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***Official Smackdown Thread - 10th March 2005***


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MARCH 10, 2005


WrestleMania 21 is less than a month away as SmackDown! comes to Roanoke, Virginia.


Now that Orlando Jordan and JBL both have championships, what kind of power will the Cabinet wield leading up to April 3? Will Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak continue to not get along?


Plus, now that he has lost his United States Championship, how will John Cena respond?


And what will GM Teddy Long have in store for Carlito this week? Last week he got stuck shoveling snow in the Pepsi Arena parking lot.

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Spoilers from WrestlingObserver.com

From Sammy Eanes:


WWE Smackdown Spoilers Roanoke VA Civic Center 03/08/05


We got there a little late, so I’m not 100% sure what happened at the very

beginning. Sounded like MNM may have wrestled a dark match, because of the way

a guy around me was describing the girl that was out earlier, but he didn’t

provide the best description either.

This was the first WWE

TV taping in Roanoke since Raw back in December of 1997.


First Match I saw was Bob Holly & Charlie Haas versus Bashams.

Basic Velocity match. Crowd was pretty hot, especially for Bob Holly. Bashams

got the victory, but fans still chanted for Holly afterwards.


Scotty 2 Hotty versus Akio

A lot of stalling early by Spike. Dudley used a full nelson early. Are they

not worried about him using Masters’ finisher? Scotty came back with a

superkick for a near fall, then hit the bulldog and went for the worm, but

Spike rolled outside. Scotty went to suplex

Spike back into the ring, but Spike rolled him up and used the tights for the



Paul London versus Akio

Chavo Guerrero came out to do commentary for this one. London did the Brody

stomp again. Couple good near falls early. London clotheslined Akio outside

and hit a plancha. Back inside Akio worked over London’s leg. Akio went for a

huracanrana from the top rope, but London rolled through with a sunset flip

for the pin. London and Chavo stared each other down afterwards. Possibly the

best match of the night, which isn’t saying a whole lot.


Next Tazz and Michael Cole came out for Smackdown. Although it was weird,

because they switched the apron and what not and changed the jumbo tron to

Smackdown, although this next match may not be on the show. Let me preface all

of this by saying that if you want a lot of in-ring wrestling, this weeks show

is not for you.


Booker T versus Heidenreich

WEAK punches from Heidenreich early. The two fought to the outside where

Booker T got posted. Back inside Booker used a forearm and spinebuster.

Heidenreich went for a chair, but Booker used a scissors kick and then grabbed

the chair. Booker hit him with a nasty chair shot and pinned Heidenreich to a

pretty big pop. Heidenreich looked real woozy when he got up. If this is on

television, boy am I sad to see them blow off this program so soon.


HHH Batista promo aired, some pop, but not that great.


Up next they ran the Smackdown open, with no pyro, then recapped last week

with Orlando Jordan winning the United States Title.


JBL, Jordan, the Bashams and security all came out. JBL talked about letting

the fans relish in his greatness. He said he was going to celebrate a man who

embodies the cabinet, Orlando Jordan, who beat Cena last week “one on one”.

Loud Cena chants. JBL said Virginia is backwards and should chant for OJ. JBL

went on to make jokes about Hispanics and challenged Eddie Guerrero and Rey

Mysterio to a tag title match tonight against he and OJ. JBL then made fun of

the spinning US Title, which I think is very cool, and said it symbolized

everything he hated about John Cena. He then put the belt in a trash can and

flipped a switch which set off pyro from the trash can. He then presented OJ

with the other US title belt.


The Mania Hollywood promos aired all night. Ric Flair got a big time pop

during the Braveheart one.


Recap of the Randy Orton challenge to Undertaker on Raw


Back inside Theodore Long is on the phone when Carlito shows up. Long says he

wanted Carlito to find Undertaker tonight and find out what Taker’s response

is to Orton’s challenge. Peanut says he’ll fire Carlito if he doesn’t do it.


Josh Matthews was shown waiting outside for John Cena to arrive.

Carlito was looking for Taker, a Civic Center employee accidentally turned off

the lights and freaked out CCC.


FINALLY we get a wrestling match…oh..and it’s Luther Reigns versus Mark

Jindrak. Jindrak jumped Reigns coming down the isle. Really a nothing match,

but what did you expect. Jindrak showed a tiny little bit of fire. Thankfully

this was kept short, like 3 minute short, Jindrak pinned Reigns.


Cena was shown arriving at the building, Josh Matthews asked him a question,

but the crowd was too loud and I couldn’t hear what Cena said.


