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wrestlemania predictions

Guest deadmansacolyte

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Guest Sparvid

What I'm hoping for:


World Title - Batista

WWE Title - Cena

Ladder Match - Christian

Angle vs. HBK - Angle

Womens Title - Trish

Orton vs. Undertaker - Taker

Cruiserweight Title - London

Big Show vs. Akebono - Don't care.

Eddie vs. Rey - Don't really mind who'll win as long as they have an entertaining match.

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Guest markedman

Batista to win

Cena to win

Michaels to win

Taker to win

Trish to win (lita helps)

Show/Akebono - who cares!

London to win

Ladder match - controversial ending

Eddie to win (as a heel)

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Guest MARTIN316V1

I think there will be an official prediction league up just before Mania. Anyway, im bored so i thought id post mine.


Triple H vs. Batista - Batista to win and become the new world champ.

JBL vs. John Cena - JBL to retain, cant see both the main titles changing hands.

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels- Angle to win in what i think will be his final match. Will end with a handshake.

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton - Taker to win and go 13-0, Orton offers handshake but hits an RKO.

Edge vs. Christian vs. Jericho vs. Kane vs. Benoit vs. Benjamin - Ladder Match - Kane to win this and face Batista at Backlash.

Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme - Trish to win.

Big Show vs. Akebono - Big Show to win.


As for the rumoured matches:


Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero - London to win the Cruiserweight title.

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero - Eddie to win, Mysterio should be the one that turns heel.

Hulk Hogan vs. Mohammad Hassan - Hogan to win.

Booker T vs. Orlando Jordan - Orlando to win.

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Guest johnny knoxvill
If the show/akebono match is legit shoot then I dont know because that guy is a pro and is huge but the big show has the quickness and height so I dont know if its staged then the Big Show will win. Be good to see if Show can chokeslam Akebono well. We are now questioning Shows strength who fought that would ever happen
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WWE Title-Cena to be new Champ

World Title-Triple H to retain

Trish to Retain Womens Title

Undertaker to beat Randy Orton

Big Show will beat Akebono or whoever he is

Paul London will win the Cruiserweight title

Eddie will beat Rey

Edge or Christian to win the Ladder Match

Angle to beat HBK

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Akebono is a big fat useless waster of space who somehow became a name in Japan and was pushed into shoot fighting by K-1 to very dismal results....


Their is also no way that the WWE will put on another shoot match after the injuries and trouble caused by Brawl For All where they planned on Dr Death winning only for Bart Gunn to win and get shipped off to Japan...


I still can't call the Raw Title match simply because Booker was over huge and had all the momentum before Mania XIX like Dave has know but then he was by and large squashed... 19 seconds after one pedigree with one finger anyone?


Cena is so ending JBL's title run though, average in ring he may be but the lad is Smackdown at the moment, he's the only one on that show the fan's really give a care for and like Eddie last year I think that'll be enough for him to bag the gold....


As a Jericholoic I really wish he wins the six man ladder match as well, VIVA LA JERICHO!

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Guest RvD316

Batista vs. HHH: Batista

Cena vs. JBL: Cena

Money in the Bank: Christian (total mark pick)

Angle vs. Michaels: Angle

Orton vs. Taker: Orton(sadly)

Trish vs. Christy: Trish (I will cry if Christy wins)

London vs. Chavo: London

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Guest voodoo
in my mind i have it all lined up and if there are any surprises i would be very surprised indeed. the only matches i am unsure about are the kurt angle Vs shawn micheals match and the money in the bank ladder match. I think it will turn out to be a victory for shawn micheals and in the ladder match maybe kane or christian. I think kane to set up a match for the next PPV or christian so they can establish batista as a devastating animal against christian.
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Guest trellian

The Akebono vs Big Show match will be a sumo match.. so no chance of seeing Big Show chokeslam Akebono.. I seriously don't think he can do it.. the guy is just to big and can't help out himself either by jumping. I still think it's a shoot fight though, as a Sumo match is relatively harmless and causes few injuries. The good thing is that a sumo match can be realtively short so you would probably miss it if you went to the toilet.


