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wwe4eva's WWE News Update #7: Lita/Jeff Hardy heat, Monday Night War reborn??? more!


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Partial Source: The Torch


This may come as a shock to some of you, but the prank Randy Orton played on Rochelle backstage at RAW a few weeks ago was simply put - disgusting. Randy got a hold of the bag and put his own fescues in it, ruining just about everything she had.


We're also told that on the flight back from Japan, Randy poured a Bloody Marry all over Amy Weber which upset her quite a bit.


Randy is known backstage as a womanizer and there is currently a ton of heat on him for his childish antics. This is also part of the reason he's not in the spot where Batista is right now. WWE management thinks he is very immature and really needs to clean up his act before they go any further with him.


We'll keep you posted.


We have some major news that has the possibility of changing the landscape of pro wrestling as we know it. In a press statement released this week, SpikeTV announced, "After several months of negotiations, we have decided to end our discussions about extending our relationship with WWE beyond September 2005. Moving forward, Spike TV will expand its investments in original programming and new acquisitions for its core audience."


Wherever RAW winds up, With WWE leaving SpikeTV in September, that leaves a HUGE opening in Spike's Monday night primetime slot. There is a lot of speculation that TNA representatives will be meeting with SpikeTV and Viacom very shortly about the possibility of TNA taking over RAW's timeslot.


At this time, it is unknown whether or not WWE and SpikeTV have a no-complete clause whereas SpikeTV could not air another wrestling program in RAW's timeslot for a certain period of time. If this is not the case, SpikeTV can begin airing a weekly Monday night TNA show immediately and steal the momentum left behind from RAW. As hard as WWE would try to alert their fans that they were switching networks, there would still be a large portion of their audience that would tune into SpikeTV the week after RAW was gone out of habit.


Theoretically, if WWE's contract with Spike ended immediately following the end of the last RAW broad cast, TNA could air "Monday Night Impact" RIGHT AFTER RAW was over. This would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for TNA to seize that opportunity and reignite the Monday Night Wars. We will have more on this blockbuster story as it develops.


As we noted the other day here on the site, Linda and Shane McMahon were spotted at NBC Universal offices in Rockefeller Center several days ago. We have been told that a deal is done and locked with the USA network. Everything has apparently been worked out and an announcement should be expected soon.


More details as we get them.


-- Jeff Hardy has been sticking to his new year's resolution of showing up to work on time in TNA. However, wrestlers are saying that his new habit is leaving the building long before the shows come to an end. Management doesn't seem too concerned about this, and haven't said much to Hardy about it.


-- Jeff Hardy has been telling friends that he is shocked by his brother Matt Hardy's public breakup with Lita, and has told friends that he thought they would be together forever. Lita was not pleasant to Jeff when he tried talking to her about it. He has even written a song about the breakup to help him deal with the emotions he felt.


AJ Styles, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Diamond Dallas Page, and The Outlaw will be featured on the TNA Lockdown PPV poster. The PPV is scheduled o have two Six Sides of Steel matches


There is no RAW house show tonight. (Friday night in America)


Chris Jericho will be a guest on TSN's Off the Record on 3/22.


There is a big billboard promoting WrestleMania 21 near the LAX airport. They have Guerrero vs. Mysterio, Orton vs. Undertaker and Show vs. Akebono with a K-1 logo next to Akebono's name.


Shane Douglas' June 10th ECW reunion show will be titled "Hardcore Homecoming."


Jeremy Borash & Tod Gordon are the main guys who are helping Shane put together the event.


A website for the show is in development and tickets should go on sale in the next 1-2 months,


Names scheduled to appear include: Terry Funk, Shane Douglas, Francine, Justin Credible, Tracy Smothers, Sabu, JT Smith, Johnny Grunge, Pitbull Gary Wolfe, Raven, Bill Alfonso, Sandman, and Tod Gordon. Joey Styles is also involved and will be on the DVD of the show once it is produced.


Edge and Lita are already scheduled to appear together. From March 18th - 20th in Phoenix, there is a car show and Edge, Lita, and Dawn Marie are the advertised to appear. The two are currently 'dating'.


