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One Night Stands


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Im naturally a nymphomaniac. But calm everything down as i would rather not loose Darkyas i love him, and wouldn't have a one night stand to spoil that.

I'm happy now that Im settled. I was on the verge of turning into a right slappa till i met Darky. And Im glad i met him before that happened.


I don't see much wrong with one night stands if your single and just out to have fun.


But hey that's just my opinion.

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I have, with someone I knew after we'd had an extraordinary amount of frozen Polish vodka. Technically it was great, but I still feel uncomfortable about it, and I know I'd feel even more so if it had been with someone I didn't know. I don't disagree with one-night-stands as such, but I wouldn't do it again.



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Its just lust at the end of the day, and to me there will always be a difference. I look at it, in the way that you've got f*cking and then there's sex. In a relationship you can have both. You can have the ing part when you're both feeling horny and just want to get jiggy with your bad selves, good part it, when you've finished, there's still that loving feeling there because of who you feel about each other and what you know about each other.


I've had one night stands, and yeah it was fun while the fun lasted, but once that's gone, its all ok....we've done what we both came here for (and no innuendos for that please) so yeah.....And thats it. Essentially its not worth anything, apart from maybe feeling that was a good drunken night.


I didn't get anything out of it, except a cheap thrill, and some good old fashioned nookie, and really thats all it will ever be. I'd rather have all that, with someone I love, and someone I truly care about 24/7 with all the relationship bits and actual sex (as in intimate relations between 2 people in love) and not just lust for however long the mast is raised.


Graphic I know, but well its the truth, and the truth ain't pretty. And I won't have a go at people who have them, cause its their choice, and if they enjoy it, cool for cats. But I'd have a relationship anyday.

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