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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter #89 - Column: The Big Gamble


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter

Issue #89 - 6th March 2005



Welcome again to the TWO newsletter, which is coming to you from someone who didn't sleep last night. True story. This week, Fletch is back with his US news for unfortunately the last time. Check who will be replacing him at the end of his news. Goldy has her UK news, the WWE stats are here, and Stephen has another terrific column regarding the WM21 main events.


Enjoy the newsletter as always! :xyx


Darkstar and Chris2K

Newsletter Editors



This week in Wrestling History


February 28th

1953 - Born - Ricky the Dragon Steamboat


March 1st

1993 - Jeff Jarrett defeated Brian Christopher for the USWA Southern Heavyweight title


March 2nd

1993 - Steve Austin & Brian Pillman defeated Shane Douglas & Rick Steamboat for the WCW World Tag Team title


March 3rd

1985 - Magnum T.A. defeated Wahoo McDaniel for the NWA U.S. Heavyweight title


March 4th

2000 - Mika Awesome & Raven defeated Masato Tanaka & Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Tag title


March 5th

2001 - Paul Heyman replaces Jerry Lawler as RAW color commentator


March 6th

1971 - Born - Val Venis




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- WWE Survivor Series 2004 Review


- Cage Rage 9 DVD Review



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US News - Fletch







The hooded wrestler used in the Kurt Angle segment on Smackdown last night was indy wrestler Scotty Charisma.


Edge & Christian will be on TSN's "Off The Record" on 3/17.


Other WWE DVDs currently in the works: A 2-disc set on The Road Warriors; A 2-disc set on WWE Legends; and a 2-disc set on The best Ladder Matches. All of these DVDs are due out before the end of 2005.


WWE is also planning on releasing a DVD through Wal Mart that will show exclusive footage of WWE wrestlers visiting troops in the Middle East.


Famous Movie Critic Roger Ebert reviewed The Rocks Newest film Be Cool. EBert didnt enjoy the film to much giving it only *1/2. You can read his entire review of the film at http://rogerebert.suntimes.com.


David Rooney, in the weekly version of Variety, absolutely ripped "Be Cool" and called The Rock a "wannabe actor whose main talent is arching one eyebrow." (pg. 32 w/jump to pg. 40). He said the movie itself is "a staggeringly flat sequel that trades filmdom for the music biz and could hardly be less cool."


WWE plugged "Be Cool" during its Raw and Smackdown broadcasts this week and included highlight clips as part of the show. Rock, though, remains on the outs with WWE and there are no plans for him to make any appearances for WWE on TV or at WrestleMania.


WWE's Nunzio defeated The Kreeper in the main event of last Saturday's South Coast Championship Wrestling event in Adams, Mass.


The Fox Sports website featured a story on what someone might find if they hacked into various athletes' personal cell phone and email accounts. One of the items was that with Triple H, you would find a "reminder to lose the WWE World title at WrestleMania XXI."


This weeks edition of WWE Smackdown did a 3.7 overnight rating.


World Wrestling Entertainment's home video division is currently working on a documentary style look at The 1997 Survivor Series incident from Montreal. The look will be a 2-disc set titled "Screwed: The Bret Hart Story." Bret Hart has no say in this project at all and is very unhappy that the WWE is going through with it.


Also currently in development are 2-DVD sets one dedicated to The Ultimate Warrior, and one for ECW's "Greatest Matches." All three DVD titles are expcted to be in stores by the end of 2005.


In the April issue of WWE Smackdown magazine, there is an article on the Randy Orton vs. Undertaker match "For Whom The Bell Tolls ... The Legend Killer Hunts The Deadman", on page 26. Obviously, with that match already mentioned in television advertising, that bout is a lock for Wrestlemania.


Also featured in the magizine is an article on the relationship between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. The article states the following:


"Wrestlemania 21, WWE fans will likely be treated to another historic matchup, as Eddie Guerrero will face Rey Mysterio at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 3. Arguably, this will be the highest profile match between two Latinos in the history of wrestling."


Chris Jericho has a new interview up on heavy metal website http://www.MetalSludge.tv.


Speaking of Jericho, his new Sunday evening radio show on Satellite XM radio will debut this Sunday at 8 PM, titled "The Rock of Jericho."


- The Rock was featured in an article in 3/3 New York Post:



- Trish Stratus is pictured on the cover of the Spring 2005 issue of Canada's Urban Male Magazine


- Victoria notes in her latest web column that she feels bad for giving

Trish Stratus a black eye during a recent house show match: "For one, I

don't know if you guys saw the shiner (black eye) that Trish got in a

WWE live event this past weekend. She was on WWE Raw on Monday night,

showing it off. I'm not going to tell you who gave it to her, but I'll

bet the police crime lab would be able to match up my elbow perfectly to

that bruise. I absolutely feel bad about giving that degree of injury to

anyone...even Trish...but I take a little bit of pride realizing that it

was the worst shiner that I had ever seen in my life."


