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Favourite Crisp 2002


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Seeing as how it's almost TWO's 2nd Birthday, I thought I'd bring back an old topic that was quite popular back in the day.


What's your favourite crisps?


Personally, I like:


Marks And Spencers' Honey Roast Ham

BBQ Pringles

BBQ Walkers

Tesco's finest BBQ

Walkers Sensations Chilli

Sainsburrys Thai Green Curry

Walkers Cheese and Branston Pickle

Hot Pringles

Curry Pringles

Salsa Golden Wonder

Pombears Cheese and Onion

Seabrooks Prawn Cocktail

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Ready Salted Pringles can't be beat, but other good crisps are



Cheese and Onion Golden Wonder

Curry Wotsits (Didn't last long.)

Ready Salted Square Crisps

Barbeque flavour Hula Hoops

Ham Mini Cheddars

Steak Real McCoy

Tavern's Roast Turkey and Stuffing flavour crisps



Many others, too much to choose from. But those are the ones that stand out. Most delicious.

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Guest Thomas Patson

Marks And Spencers' Honey Roast Ham

BBQ Pringles

Shakars mango chutney mini poppadums

Walkers Coronation Chicken

Walkers cheese and branston pickle

brannigans beef and mustard

Hula hoop cheese shoks

Chilli McCoys

Cheese and onion McCoys

Salt and Vinegar "squares"


True Russ, Pizza crisps never taste of pizza. As for orange flavour crisps, they do actually sound nice !

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Salt And Malt vinegar Mccoys

Cheese and Onion Taytos (bring back two or three multipacks of them every time i go to ireland)

Any flavour Wheat Crunchies

Prawn Cocktail Walkers

Salt And Vinegar, Sour Cream And Chives and Ready Salted Pringles.


I consider myself a crisp connosiour seeing as i have a pack with my packed lunch every day since i was 5.

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Guest Dean Douglas



Salt & Vinegar & Steak McCoys

Branigans Roast Beef & Mustard

Bacon Wheat Crunchies

Pickled Onion & Spicy Monster Munch

Marks & Spencer Spring Onion

Nice 'n' Spicy Nik-Naks

The pretentiously named Cheddar & Onion Kettle Crisps

Paprika Doritos (do they still make those?)

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