph is.


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The Danish air force has admitted causing the death of Rudolph the reindeer and has paid compensation to Father Christmas.


Olovi Nikkanoff, one of Denmark's professional Santa Clauses, says his reindeer died of shock as fighter planes flew low overhead.


The air force admitted liability and paid him 31,175 kroner (£2,850).


"We're more than happy to pay if it means children around the world will get their presents," a spokesman said.


Mr Nikkanoff said he was devastated in February when he discovered his reindeer's body.


The animal had been grazing happily, he said, when two Danish F-16s thundered overhead.


He complained to the air force, which ordered an investigation.


"We got a letter from Santa complaining about his reindeer's death and looked into it seriously," air force spokesman Captain Morten Jensen told Associated Press.


Flight data showed the jets had been in the area at the time, and a vet concluded that their deafening roar had caused Rudolph to have heart failure.


Mr Nikkanoff feared he would have only one reindeer to pull his sleigh this Christmas.


But after the air force's decision he declared himself happy with the payout and said he was looking forward to this year's festive season with a new animal on his team.


Credit to the Beeb.


A case of Christmas already rearing its head in September........Grrrrr! And it's October tomorrow so I'd imagine that it's really going to start going overboard in the UK. Why didn't Santa Claus have the heart attack, do us all a favour in not continuing this crass commercialism?

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Good, now I don't need to leave a carrot out on Christmas Eve.


Of course, since mid September you've been able to buy selection boxes with "Seasons Greetings!" and "Have a magical Christmas!" on them in my local Sainsburys. I'll be well and truely into the Christmas spirit by Halloween.

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Christmas is cancelled :cry


I don't think he'll cancel Christmas. So maybe he wont be able to see that well without the power of Rudolph's bright red nose showing him the way. But Ol' Father Christmas won't just give up. He'll have a go. Sure some people may end up with the wrong gifts, but at least he tried.





Oh, if anyone gets my gay porn...................it's not mine..........

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