- Lita discussed her freak knee injury during a recent autograph signing

in Canada: "It was so hard to make it through something as crazy as the

dive, people were thinking that I realistically wouldn't be able to walk

away from it, let alone continue the match. I was definitely banged up

but I was thankful for how I felt knowing the worst-case scenario. To

get through that, and then something as simple as jumping off the apron

tweaked my leg. As the rest of the match went on, I was denying to

myself that I was hurt, I was sure that my leg would start working

again, but it kept buckling, there was nothing left to support it. I

forgot the cameras were even on. I was really disappointed because I was

enjoying what Trish and I were doing and there was so much more to do."


- Stevie Richards is going to be out for at least two months maybe longer

following surgery for the severely broken nose he suffered wrestling

Chris Masters on the 2/21 Raw.


Mark Henry is expected to be out of the ring for the next 6-10 weeks after injuring his leg while training down in Ohio Valley Wrestling.



Hurricane has updated his website (http://www.shanehelms.com) with a new commentary discussing the comedy of errors he's experienced since buying his first house.



THQ's WWE Wrestlemania 22 for the X-Box which ships on March 28th was reviewed in this months edition of XBM a UK magizine. Overall they rated the game as an 81%.


As of right now the WWE has no plans to use Kane at Wrestlemania 22.


Chris Jericho mentioned on Raw this week that he would take part in 6 man ladder match at Wrestlemania but didnt offer up any info on who else would be in the match. The reason being that the WWE is still unsure on who will be in the match but one idea being discussed is to make it for the IC Title and include Shelton Benjamin in the match. We have also heard that Gene Snitsky, Chris Benoit and Hassan may be featured in the match as well.


What was originally scheduled to happen Monday on Raw when Benoit faced Hassan was Benoit would hit the ringbell when he hit the headbutt off the top and then be pinned by Hassan. Since Hassan didn't have the bell in position, WWE management called an audible backstage so Benoit didn't look weak and changed the finish to a DQ with the low blow. You can see Benoit throws his shoulder up immediately once he's given the word, rather then wait for the dramatic last moment before the three count.


I've heard from several sources that management wasn't happy with having to change the original finish, as they want Hassan to look strong by remaining undefeated leading into Wrestlemania 21 next month. There has been a lot of talk among the wrestlers that Hassan will actually be facing Hulk Hogan on the Wrestlemania 21 PPV, although that isn't 100% confirmed yet.


Presale for tickets for the WWE Judgment Day PPV in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Target Center began today. The presale password is smackdown and tickets can be purchased on ticketmaster.com.


WWE's Ivory will be wrestling on the Big Time Wrestling event on March 18th in Newark, California, taking on Cheerleader Melissa. Billy Gunn is also booked on the show, as well as Frankie Kazarian.


This past week Matt Hardy confirmed on his personal website's messageboard that he has in fact broken up with Amy Dumas (Lita) and that reports are true that Lita has been cheating on him. What wasn't posted on Matt's site is that the person Lita was cheating on him with is actually a close friend of Matt's and a fellow WWE superstar. That superstar is EDGE. We have confirmation that Edge, who himself was recently married, has been having an affair on the road with Lita and that it was Edge's wife that contacted Matt Hardy directly about the situation.


Insider sources tell us that WWE management is extremely angry at Edge over what they consider the height of improper conduct among their employees. Edge and Matt Hardy have been close friends for several years, as both The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian broke into the company together and made eachothers' careers during their series of high-risk stipulation matches (inclding the innovative TLC matches) over the WWE Tag Team Championships. There is a feeling backstage that Edge's behavior with Lita is a politically crippling move that has the potential to seriously threaten his career.


Matt Hardy is currently on the sidelines with an injury but will be returning to the road on March 19th. With both Matt and Edge currently on the RAW roster, things should get pretty interesting backstage.






Sean "X-Pac/Syxx Pac" Waltman, who ran in during the main event of TNA's PPV last month, has not been seen on TV since. He was backstage at the last two TNA tapings in Orlando, Fla., but not used on TV. The plan is to reintroduce him officially after this month's TNA PPV. He is slated to be part of a six-man cage match main event that will headline the April TNA PPV.


The late Friday night/early Saturday morning replay of Impact has been changed. It now airs the following week on late Thursday night/early Friday morning.


Impact was preempted this Friday in almost every market do to womens basketball. It will however air during the normal Saturday and Thursday replays.


Panada Energy is said to be happy with the current booking by Dusty Rhodes. He has done alot to cut costs and there Ratings and PPV Buys have been up so Panda feals that its only a matter of time before TNA starts to earn a profit.


TNA has been doing very well with there merhandise as of late and mainly their DVD's. The sales for the Victory Road DVD have been phenomenal and is a big seller to those in other countries where the PPV was not made avilable and since it has no region coding anyone in the word can view it on any DVD player. Another hot seller for them has been the 2 Disc AJ Styles set. The DVD released this past summer and has already sold close to 15 thousand copies total which amazing given the fact that its not even avilable in stores.


After back and forth discussions this past week the deal for another TNA-Best Damn Sports Show Period special on Fox Sports Net has apparently fallen through. TNA had a venue already booked (in Las Vegas) with ideas in place but couldn't persuade FSN chiefs to give them backing. This might have had something to do with Tom Arnold leaving BDSSP next month after it was recently made public that his contract isn't going to be renewed so the shows future is unclear at this point.


