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It's the 2005 nu-skool version...


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McCoys Steak ones are awesome....


Pickled Onion Monster Munch...


Walkers own humble Salt and Vinegar...


But more importantly the most evil crisps are Roast Chicken... When you people listen and realise that Chickens are evil and any food products made with them or flavoured to taste like them are sickness waiting to happen!

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I'm loving the current crop of Walker's Comic Relief mixed flavours. Cheese and Pickle, BBQ Chicken and Bacon with Ketchup, what a line up. Due to my hatred for Salt and Vinegar, it's not often that I can buy a multipack where everything appeals to me, but all three flavours are superb.


Normally I would say the best crisps are Highland's Ayrshire Bacon and Brown sauce, but since Walkers copied the flavour for their Bacon with Ketchup flavour, I'll go with them. Walkers crisps are much nicer than the Highlander ones, and you get more in a bag.


Highlanders do have the added benefit of being made in West Lothian though, and are available throughout the world. You can get them in Spain with an old woman on the front with a name like EL CRISPIO FANTASTICO. It still says on the back though "Fa la hista da vista th th th th Chrith Waddle arriba falantrina consequa MADE IN BATHGATE", which makes me imagine that there's some Spanish kids thinking to themselves "One day I would love to visit this magical "Bathgate", the land of beautiful potato based snacks".

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