Kurt Angle came out with his gold medals handing from the ceiling and a ladder

in the ring. He flashed us back to 1994, said when he was training for the

Olympics, Shawn Michaels was competing with Razor Ramon at WrestleMania X in a

ladder match. They showed clips. The highlights had a WWE 24/7 bug in the

corner. Angle said many consider that the best ladder match ever, but that’s

only because he’s never wrestled one. They brought out this week’s whipping

boy, who is an indy guy with NWA Virginia and some of the others around. Angle

asked what his name was, but before he could get it all out, Angle slapped

him. Angle fish hooked him and beat him down, before slapping on the ankle

lock, then climbing the ladder and getting his medals. Angle then said he

wanted to flash back even further. He said that in 1989, Jose Canseco was

hitting home runs, the B52s were on top of the charts and Shawn Michaels made

his WrestleMania debut. They showed footage of the Rockers coming out for

their WrestleMania V Match. He said that everyone knows Marty Jannetty taught

Shawn Michaels everything he knows and that Jannetty was the real glue that

held the Rockers together. Angle said that he had arranged a match with

Jannetty next week in Savannah, GA. Angle said next week Michaels can learn

another thing from Jannetty, how to tap out to Kurt Angle.


I guess the biggest news of the night came in the next segment as Big Show and

Joy were backstage with Josh. Matthews brought up the Akebono challenge and

they officially announced Big Show versus Akebono in a sumo challenge at



They then ran down the Mania card, biggest pop, by far, was for Austin in

Piper’s Pit. I’d say the Cena/JBL match got an even reaction to the

HHH/Batista match.


Carlito came to the ring and was tired of looking for Undertaker. He called

out the Dead Man, who promptly came out. Taker grabbed Carlito by the throat

and was short and to the point, he said Randy Orton will be like the rest who

have tried to stop him at Mania and Orton will rest in peace. Undertaker then

tombstoned Carlito.


They ran down the Hall of Fame inductees again, Hogan got almost no reaction

and even some boos. Piper got by far the biggest reaction of any of the Hall

of Famers.


Main Event: World Tag Team Titles: Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio versus JBL &

OJ. Eddie and Rey were way over. Very loud Eddie and 619 chants. Rey used a

huracanrana for an early near fall on OJ. Eddie used the tag rope to choke

JBL. The cabinet took control as JBL did a delayed vertical suplex and a

fall-away slam on Misterio. OJ came in and they got heat on Myterio. Rey came

back with a tornado DDT on JBL and got the hot tag to Eddie, who cleaned

house. They had OJ set up for the 619, but JBL was hiding outside and hit Rey

with a chair when he attempted it, causing a DQ. The Bashams, who had been

kicked out from ringside earlier in the match, returned until John Cena came

out and made the save. He threw the Bashams out of the ring, then FU’d OJ

while starring down JBL, who was in the crowd by this point.


Show ends there but they did the extra match of JBL and OJ against Cena and

Big Show. Long match, but nothing much to it. Cena pinned Jordan with the FU

then went into the crowd to send the chain gang home happy.


Overall definitely not the best show I’ve been to, but it was decent. Fans

were definitely into Cena and JBL, especially when the two locked up together

in the dark match main event.

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If I can get to a computer after the Smackdown Tapings in San Diego (two days after WM21) then I'll post the spoilers in the official thread on TWO for definite.


I know Im in a minority but Im a huge Smackdown fan and this looks a good show to me. I cant wait to see it on Friday Night.

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The following matches are confirmed for this Thursday's WWE SmackDown:


Booker T. vs. Heidenreich


Mark Jindrak vs. Luther Reigns


Kurt Angle vs. Hometown Hero Mike Haywood


Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio vs. JBL and Orlando Jordan[/Quote]


credit: backstagewrestling.com

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Call me crazy, but Jannety's return could be HUGE. If he shows up at Wrestlemania at costs HBK the match or attacks him afterwards, they could set up a brilliant feud. Jannety, jealous that he never got the main event slot, could snap and destroy Michaels. For a few weeks he could cut interviews about he was the true star of The Rockers and he lost out to politics, but now he's gonna finally show that he was always better than Shawn.


99 times out of 100 I'd agree with Jung, his viewpoints about everything from HHH to Hogan are almost identical to mine, but I'm differing here. I've got it planned out in my mind already. Michaels takes the win at Mania, and walks back up the ramp, possibly past a glass display structure. Out of nowhere, Jannety appears and hits a superkick, sending Shawn through the glass and a red hot feud is born. I'm marking out already.