All references to "The New Age Outlaw" (Billy Gunn) on TNAwrestling.com have been changed to "The Outlaw".


A meeting took place at Tuesdays Impact tapings between Jeff and Jerry Jarrett and head TNA booker Dusty Rhodes. They discussed long term plans with DDP as NWA Champion and Dusty made his case as to why DDP should be the champion. Following the meeting Jeff was said to be more open to DDP as champion then before but in the end it is Dusty's choice and his choice alone on who will come out of the match at Destination X as champion.


Lance Hoyt formerly known as Dallas has opened his offical web-site at http://www.lancehoyt.com


There will be a segment on Jeff Hammond's Against All Odds bout against Michael Shane & Frankie Kazarian this Tuesday 3/8 during "NASCAR Nation" on The Speed Channel at 7 PM with replays at 10 PM, 1 AM, and 9 AM.


Michael Shane's bio on TNAWrestling.com now lists him as simply "Michael."


The Cyberspace Wrestling Federation is running 3/26 in Wayne, New Jersey with CSWF champion Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Ron Killings, Abyss vs. Mana in a Dog Collar Match, Chris Harris vs. Primetime Elix Skipper, James Storm vs. Christopher Daniels, plus Michael Shane, Tracy Brooks, and more.


There was something of a tiff last night between AJ Styles and Kid Kash before their match at the Impact! taping. Styles got upset over something Kash said during a promo for their match on this Friday's Impact! episode, feeling he was shooting. The two, who don't get along historically, then had what was described to me as a tremendous match and later settled the issue without a major blowup.


Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel were said to have pushed hard for the return of Apollo last night at the tapings.


There's some heat on Jerelle Clark right now, which appears to be why he isn't being booked. Clark has a reputation for trying to get all of his spots and also being very vocal about his role in the company right now, which is more or less an undercard enhancement performer.


This Saturday's Georgia Championship Wrestling card will feature Sonny Siaki defending the GCW championship against Kid Kash plus Jason Cross, Glen Gilberti, David Young appearing.


Brand new preview videos for Destination X have been added to TNAwrestling.com






Bert Prentice's Nashville-based USA Championship Wrestling and Memphis

Wrestling have announced a new territorial partnership. Effective 3/26

all of USA Championship Wrestling television programming will become

Memphis Wrestling which is produced by UPN30 in Memphis every week.

Prentice's new duties will include helping produce the weekly Memphis

television show with Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler, handling all live

events throughout all of the television markets and Prentice will be

bringing some USA mainstays with him to Memphis beginning with the next

TV taping on 3/12.






As you may have noticed no US News last week due to problems. Well Im back for one week only as sadly Im leaving the US News, and for the time being my Column is on temporary hiatus for a few weeks. Its been great working on the US News again, as it was the first time. I hope whoever follows me does as good a job as I did. Joke. Anyways thanks to Darkstar, Chris2k, Pabster and Kam for the job and stuff. See you soon with more 6 Cents of TNA.


On behalf of myself, Darkstar, Pabster and Kam, I'd like to thank Fletch for all the hard work he's done for the newsletter for over a year. His consistency, accuracy and deadline-keeping have made the newsletter much easier to handle, and his work has always been top-notch. I'm looking forward to the return of 6 Cents of TNA :).


Next week, the new US News reporter will be revealed. So don't miss it :P.



UK News - by Goldy



Hey everyone, welcome to the UK Scene section of the TWO Newsletter. There's been plenty of shows this week, therefore I have lots of results for you. Enjoy!




All Star Wrestling - Bolton - 27/02/05

James Mason def TJ Wilson.

Drew McDonald def Domino.

Robbie Brookside & Frankie Sloan def Dean 2Xtreme & Kid Cool.

Flatliner def Tagori.

Domino won a Royal Rumble.


All Star Wrestling - Bristol - 3/3/05

Robbie Dynamite vs TJ Wilson went to a draw

Rob Brookside def Karl Krammer

Drew McDonald def James Mason

Domino def Chad Collyer

Drew McDonald def Rob Brookside

Chief Thundercloud def Tagori.


All Star Wrestling - Essex - 4/02/05

James Mason def Julio Torres

TJ Wilson def Robbie Dynamite

Thunder & Karl Krammer def Robbie Brookside & Domino

Chad Collyer def 5 Star Flash

Domino won a Royal Rumble.


CSF - Yate - 26/02/05

Tex Benedict def Flaming Red

Gideon & Jake Jeckle def Odyssey & JJ Moore

Jason Fury def Chris Linnell

JJ Moore def Odyssey

Alex Steele def Aaron Fusion

Alex Steele def Alex Fusion.


CSF - Bath - 27/02/05

Aaron Fusion def Tex Benedict

JJ Moore def Dave Mercy

Gideon & Jake Jeckle def Chaos

Flaming Red def Chris Linnell

Alex Steele def Jason Fury.


FCW 'Reckless Abandon' Results - 27/02/05

Swift Justice dft "Golden Boy" Cameron Knite/Danny Devine

Great British Hero dft "Mr Bad Attitude" Saul Adams

Spud/Chad Collyer dft "Big City Killer" Morales/"Sensation Of The Nation" Rob Hunter.

