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Matt-Lita-Edge news


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All of the "story" of Matt, Lita and Edge will now be posted here.


There were chants of "You Screed Matt" and "You Screwed Lita" at Edge during the RAW broadcast last night. A fan also held a sign up that said "Edge Speared Lita". There was also a fan with a "Matt Betrayed V1" sign and chants of "We Want Matt"


Also on commentary, Jim Ross said, "Edge is a changed man. He's not the same guy I used to talk to." Lawler asked, "You're not saying he has a split personality are you?" Ross said, "He's made some bad career choices. Everyone's against him." Jerry Lawler also stated "It's only cheating if you get caught" to end the match. More obvious 'cryptic' messages from Lawler and Ross.


As we've noted before, management is less than happy with Edge right now. For those wondering, Matt Hardy was NOT backstage at RAW last night.


As expected, the Hardy-Lita-Edge love triangle was the hot topic of discussion backstage at RAW last night. Although talk on the situation had been quiet at weekend house shows, it was open season yesterday with talent from SmackDown! on their cell phones to the RAW guys to try and get updates.


Matt Hardy wasn't backstage at the show last night, per WWE's request, who felt it would be best given Lita and Edge were both booked for on-screen appearances.


With Hardy not at the show, management held meetings with Edge and Lita to discuss recent events and how the situation could be defused given that WrestleMania is around the corner.


As for backstage reaction - Edge nor Lita were shunned by their peers, however there was some ackwardness that accompanied both wherever they went backstage, which was to be expected. As for Matt Hardy, many in the locker room feel sympathetic toward him as he is a popular figure and thought of as a kind boyfriend.[/Quote]


credit: backstagewrestling.com

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