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Sorry malaphesto & everyone else with a sim. but im gonna copy you:Smackdown Vs Raw


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Right im gonna have a Smackdown vs Raw simulation its gonna be the same as any other one. Raw side, a Smackdown side. First event will be the royal rumble where there 30 random men. The Other wrestlers who are not in the Royal Rumble will compete in Battle Royals. There will be three 6-Man Battle Royals and one 4-Man Battle Royal.The winner of the Royal Rumble and the 4 Battle Royals will be Gareenteed a title shot within the PPV's.But they will compete in a 5-Man Battle Royal for a Title Shot at Wrestlemainia. Dont get just send us a private message.People will also be picked at Random for having Title Matches at the Royal Rumble.


Please Pick Two Wrestlers



Batista:-Chris Benoit

Big Show:-wwe4eva

Booker T:-Draven Cage

Bubba Ray Dudley:-

Charlie Haas:-

Chavo Gurrero:-

Chris Benoit:-Fagan316

Chris Jericho:-therock010


Chuck Palumbo:-

D-Von Dudley:-

Eddie Gurrero:-Chris Benoit

Edge:-Jeff Hardy

Garrison Cade:-

Hardcore Holly:-

J.B Layfield:-Jeff Hardy

John Cena:-Fletch

Kane:- Draven Cage

Kurt Angle:-Fagan316

Mark Jindrak:-

Matt Hardy:-wyndorf

Randy Orton:- Malphesto

Rene Dupree:-

Rey Mysterio:-


Ric Flair:-


Rob Van Dam:-Malphesto

Scotty 2 Hotty:-

Shawn Michaels:-Fletch

Shelton Benjamin:-


Triple H:-THE BODY

Undertaker:-THE BODY

Molly Holly:-A.C


Stacy Keibler:-A.C

Torrie Wilson:-

Trish Stratus:-


Andre The Giant:-wwe4eva


Bret Hart:-Spiral Tap

Brutus Beefcake:-


Jimmy Snuka:-

Legend Undertaker:-


Masked Kane:-Spiral Tap

Roddy Piper:-

The Rock:-therock010

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Looks like this league has potential the way he's setting it up lets get some matches going


OK here we go.Since we don't have enough people for my plan.Were gonna have New Year's Revoloution which will be a joint PPV.All the titles will be decided.They will say if the are for Raw or Smackdown next to them.Some will be joint.The Matches are


Hardcore Title(Both Shows)


A-Train vs Matt Hardy vs Rico


Intercontinental(Raw only)


Christian vs Molly Holly


Television Title(Both Shows)


Christian vs Stacey Kiebler


Tag Team Titles(Both Shows)


Big Show & Andre The Giant vs Shawn Michaels & Edge


Ladder Match for The United States Title(Smackdown Only)


John Cena vs Rob Van Dam


Fatal Fourway Steel Cage Match for the WWE Title(smackdown only)


Eddie Gurrero vs J.B.L vs Kurt Angle vs Undertaker


Amageddon Six-Man Hell In A Cell for World Heavyweight Title(Raw)


Batista Vs Chris Jerico Vs Chris Benoit Vs Randy Orton Vs Triple H vs The Rock


Should Be up by Tomorrow Night

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Right heres the results


Rico def. A-Train & Matt Hardy To win Hardcore Title


Christian def. Molly Holly to win the Intercontinental Title


Stacey def Christian to win the Television Title


HBK & Edge def Big Show & Andre The Giant to win the Tag-Team Titles


Rob Van Dam def. John Cena to win the U.S Title


Undertaker def. J.B.L, Eddie Gurrero & Kurt Angle to win the WWE title


The Rock def. Triple H, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton and Batista


I am open to any ideas or challanges.

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