"Party Boy" Dragon Phoenix dft "Sadistic" Jack Storm

Laken Xander dft A-Star Athlete and "Tomcat" Kevin O'Neil via DQ

"Golden Boy" Cameron Knite won an Over The Top Battle Royale.


FWA Academy - Portsmouth - 27/02/05

Aviv Maayan def Ollie Burns

Mark London def Harry Mills

Mark Sloan def Ant Lacayo

Dan Head def Tyrone Johnson by DQ

Mark Sloan def Alan Gallagher

Dan James def Raj Ghosh

Mark Underwood def Max Voltage.


K-STAR- Walsall

Spiritwalker def Corey Americana

"The Ace" Nicky Mace def Jonny the Body

Mad Dog Maxx def Carl Mizzery

Kade Callous Def Tommy Saint and Phalim Finlay

Wolf-man drew with Pogo the clown

Staxx def Saba Simba

Carl Mizzery won an 8 man Battle Royal.


WILD Promotions -Forfar - 25/02/05

Carl Conroy def Red Lightning

Stu Pendous def Jay phoenix

Allan Grogan def Thee Drew Galloway

Justin Richards def Jason Fury

Randy Valentine def The Punisher, Jamie Impact, The Urban Warrior and Shaun Harkin.

Spinner McKenzie def The Rock & Roll Express.


WILD Promotions - Stirling - 27/02/05

Allan Grogan def Carl Conroy

The Punisher def Jamie Impact

Spinner McKenzie & Justin Richards drew 2/3 fall, one bout each.

Red Lightning def Jay Phoenix

The Urban Warrior def Shaun Harkin

Stu pendous def Thee Drew Galloway.





British Professional Wrestling comes to the aide of the charity Glasgow the Caring City on Friday the 1st of April 2005 at Greenock Town Hall to help raise funds for the charity.


British wrestling promotions form all over the UK will send their top international stars to Greenock for this one night spectacular which will include the defence of the official Scottish Lightweight Championship, tag team and singles action and the grand finale of the night will be a 30 Man Battle Royal, all 30 men will enter the ring at the same time and the only way to win is to get your opponent out over the top rope. This type of match is not for the faint hearted and is guaranteed to prove that ‘only the strongest survive’. Never before has a match of this size been promoted in Scotland.


Two of Scotland’s top promotions (British Championship Wrestling and Scottish Wrestling Alliance) will be joined by English promotions, Wrestle Zone Wrestling, International Wrestling Promotion and WI*LD promotions for this night of thrills and spills to support Glasgow the Caring City.


Current Scottish Lightweight Champion, Spinner McKenzie, a 21 year veteran of British Wrestling who has fought the likes of Yoko Zuna, Earthquake, Bushwhackers, Marty Jannety and a host of top British wrestling stars has put out an open challenge to any Scottish wrestler to come and face him on the night for the championship title.


‘Thee’ Drew Galloway and manager Charles Boddington are looking to extend their winning streak when they face off against the high flying local star Jay Phoenix. Galloway with Boddington at his side have taken on some of the top stars from the world of Professional wrestling including former WWE champion ‘The Honkey Tonk Man’ and Marty Jannety.


From SWA, Jonny Milla, the official T-division champion will face off against the high flying martial arts expert Falcon. This is sure to be a hard hitting contest and one for the aerial lovers out there.

Another of Scotland’s top international professional wrestlers, SWA’s champion ‘Conscience’ will be on hand to help out the charity. Conscience has kindly agreed to bring his NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship belt to the show and have his picture taken during the interval. All proceeds from this photograph opportunity will go to Glasgow the Caring City. Conscience is an outstanding athlete who has been taken to America to try out for a place with the WWE.


The opportunity to represent WZW in this historic night has caused mayhem in the promotion, and commissioner Gary Graham has been inundated with demands from the WZW roster that they be chosen for this honour. More details will be released soon about commissioner Graham’s decision.


Names are being added daily to the list of wrestlers taking part in the 30 Man battle royal and a full list will be published soon.

The Town Hall in Greenock has a long history of presenting the best in British wrestling with the likes of former WWE champion’s Yoko Zuna and Earthquake topping the bill. This show will be no different, only the best British wrestlers will be there to do battle and defend their promotions honour.


Further matches will be announced, please keep an eye on the official web site of Glasgow the Caring City http://www.glasgowthecaringcity.com for up to date information about the show.


This is an excellent night out that the whole family can enjoy together! Tickets are only £7.50 and are available from Rhythmic Records, Oak Mall Shopping Centre, Greenock. And directly from Glasgow the Caring City 0141-637-4168 Doors open at 7.00pm and the show will kick off at 7.30pm.



For those of you who were not in attendance at "Reckless Abandon", count yourselves lucky, for those that were, FCW would like to apologise for the actions of Jack Storm.

We here at FCW knew that by signing a contract for Jack and Phoenix to fight in a "No DQ" match, we were going to be putting both mens health on the line. But we didn't think it would go as far as it did.


Dragon took a beating throughout the match up, but somehow managed to get the pinfall on the "Sadistic" one. This just made Jack flip, after a few chair shots Jack delivered his signature "Cradle Piledriver" onto a steel chair. A group of fan favourites came out to stop the carnage but the damage was already done.