For those who haven't heard (and god knows where you've been), Lita and Matt Hardy split up after Matt learned from Edge's former wife that the two had been talking and traveling together. The two fell in love while on the road and it has continued ever since. [/Quote]


credit: backstagewrestling.com

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Brock Lesnar > Randy Orton.


Brocks still the youngest WWE champion ever tho, so bleh.


Orton's a ****.


EDIT: Also... I'm sorry but, "He has even written a song about the breakup to help him deal with the emotions he felt."... HAHAHAHAHA. I MUST HEAR THIS SONG.

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More news...


Booker T vs Orlando Jordan for the US title has been discussed backstage recently as a possible addition to the Wrestlemania 21 card.


The WWE is rumored to be paying Akebono around 20 thousand dollars to work Wrestlemania 21 against the Big Show.


The Dirty Harry spoof commercials featuring the Undertaker did not air during the UK versions of this weeks Raw. [wwe4eva: that's not true!]


Balls Mahoney told several of his friends and family recently that he will be at the ECW One Night Stand PPV on June 12th.


For those of you in the Nashville, TN area, Smackdown will air this Sunday at 3 PM.


With all the talk of Spike TV ending negotiations to carry WWE programming past September 2005, WWE's stock dropped down 2.29%.


Comcast has taken off the Wrestlemania Recall special, which heavily advertised Direct TV, from their On Demand programming and added a new item that shows the first 3 Wrestlemania 21 commercials: Forrest Gump with Eugene, Bravehart with Triple H and Ric Flair, and the Basic Instinct commercial with Stacy Keibler. The new package can be found right where the Wrestlemania Recall special was, which is in "Sports/Fitness" followed by clicking on "More Sports".Al Snow will be appearing on 3/19 for the Houghton Lake Bobcat Boosters as part of a charity wrestling event titled Snow Day 2, which will benefit the Houghton Lake athletic program in Michigan.


Those working as JBL's security during this weeks Smackdown were Sonjay Dutt, CW Anderson, Caprice Coleman, Sean Lei, and Prince Malik.


As announced yesterday, Spike TV has pulled out of negotiations with WWE about a new TV deal and it is likely now that WWE will return to USA Network. Here are some things to note:


- WWE was apparently not expecting Spike TV to pull out and announce it publically. This will greatly hurt their talks with USA which are still ongoing as they no longer have any leverage.


- All of the WWE cable shows included in the package (RAW, Heat, Velocity, Experience) are down sharply in the ratings compared to in 2000 when they signed the $28 million deal with Spike TV. Despite that, WWE now wanted a $40 million deal. It remains unlikely that they will get that.


- WWE had tried to get TNT, TBS, and FX to negotiate with them but none of those networks showed any interest in WWE programming. This not only bad for WWE, but a bad sign for any other wrestling promotion (mainly TNA) trying to get a major TV deal.


- Spike TV and TNA have not had any talks yet.


- Spike TV does want UFC's "The Ultimate Fighter" back for another season.


- Spike TV feels that with the addition of "CSI: New York" five nights a week, they no longer need RAW since they will be able to air "CSI" and "CSI: New York" evernight from 8PMET - 10PMET and don't have the baggage that is WWE's weekend programmming to deal with.


- In a column for the Associated Press, a network executive speaking on condition of anonymity told writer David Bauder that WWE was "never as popular with the network's advertisers as it was with viewers." He also said that Spike TV wanted to focus more on their own scripted programs and less on reality.[/Quote]


credit: backstagewrestling.com

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the prank Randy Orton played on Rochelle backstage at RAW a few weeks ago was simply put - disgusting. Randy got a hold of the bag and put his own fescues in it, ruining just about everything she had.



That is so f*cking disgusting! This is supposed to be a grown man...he is acting like an out of control toddler...why in the hell would ANYBODY do that to another person?! He's shooting himself in the arse anyway...

Just adds more reasons to my long list of why I really can't stand him.

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