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What do you put on first?  

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  1. 1. What do you put on first?

    • Do you put your top on first?
    • Do you put your makeup on first?

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on a random thought thing again,


When getting ready do you put makeup on before you get dressed or after?


If you put it on before hand then when you put your top on you've got to be careful not to smudge the masterpiece you have just created.


But...........If you put in on afterwards you might get splattered as your putting makeup on resulting in having to change you top. then your back to maybe smudging your makeup.



ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's so confusing!


you could of course go out without makeup on, but if your like me then how do you get into clubs without makeup on?

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hmmmm' date=' am i the only person who's messy enough to get there makeup half on face half on clothes?[/quote']


Not necessarily... All my clothes except two items are black, my hair is black and my make up, yep, you guessed it, black! So it doesn't matter if I get it everywhere because it'll be well hidden. :lol

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To be fair i don't use enough make up for it to go everywhere! i only put it on when im going out, and thats only a bit of bronzer, eyeshadow and mascara. But yes sometimes i do spill bronzer everywhere! Never a good idea to do makeup when drunk! :D
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I do my hair normally because i wear it down so it doesnt need major work if i mess it up, then my top then put a towel round my neck to avoid make up getting on it then my jewellery as getting make-up on facial peircings is annoying.



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