Dragon Phoenix was taken to the nearby Russels Hall hospital where he is still resting.


He has suffered a concussion, a deep cut just above his left ear and a torn rotator cuff. It is expected that he will miss at least 5 months of FCW action.


All of us at TWO would like to wish Luke a full and speedy recovery. You'll be missed.



UCWs Gangster & Atom are preparing to jet off to the States in less than 3 weeks time when they got to wrestle for NWL in Hagerstown, Virginia. One of the matches assigned for the two youngsters is a tag match which will see the UK knights Gangster & Atom take on former WWf/E Samoan Headshrinker Samu and Axel Rotten. UCW would like to wish them both good luck and who knows, they may bring new gold intoUCW from overseas. We at TWO would also like to wish this pair all the best of luck.



The first three matches for WAW's debut at the St. George's Hall in Exeter have been announced, with The Kraft facing Rock Weiler, The Zebra Kid facing Jason Cross, and Sweet Saraya facing Destiny.






On Sunday March 6th, FCW will be holding another of their successful 6hour training seminars at The Thorns School. The seminar will start at 9am and go through till 3pm. The FCW ring will be set up, with a large matted area and plenty of crash mats available. The seminar is suitable for beginners or pro's alike. Or, if you'd like to valet or referee, then this day is for you. Refreshments will be available on the day. Places for the seminar are limited. Book your place now. Only £20 per person.



FWA North East Training with Steve Knight in Barton has been canceled for this week only due to the hall being already booked. Training should resume as usual next week.



This Sunday sees wrestling training taken by the former British Welterweight Champion, Sammy Ray. The year 2004 for Ray saw his best year yet, with him winning the British Welterweight Championship, leading the top 10 rankings and becoming runner-up in the Wrestler of the Year award. Also that year, Sammy Ray joined the training team, and was the trainer for many sessions throughout the year. The sessions are at the normal times and the recently reduced prices. Full information can be found at http://www.rbwtraining.co.uk


NWA UK Hammerlock

NWA UK Hammerlock will be holding their regular session on today at Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff. Training begins at 12 noon and should go on until approximately 3.30pm. Cost of training: £10 Minimum age: 12



At Revolution British Wrestling we offer people the chance to train in a safe environment with expert training from fully insured professional wrestlers. The trainers include the likes of top technical wrestling star and former British Middleweight Champion Johnny Kidd, British Middleweight Champion “Misfit” Jorge Castano, ‘Wildcat’ Robbie Brookside, former British Welterweight Champion Sammy Ray, Tex Benedict and Ashe from The New Breed. There are also a number of regular special guest wrestlers which have included “The Gift” Ross Jordan, J.C Thunder, Stixx, Chris Wyld, Spud and “Sadistic” Jack Storm.


Our training centre is based at the London Martial Arts Centre, which is in Enfield, North London/Middlesex. Traveling to training is easy, with Enfield Town and Gordon Hill being the two closest train stations, served by London Liverpool Street and London Kings Cross respectively. Two bus routes operate from outside the training centre regularly. Additionally, if driving, Enfield is located conveniently near the M25 and the A10 routes.


If you decide to come to our centre, on your first session you will need to sign up for insurance membership, which gives you the peace of mind in case any unlikely accidents should occur. This costs £8 if you are aged 16 or over and £5 if you are between 8 and 15 inclusive, per year.


We have two sessions on a Sunday, those being the regular session and the advanced session. We advise people who have not wrestled before or have not been wrestling for a long time to come to the regular session where you can learn the basics of wrestling. People who have been wrestling before and feel that they are ready to move on to more advanced learning can attend the second, more advanced session. You are welcome to attend both sessions if you wish which will provide you with more training and the trainers may also advise people when they are ready to move on and push themselves that little bit harder!


The cost of both sessions is £6 each for adults and £5 for children per session. For adults, if you do both sessions there is a discount of £2, costing a total of £10. The regular session begins at 11am and lasts until 1pm. Then the advanced session starts promptly until 3pm.


If training goes successful for you there is the possibility of being booked on Revolution British Wrestling shows all around the country. Currently the Project Future tag team of Riccardo Young and Bobby Hostile are making waves in British wrestling and many other trainees at the RBW London Training Centre have also appeared on events. Many opportunities are given to trainees as long as we believe they are ready to perform and professional in their conduct. For further information, please visit http://www.revolutionbritishwrestling.co.u...=traininglon don .






Hayes, Beck Theatre 020 8561 8371 Thursday 10th March

Telford, Oakengates Theatre 01952 619020 Friday 11th March

Chester, Northgate Arena 01244 380 444 Saturday 12th March

Aylesbry Civic Centre 01296 486009 Monday 14th March

Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall 01303 228 600 Thursday 17th March

Stroud Stratford Park L.C. 01453 766 771 Saturday 19th March.



On Friday March 18th, FCW invade the impressive Walsall Town Hall.This show will feature NWA-TNA Star "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels and ROH Star - Chad Collyer. Tickets for this show are £8 each and can be obtained from Midland Box Office or Tickets.com.



GPW have a show on the 18th March at their usual venue in the Monaco Ballroom, Wigan. Show starts at 7pm.


