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Just a quick thing i thought of, just select your team (1 Team) all will be explained later:


Arsenal - Clarkey

Manchester United - tgo

Chelsea - Jeff Hardy

Liverpool -

Lyon -

Marsielle -

Bayern Munich - Walshy

Werder Bremen -

PSV Eindhoven -

Feyenord - Wyndorf

AS Roma -

AC Milan - Tajiri San

Juventus -

Inter Milan - Wolverine

Real Madrid - Fagan316

Valencia -

Deportivo -

Barcelona -

Porto -

Celtic -


Remeber only choose 1 team, dont hesitate teams will be going quickly. All will be explained later :xyx

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Ill put the fixtures up then:


Deportivo vs Porto


Juventus vs AC Milan


Feyenord vs AS Roma


Real Madrid vs Celtic


Lyon vs PSV Eindhoven


Werder Bremen vs Valencia


Marsielle vs Chelsea


Arsenal vs Inter Milan


Barcelona vs Liverpool


Bayern Munich vs Manchester United


Results up tommorow.

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Game 1:


Deportivo 3 - 2 Porto

Sergio Gonzalez Corsa

Luque McCarthy

Diego Tristan


Juventus 2 - 1 AC Milan

Appiah Shevchenko



Feyenord 1 - 3 AS Roma

Buffel Totti (2)



Real Madrid 0 - 3 Celtic


Bellamy (2)


Lyon 3 - 2 PSV Eindhoven

Wiltord (3) Van Bommel



Werder Bremen 2 - 3 Valencia

Klose (2) Di Vaio

Mista (2)


Marsielle 1 - 2 Chelsea

Luyindula Lampard



Arsenal 7 - 1 Inter Milan

Henry (4) Vieri

Owusu Abeyie (2)



Barcelona 0 - 2 Liverpool




Bayern Munich 1 - 0 Manchester United

Santa Cruz



1. Arsena 3

2. Celtic 3

3. Roma 3

4. Liverpool 3

5. Deportivo 3

6. Lyon 3

7. Valencia 3

8. Juventus 3

9. Chelsea 3

10. Bayern Munich 3

11. Werder Bremen 0

12. Porto 0

13. PSV 0

14. Marsielle 0

15. AC Milan 0

16. Man Utd 0

17. Feyenord 0

18. Barcelona 0

19. Real Madrid 0

20. Inter Milan 0



Top Scorer: Sylvain Wiltord (3), Thieery Henry (4)


Best Match: Real Madrid Vs Celtic - A cracking game in which Celtic took the lead through Thompson after a bad roll out by keeper Cassilas, Celtic then looked to control the first half. Second half came round and Real Madrid came out all guns blazing, Zidane hit a far out scorcher but it rebounded off the bar. Micheal Owen also missed a one on one, with a great save from the keeper. Real were so close to equalising when Craig Bellamy came in nicked a goal for a 2 - 0 lead, this goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of Madrid so in came Bellamy again and 3 - 0. A great game to spectate but Real really should have taken somthing :xyx


Best Performance: Thierry Henry, 4 goals do i have to say anything else :xyx


Best Goal: Van Bommel, he cut in from the right hand side and stuck a brilliant shot into the top right hand corner, keeper was no chanced. Shame that goal counted for nothing as Lyon went on to win 3 - 2 :xyx


Hope you enjoyed reading this it took a long time and we need more members :xyx

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Juventus vs Arsenal


Feyenord vs Barcelona


Real Madrid vs Marsielle


Lyon vs Bayern Munich


Deportivo vs Werder Breman


Manchester United vs Porto


Valencia vs Celtic


Liverpool vs PSV Eindhoven


Chelsea vs AC Milan (Die AC die (sorry im a Man United fan))


Inter Milan vs Roma


Y2James predicts the best game will be Chelsea and AC Milan two top cla......... one top class club and a very lucky one go to battle.

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Juventus 3 - 0 Arsenal





Feyenord 2 - 3 Barcelona

Magrao Edmilson

Buffel Ronaldinho



Real Madrid 1 - 0 Marsielle



Lyon 2 - 3 Bayern Munich

Wiltord Zickler (2)

Elber Makaay


Deportivo 2 - 2 Werder Breman

Luque Klose

Tristan Liszetes


Manchester United 1 - 0 Porto

v Nistelrooy


Valencia 2 - 3 Celtic

Mista (2) Bellamy




Liverpool 3 - 0 PSV Eindhoven





Chelsea 1 - 1 AC Milan

Drogba Crespo


Inter Milan 5 - 0 Roma

Vieri (3)





1. Liverpool 6

2. Celtic 6

3. Juventus 6

4. Bayern Munich 6

5. Deportivo 4

6. Chelsea 4

7. Arsenal 3

8. Lyon 3

9. Valencia 3

10. Man Utd 3

11. Inter 3

12. Barcelona 3

13. Real Madrid 3

14. Roma 3

15. Werder Bremen 1

16. AC Milan 1

17. Porto 0

18. Marsielle 0

19. Feyenord 0

20. PSV 0


Top Scorer: Mista (4), Henry (4), Wiltord (4)


Best Performance: Ronaldinho, his dazzling skill earn Barcelona a win.


Best Goal: Juninho, headed down to him just outside the box and a world class volley into the top corner certainly one to be saved on the ol memory card.


Best Match: Chelsea vs AC Milan, a class game by two top class teams. Shevchenko had the best chance of the first half as Terry played the ball straight to his feet but Cech managed a fine save. Kezman came close in the second half as his sho went accross the line. The game looked like finishing goaless until a free kick whipped in by Duff landed straight on the head of Didier Drogba whos fine header was placed perfectly with power in the corner. So the game was coming to an end and AC Milan looked out until in the 87 minute Hernan Crespo jumped out of nowhere with a header towards the keeper, Cech got a leg to the ball but he only knocked it on the post and it rolled in. Cech really should have saved it,so in the a 1 -1 draw and AC were very very lucky :xyx

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