Or of course, he could just lose next week to Kurt and never be seen again.

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Best thing is, most reports as of late have said that since Michaels helped Jannetty find God, Jannetty has looked as good as he did in the 80s, if not BETTER. I can see this as being a favour from Michaels to Jannetty to help get the feud over and give Jannetty just one last match on the big stage. Hell, it might even score him a contract. Who knows.
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I took it that you weren't impressed with Jannety's return, while I was sitting there with a smile on my face coming up with all kinds of possible storylines for him.


PS- Every show should have an exploding title.

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Chris2K's SmackDown! Notes:


So much of what JBL says about Cena is the same as what I think, especially in regards to the way the spinny belt disrespected the lineage of the US Title, although the way the WWE have treated it thus far means it's lineage is dead anyway. Watching it "burn" though was lots of fun.


Hopefully Heidenreich/Booker is over, but what a damn fine-lookin' chairshot that was. The sound of it was just awesome.


I was screaming at the screen when Eddie and Chavo were hanging out together. FOR GOD'S SAKE THINK OF THE CONTINUITY. EDDIE HATES CHAVO.


Carlito shrieks like Ned Flanders.


Reigns vs. Jindrak probably had the least amount of (real) heat I have ever heard in my life. Not one member of the crowd seemed interested, and the heat machine was obviously in use (hence why when there was cheering, none of the crowd were actually MOVING).


They're obviously trying to make Cena into the 21st Century Austin with his anti-face attitude. Difference is, Austin could wrestle. And on a side note, why bother making caps with "Ruck Fules" on them if you're going to have to BLUR THEM OUT?


The Angle ladder match was a clever way of kicking off Angle's list of HBK's accomplishments. The match with Jannetty next week should be good if Marty can still work and isn't treated like a squash victim.


Show vs. Akebono in a sumo contest? The build up to SumoMania 21 continues! Just have a WRESTLING match, I don't care if the ring breaks or Akebono sucks, it's the biggest WRESTLING show of the year.


Why did Undertaker attack someone who had done nothing wrong? Carlito's an injured worker who was doing his job and hadn't insulted Taker in the slightest. Very weird.


The Tag Title match was good, spoilt a bit by the premature ending. Cena making the save didn't get such a big pop as Austin did in the past, so again they're showing Cena isn't good enough to be in the Austin role yet. And his new haircut sucks.

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after reading the spoilers i was disgusted to read that long got hit by the fu, this means it is obviously going to be a heel turn by long giving cena's lack of ability it will give the WWE and excuse for a heel GM to "stack the deck" against the new WWE champ (ie handicap matches and allowing heels to have stable allies at ringside) my god it's going to be Austin vs McMahon all over agaon, (except Austin was a good wrestler though)
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Cena's promo was quite good, it seems in the last few months he has stopped using rapping in his promos and has become excellent on the mic. Surprised they had Cena hit Teddy with the FU though, as he seems to be quite over as a face. Will we see a heel Teddy Long from now on?


Booker vs Heidenreich was a decent enough match, with a cracking chair shot.


Seems they are going to push Jindrak instead of Reigns, i would have thought it would have been the other way around. I continue to mark for Jindrak's punch.


Is it just me that gets annoyed with these little things the commentators say? Like saying it's Angles first ever ladder match, obviously failing to take a look back at there own history to notice Angle had a Ladder match with Benoit at Judgment Day 2001, for the gold medals of all things! Angle vs Jannenty next week should be interesting, although i expect Angle to squash him in about 3 minutes. The idea about him attacking HBK at Mania is a great idea though, and could set up a good little fued.


The Carlito segments were brilliant. Undertaker's eyes looked weird. Pretty disapointed that the Undertaker-Orton contract signing is on SD next week, i would have prefered to have seen it this week on Raw.


The tag title match was spoiled by a rubbish ending. I was hoping JBL and Orlando would win. And what did that ending to do help progress the Eddie-Mysterio fued? Pretty stupid having Chavo, Eddie and Mysterio talking backstage, but had nothing happen in the match to help progress things. Although Cena's run in was good, and helps build the title match for WM.


I thought SD was pretty good this week, best one ive seen in a while.

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Is it just me that gets annoyed with these little things the commentators say? Like saying it's Angles first ever ladder match, obviously failing to take a look back at there own history to notice Angle had a Ladder match with Benoit at Judgment Day 2001, for the gold medals of all things!


I was thinking that, but to be fair to them, that match was a 2/3 Falls match with the third fall being a ladder match. So theoretically they got it right by saying it was Kurt's first ladder match, as it's the first time he's fought in an individual ladder match. They should've referenced the JD2001 match anyway though.