GPW are also very pleased to announce that "The Stampede Kid" TJ Wilson will be wrestling on the show. The Stampede Kid was trained by Wigan's own British Bulldog and wrestling legend Bret "The Hitman" Hart. This will mark the first appearance by a member of the Hart Foundation in Wigan since The British Bulldog was here.



HEW have their debut show on the 12th March at The Norman Booth Recreation Centre, Mulberry Green, Old Harlow, Essex, CM17 0EY. Tickets are £10 each and are available on the door on the night of the event. The full card is:


- Charlie Rage Vs. Ashe

- Purely Delicious Mike Rose Vs. Ricky Relentless

- UK Pitbulls Vs. Jack Storm and Dave Rayne

- Lisa Fury Vs. Minx

- Ross Jordan Vs. Devilman Vs. Declan O Connor

- Ricky Knight Vs. Bash

- And an over the top Rumble.



Following on from their last sell out show, K-Star will return to the town of Walsall, on Saturday 19th March 2005 for their annual WrestleWar show. The Venue is the ‘Yew Tree Sports & Social Club’, Brackendale Drive, Yew Tree Estate, Walsall. Doors will open at 7:00pm and bouts will start at 7:30pm.


The bill contains 5 amazing Pro Wrestling bouts as well as a special Wrestler Vs Boxer bout (more details to follow). Wrestlers set to appear are, KSW Great British Champion Maddog Maxx, Sal Americana, Kade Callous, Spirit Walker, Staxx, Wolf, Pogo the Clown, Jonny the Body, Carl Mizzery and more!


Tickets are priced at only £5:00 and are available at the club or by calling 07749974713 or 01922 428 667. Tickets are available NOW, and tickets are expected to go fast so please book early to avoid disappointment!


E-Mail – theone408@hotmail.com

Web – http://www.kstarinsider.com or http://www.maddogksw.2ya.com or

http://www.mizzery.2ya.com .



The superstars of UK wrestling will wreak havoc on Belper Leisure Centre, John O'Gaunts Way, Belper, Derbyshire on March 12th 2005. Doors open at 6.30pm and the event commences at 7.30pm. The card:


- Eamon Shrahan vs S C Supreme

- Andy "Boy" Simmons vs "Hardcore" Keith Myatt

- James Tighe vs Stixx

- Spud vs Bubblegum vs Aviv Maayan

- Over the top rope Battle Royal.


Tickets are available on the door, or on 01773 882752, Adults: £8

Children: £5, Family Pass (two adults, two children): £22.



The Paddocks, Canvey Island, Friday, March 11th;


- Steve Grey v "The Wonderkid" Jonny Storm

- The Zebra Kid v Andy Simmons

- The Kraft v Eamon Shrahan

- Bash v J.P. Monroe

- Women's Superbrawl match for WAW British title number one contender's spot, featuring Sweet Saraya, Buttercup, Destiny, Kharisma and Jezebel.


Who Dares Wins II, The Talk, Norwich, Saturday, March 19th;


- The U.K. Pitbulls v "Rowdy" Ricky Knight & Jason Cross v The Zebra Kid & Zak Zodiac

- Bash v Majik

- The Kraft v Jekkel

- "The Dark Angel" Ashe v Leon Lionheart

- Sweet Saraya v Destiny v Kharisma v Jetta.


- Superbrawl match featuring stars from the WAW Academy

St. George's Hall, Exeter, Sunday, March 20th;


- The Zebra Kid v Jason Cross

- The Kraft v Rock Weiler

- Sweet Saraya v Destiny.


Tickets for all of these shows, priced at £10 for adults, £7 for children and £28 for a family (2 adults, 2 children) can be reserved by calling either 01603474693 or 07979302203, or by emailing _sweetsaraya@hotmail.com _ ( mailto:sweetsaraya@hotmail.com )



'Out Of Control' on the 24th March 2005, Lowton Labour Club, Lowton. Doors open 7PM. Show starts 7:45PM

Tickets: Adults £5, Children £4, Family (2A&2C) £15. The card so far:


- Brickwall (Champion) vs Ryan Maiden

- The Governing Body (Champions) Vs D-Dogg and Jason Glory

- Phobia(IF) Vs Lumberjack(HC) Vs Necross(CD)

- Paul "Flash" Andrews and Gary Wild Vs The Brethren

- Joey Ace Vs James Fury

- Sean Phoenix Vs Ice Vs Barrati Vs Marc Malice

Card Subjuect to change. For full details on the show, wrestlers and the NPWA vist http://www.npwaentertainment.com or http://www.npwaentertainment.co.uk



This is the full card for HEW's debut show:


- Charlie Rage Vs. Ashe

- Purely Delicious Mike Rose Vs. Ricky Relentless

- UK Pitbulls Vs. Jack Storm and Dave Rayne

- Lisa Fury Vs. Minx

- Ross Jordan Vs. Devilman Vs. Declan O Connor

- Ricky Knight Vs. Bash

- And an over the top Rumble.


The show will take place on March the 12th at The Norman Booth Recreation Centre, Mulberry Green, Old Harlow, Essex, CM17 0EY. Tickets are £10 each. Available on the door on the night of the event. To Reserve and Book Tickets call The HEW Ticket Hotline 07790200490. Or if you live in the area you can buy tickets at Skinthetics/Tattoo Art In Bishops Stortford call 01279755004 for details.