Batista vs Triple H - Triple H as they don't know what to do with Batista after the unevitable rematch.. unless they just want Triple H to become 11 time champion.


JBL vs Cena - Cena.. unfortunately..


HBK vs Angle - Don't know.. could be either two.. no real compelling reasons for choosing the one over the other..


Money in the Bank - The winner will probably be drafted to Smackdown, as they won't let any of these guys face Triple H.. I go for Edge so it can be Edge vs Cena


Orton vs Undertaker - Undertaker via DQ due to Bob Orton hitting Taker in the head with the cast


Trish Stratus vs Christy Hemme - For the love of wrestling.. don't let Hemme win this one...


Paul London should defeat Chavo.. and not on Heat.. please.. put a CW match at the proper card.. and let it last for at least 10 minutes


Rey vs Eddie - Rey should win when Eddie's cheating backfires.. nobody should turn heel.. but I guess a face vs face match is to much to ask for.. the casual US audience would probably not understand what is going on


I haven't heard the rumors of Booker vs Orlando.. if it happens.. please put that on Heat... and let Booker take the title away from Jobber Jordan...


Piper's Pit: I really don't hope a Hall of Fame inductee gets a stunner.. so I'm hoping Hassan can interfere and receive the stunner instead.

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Here is who I want to win


World title -- Batista

WWE title -- Cena

Ladder match -- Kane

Angle vs hbk -- HBK

Womens -- Trish

Orton vs Taker -- Taker

Cruiserweight -- London

Big Show vs Akebono -- Big Show

Eddie vs Rey -- I have not decided

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Guest TBEFan

I don't know about ya'll, but I have to answer this in two ways: With my brain and with my heart. What I THINK will happen, and what I WANT to happen.




World Title: Batista Vs. Champion Triple H

Brain: Batista

Heart: Batista

(What do you know, they agreed?)


WWE Title: John Cena Vs. Champion JBL

Brain: Cena

Heart: JBL


Money in the Bank: Edge Vs. Benjamin Vs. Kane Vs. Christian Vs. Jericho Vs. Benoit

Brain: Edge

Heart: Shelton Benjamin or Christian.


Legend Match: HBK Vs. Angle

Brain: Angle

Heart: HBK


Woman's Title: Trish Vs. Christy

Brain: Trish

Heart: Trish

(Whaddya know? Another agreement!)


Streak Match: Orton Vs. Undertaker

Brain: Orton

Heart: Undertaker

(Orton doesn't deserve that kind of push. That's all I'll say.)


Last but not least, (Any match not listed here isn't worth the time)


Stone Cold on Piper's Pit:

Brain: Stunner for Piper

Heart: Stunner for Piper


My brain and heart only agreed three times. Tis a shame...


Strive for Righteousness,

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Guest areamike

Official Matches:


Triple H vs. Batista - Batista...game over! However, I don't think Batista will hold the title very long...more on that later...


JBL vs. John Cena - John Cena. Smackdown needs a ratings boost...plus JBL is an arse. Who can stand his arrogance?


Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels- HBK to WIN. They call him Mr. Wresltemania...Gold Medals don't mean sh**T in the WWE. You suck You suck You suck...dah dah....dah dah...lol


Undertaker vs. Randy Orton - Undertaker to put a stop to the Legend Killer. Although Orton will still come out looking strong even after a loss. No one loses respect for losing the the Undertaker. It would also be sweet to see Cowboy Bob Orton come out before match and advise his son NOT to wrestle the Undertaker. Then Randy RKO his own Dad for doubting him just like he did to Stacy Keibler on RAW the other night.


Edge vs. Christian vs. Jericho vs. Kane vs. Benoit vs. Benjamin - Ladder Match - Benoit to win.


Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme - Trish to win. Anyone who thinks Christy can wrestle is silly. She might look good on Playboy, but that don't cut it in the WWE. Only way she can win is for interference(help) from trainer Lita.


Big Show vs. Akebono - Draw. We would like to stay friends with our Japan neighbors and at the same time save face with ourselves. I can't see a clear winner here.



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