And hey, TNA's SOOOOO popular that their wrestlers are willing to work on WWE TV as mere security guards, evidenced by Sonjay Dutt this week :)

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I enjoyed Smackdown this week, It was a good show, spoiled only by, what I thought, a terrible main event.


I agree with Martin, on the fact that, out of Reigns and Jindrak, Reigns should be the one who they push.


The build up to Mania is really going well, JBL's, Cena's and the Undertaker's promos were all very good.

Man of the night though, go's to Kurt Angle, he is phenomenal and still Smackdown!'s best star.


I'm off now, to get marked up, ready for next week's Marty Jannety return.

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I didnt see Sonjay Dutt as a security guy, but **** me thats classic.




I had to cringe at the "explosion" of the US title after JBL was clearly handing the belt to somebodys hand as he put it in the bin. Come on, I'm sure they could have done a slightly more realistic explosion. Show me ONE explosive on the planet that blows up like that.


Jannetty! Yay! I agree with Russ completely, I'd LOVE to see a Jannetty v Michaels feud today.


Smackdown sucks by the way.

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SmackDown Review:


We saw a different side to John Cena this Thursday, a side JBL & His cabinet might want to stay clear of. The former United Sates champion was on a rampage. Cena, with a steel pipe in hand, went to the ring calling out JBL, only to be met by GM Teddy Long. Cena gave Teddy an FU for his troubles, and made his way back to the locker room, where he was ejected from the building.


WWE Champion JBL and Newly Crowned US Champion, Orlando Jordan faced WWE Tag Team Champions, Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio. The Cabinet were later Disqualified when JBL hit Rey with a chair. After the match, John Cena who had been ejected from the building re-appeared, sending a message to his 'Mania 21 opponent, JBL.


Kurt Angle continued to taunt Shawn Michaels this week. He kicked things off by winning his first ever ladder match, against Hometown Hero, Mike Haywood in the Kurt Angle Invitational. After the match, Kurt annouced he would face Marty Jannetty (HBK's former Tag Partner) next week on SmackDown.


Meanwhile, Booker T squared off with Heidenreich in a no DQ match. Booker used a steel chair to deliver a devastating chair shot to the head of Heidenreich, which was followed by the pin.


Mark Jindrak defeated his former tag team partner, Luther Reigns with a massive Left Hook to the face of Luther.


Before being FU'd, Teddy Long ordered Carlito Cool to find out what the Undertaker had to say about Ortons challenge, which was issued on RAW on Monday Night. Carlito searched the arena, but no sign of Taker. So he decided to goto the ring and call out The Undertaker. The Undertaker emerged, accepted Ortons challenge, Tombstoned Carlito and then headed backstage.


Another 'Maina challenge was accepted tonight, The Big Show agreed to the challenge issued by Akebono, a sumo-wrestling legend from Japan. Big Show will now face Akebono in a sumo match at WM.


SmackDown Rating: 8 1/2 out of 10. :)

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Can anyone see Jindrak vs Butterbean on the horizon?...............no? me neither..........on second thoughts............."anything can happen in the WWF...er.....E


I say bring back Bart Gunn, he's got a wicked left!!!


Jindrak vs Bart Gunn in a 'Brawl For All' match!! Now we're talking!

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I'm not sure how Jeff hardy can give the show 8 1/2 out of 10, I'd give it about 3.


Only decent bits:

Kurt (obviously!). I was very surprised that he has never had a ladder match before.

The chair shot to Heidenreich

Blowing up that crap belt

Carlito's segments


A sumo match at Wrestlemania, why? No-one will care, there is surely a pretty small market of people interested in Akebono.

Was that episode subtitled "pick on people who don't deserve it"? Teddy gets FU'd for no reason other than Cena being a thug and Carlito gets a tombstone for simply asking a question.

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The tag title match was spoiled by a rubbish ending. I was hoping JBL and Orlando would win. And what did that ending to do help progress the Eddie-Mysterio fued? Pretty stupid having Chavo, Eddie and Mysterio talking backstage, but had nothing happen in the match to help progress things.


I thought SD was pretty good this week, best one ive seen in a while.


I don't think they will have a feud as a)Who will turn heel? Eddie is too much over and Rey just can't be a heel b)SD desperately needs a team that can hold on to the belts longer than the teams in the past..


So I think they will just have a friendly match at Wrestlemania.. which will probably be a lot better than most of the matches. Eddie can play the quasi heel that he did when they met earlier this year..

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