That's everything for this week, as ever check out Wrestling 101 for all your UK Wrestling needs. Thanks for reading.




WWE Statistics

February 28th - March 6th - By Chris2K



If you know me, I sympathise, but you'll also know that I'm a big fan of statistics. For the last few months I've been doing something similar to this just as a hobby-type thing, going from 1999 onwards, and now I've decided to bring it to the newsletter. Allow me to explain...


This project is basically a league table. It relies on the results of matches shown on WWE TV, be it RAW, SmackDown, Velocity or Heat. For the purposes of this project, I have separated the points into shows, rather than having one big table.


But why do it? Well it doesn't take that long at all, and it allows you to see who's been winning the most this year, and who's been the year's biggest jobber. It's just a bit of fun really :).


To score points all you need to do is win a match, or be involved in a DQ. You get five points for winning, three for a DQ, Double Count-out or draw, no points for a no contest, and you lose a point for a defeat.




Triple H vs. Hurricane doesn't qualify as a match

Chris Benoit def. Muhammed Hassan by DQ 1

Shelton Benjamin def. Snitsky

Chris Masters def. John Walters 2

Chris Jericho def. Maven

Shawn Michaels def. Edge


1 - Benoit and Hassan get three points each.

2 - John Walters doesn't qualify for points.




Randy Orton ~ 33

Batista ~ 31

Shelton Benjamin ~ 30

Kane ~ 28

Muhammed Hussan ~ 28

Shawn Michaels ~ 25

Chris Jericho ~ 24

Triple H ~ 23

Trish Stratus ~ 20

William Regal ~ 19

Chris Benoit ~ 18

Tajiri ~ 14

Edge ~ 13

Chris Masters ~ 10

Rob Conway ~ 9

Sylvan Grenier ~ 8

Christy Hemme ~ 5

Gene Snitsky ~ 5

Maven ~ 5

Eugene ~ 4

Viscera ~ 4

Christian ~ -1

Jerry Lawler ~ -1

Maria ~ -1

Molly Holly ~ -1

Rhyno ~ -1

Rosey ~ -1

Steven Richards ~ -1

Val Venis ~ -1

Simon Dean ~ -2

Victoria ~ -2

Hurricane ~ -3

Lita ~ -3

Ric Flair ~ -3

Tyson Tomko ~ -5




Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero def. Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns

Heidenreich def. Booker T by DQ 1

Michelle McCool and Big Show def. Dawn Marie and Rene Dupree

Orlando Jordan def. John Cena 2


1 - Heidenreich and Booker T get three points each.

2 - Orlando Jordan gets five points extra for winning the US Title, Cena loses an extra point.




Rey Mysterio Jr. ~ 42

John Cena ~ 33

Kurt Angle ~ 31

Undertaker ~ 28

Eddie Guerrero ~ 26

Doug Basham ~ 19

Funaki ~ 16

Big Show ~ 13

Booker T ~ 13

Danny Basham ~ 13

Chavo Guerrero ~ 12

John Bradshaw Layfield ~ 12

Paul London ~ 9

Orlando Jordan ~ 7

Michelle McCool ~ 5

Scotty 2 Hotty ~ 5

Torrie Wilson ~ 5

Luther Reigns ~ 3

Shannon Moore ~ 3

Heidenreich ~ 2

Rene Dupree ~ 1

Dawn Marie ~ -1

Hiroko ~ -1

Kenzo Suzuki ~ -3

Mark Jindrak ~ -3

Nunzio ~ -3

Rob Van Dam ~ -3

Spike Dudley ~ -3

Akio ~ -4




Paul London & Funaki def. Chavo Guerrero & Akio

Nunzio def. Spike Dudley

The Basham Bros. def. Charlie Haas and Hardcore "Velocity" Holly




Hardcore Holly ~ 32

Charlie Haas ~ 21

Paul London ~ 18

Rene Dupree ~ 11

Booker T ~ 10

Danny Basham ~ 10

Doug Basham ~ 10

Funaki ~ 10

Scotty 2 Hotty ~ 9

Akio ~ 8

Kenzo Suzuki ~ 7

Heidenreich ~ 5

Luther Reigns ~ 5

Mark Jindrak ~ 5

Orlando Jordan ~ 5

Chavo Guerrero ~ 2

Nunzio ~ 2

Billy Kidman ~ -1

Shannon Moore ~ -1

Spike Dudley ~ -5




Maven def. Val Venis

Hurricane and Rosey def. Mike Yamaha and Shawn Spears 1

William Regal, Tajiri and Rhyno def. La Resistance & The Coach


1 - Mike Yamaha and Shawn Spears don't qualify for points.




Tajiri ~ 20

Hurricane ~ 19

Maven ~ 15

Rosey ~ 15

Rhyno ~ 13

Simon Dean ~ 10

Trish Stratus ~ 10

Chris Benoit ~ 5

Gene Snitsky ~ 5

Muhammed Hussan ~ 5

Ric Flair ~ 5

Shelton Benjamin ~ 5

Tyson Tomko ~ 5

Molly Holly ~ 4

William Regal ~ 4

Rob Conway ~ 3

Sylvan Grenier ~ -1

The Coach ~ -1

Victoria ~ -2

Stevie Richards ~ -4

Val Venis ~ -7


Thanks for reading, and see you next week :)




The Main Event - By Stephen Ashfield



Is Vince about to take his biggest ever gamble?


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been reading quite a few wrestling autobiographies of particular interest to me were comments made by Harley Race about what it takes to be a champion. A title holder has to be able to represent his company, wrestle long matches and put over sub-standard opponents. Race and other wrestling greats such as Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes were certainly able to do that otherwise the NWA would never have chosen them to be champions. Now decades later, Vince McMahon has a big decision to make. Will he give the main belts on Raw and Smackdown to Batista and John Cena? Two wrestlers who have never held such important titles, as Vince tries to get the viewing figures increased, is this the way ahead for the WWE?


Let’s take a look at Raw first. Batista has only ever held a tag title in WWE and here he is as the heir apparent to the World Heavyweight Title and headlining Wrestlemania. His feud with Triple H has been entertaining to date, not so much a case of a ‘whodunnit’ but ‘whenwillhedoit’ as the day Batista turns on Triple H kept getting teased. Finally he’s done it and the war between the two muscled giants is on. Evolution is all but destroyed and Triple H is already settling into the role of the cowardly champion prepared to let his poodle Ric Flair take the Batista beatings. But will Batista be given the title at Wrestlemania?


Back to that Harley Race book and his comments about champions being able to take part in long matches. By ‘long matches’ Harley is of course talking about hour long matches, but for WWE in 2005 perhaps half an hour will do. I can’t recall Batista being in a one-on-one match that has lasted twenty minutes let alone thirty. We all know there are plenty of stars on Raw who can wrestle long matches, Triple H, Benoit and Michaels have all had one-hour matches but can Batista do the same? It’s not just about whether he can last physically carrying all that muscle, but there’s the ability to tell a story and keep the fans interest, Batista simply doesn’t have that experience.


Batista has certainly been put up several levels this year with wins over Benoit, an impressive showing at NYR and of course winning the Royal Rumble. The fans are on his side and although he turned face the minute he destroyed Triple H at the contract signing, he was getting the cheers long before then and being put up against heels such as Viscera and La Resistance. But those cheers don’t make him the next Rock or Steve Austin.


Batista’s mic work has improved this year but falls way short of stars such as Triple H, Jericho and Michaels. What happens then if he does get the belt at Wrestlemania? A return with Triple H would be inevitable but what after that? An Orton heel turn would be handy, how far does Vince want to push Hassan or perhaps JBL could come to Smackdown to sort out unfinished business. There’s some decent ammunition for a Batista reign but we all know that it’ll just be a question of counting down the days till the next Triple H reign.


Over to Smackdown now and the possibility of John Cena becoming WWE Champion. I’m convinced that’s a certainty, particularly after he dropped the US Title belt this week. Cena obviously has a better title history than Batista having dominated the US Title picture since winning the belt at Wrestlemania 20. He’s used to wrestling reasonably long matches so wouldn’t have the point to prove that Batista has.


I don’t need to say anything about his mic work, though it can get a bit repetitive at times. He’s probably more over with the crowd than anyone on Smackdown so again there’s no gamble in his not being accepted as champion. So what happens when he gets the belt?


Returns against JBL are possible unless he does move to Raw. Then there’s Kurt Angle, Carlito Caribbean Cool – he has history with both of course – and well, after that it all gets a bit dodgy with the likes of Heidenreich, Dupree, Suzuki and Reigns. What though if Eddie Guerrero does turn heel or perhaps RVD came back as a heel. A Cena reign makes sense, especially with his CD and movie coming out soon.


So I’m confident about Cena as champ but not quite sure about Batista. I wonder what Vince thinks, will he leave Wrestlemania with two wrestlers enjoying their first reigns as World Champs? It’s a massive gamble if he does decide to do that. Last year we ended Wrestlemania with Benoit and Guerrero as champions and less than a year later neither are in the title picture let alone being title holders.


WWE need to get their viewing figures going up, not down. It’s a massive gamble but it could work. We need new feuds, new names in the main event. It’s worked with JBL, will it work with Cena and Batista? Only time will tell.





Forum Threads of the Week





Rock010 asked us Our Opinion on Jeff Hardy. Frenzied debate ensued, and naturally the for and against argument was a long lasting one.




Popsi asked us What type of person we went for, and the TWOites were swift to describe their perfect partners!



TWO Member of the Week/Heel of the Week



Who is TWO Member of the Week?


This week's Member of the Week goes to someone who doesn't have a problem sharing her opinions on things. Congratulations to Miss T! :xyx


Who is TWO Heel of the Week?


Christian Rules. Sarcasm doesn't work on the internet.


So that wraps up another newsletter. Thanks to all my contributors as ever, with an extra special thanks to Fletch once again for all the work he's done.


Any mums out there make sure you have a nice day, and if anyone gets bored, come to the Weekly Chat tonight!


Darkstar and Chris2K








Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various sources around the Internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.


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