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wwe4eva's WWE News Update #6: Lita/Matt HUGE update!, Kidman injured, new Joy site..


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[Thanks to the PWTorch]


-- There has been at least one autograph appearance during the last week where both Matt Hardy and Lita were both scheduled for, and only Lita showed up.


-- Although WrestleMania 21 was said to have been sold out within minutes of tickets going on sale, there are still some high-end tickets available, including some $750 ringside seats.


-- Bruce Prichard is on another leave of absence, however it is not for drug rehab as previously rumored. He is on a leave initiated by Stephanie McMahon, who apparently had a problem with him. Stephanie also initiated Paul Heyman's current leave of absence from his duties in WWE.

This was posted by the admin of Matt Hardy's official website:


Dear Friends:


Let me get a few facts out of the way:


Matt Hardy & Amy "Lita" Dumas are no longer a couple.


Matt was forced to end the relationship.


It has come to my attention that a growing number of participants in this message board are "blaming" Matt for various "rumors" and more. I want to shed a little more light on the situation. This may be upsetting for some of you, but the truth tends to hurt.


I have known Matt Hardy for almost 10 years. He is truly my brother. He is a loving person, loyal friend, and he has always done the right thing in every aspect of his life. I had never known Matt to be more in love with someone than he was with Amy. He would have gladly given his life for Amy.


Amy Dumas lied to Matt. Amy broke Matt's trust. While Matt told me this story of lies and deceit, I heard so much pain and anguish in his voice that it brought me to tears. I am still shocked and saddened at the pain that Matt has been caused by all of this. What is even more heartbreaking is the other man that precipitated the lies was supposedly one of Matt's better friends. Amy is not the only one who is guilty of lies and breaking trust.


I just wanted all of you to know that Matt Hardy is 100% in the right in all of this, and I would have never believed that my Dumas would have been capable of the doing this to Matt after all he has sacrificed for her.



Thomas Simpson


Matt Hardy then replied with the following:


Thomas, thanks for the all the love and support. Everything Thomas has said is absolutely true. I will address this appalling situation when the time is right. I greatly appreciate all of the support and encouragement all of you have given me throughout the years. May you all be well and happy. God bless....




Also, the Matt fact now reads: "Matt E Fact #6: Matt has never betrayed a close friend."


Credit: PWInsider


Thanks to Rick C. for the following:

The Rock was on the Daily Show tonight, and he had a good interview with Jon Stewart. Stewart started the show off, demonstrating some knowledge of the Rock's background, mentioning his transitioning from wrestling to acting, and telling a joke based on the people "smelling what the Rock is cooking". He also called him the ex-WWF Champion, but hey, it was the WWF during most of his reigns.


The interview: Discussed a bit about Be Cool, showed a clip of movie where the Rock's character acts part of a scene from Bring It On, (which was funny), how long it had been since Rock had stopped wrestling full-time (2 1/2 years), whether he was envied by other wrestlers (all Rock said was he had a lot of friends still wrestling and they were very supportive), who his stunt double was (his cousin), how Stewart and Rock loved the Iron Sheik (Stewart also said he was a Jimmy Snuka fan), and how Rock had also finished filming Doom. Arguably the funniest stuff was how excited Stewart got about Doom, and how Rock said he liked comedy, but loved blowing things up.


All in all, usual great interview by the Rock. Stewart treated the wrestling side like any other performing profession, which was nice to see.


[Thanks to the PWTorch]


-- Billy Kidman is scheduled to return to action within a few weeks. He has been recovering from a broken orbital bone.


-- Dean Malenko hasn't really been a favorite agent amongst some wrestlers lately. Some are wondering what he's thinking when he thinks he should return to the ring at WWE's ECW PPV, after being out of action for so long. He is said to have a negative attitude backstage right now. He has never been known as an uplifting personality, but he has always been respected for his toughness and gritty working style.


-- Triple H is a strong critic of the movie parody skits WWE has been producing. It started with the Royal Rumble commercial, complaining that the wrestlers felt uncomfortable in wigs pretending to sing beside wrestlers they were feuding with on TV. Vince McMahon on the other hand, is a big fan of them.


Christy Hemme has updated her website over at ChristyHemme.com for those who want to check it out.


Joy Giovanni has opened an official website at joygiovanni.com.


Rochelle Loewen of Smackdown has an official website at rochelle-loewen.com


Thanks to Pwtorch Newsletter for the following:


-Deep South Wrestling, the new WWE Developmental league is expected to kick up around the second week of March. It will be a "starting off" place of sorts for the WWE, where wrestlers will go and then graduate to OVW. Bill Demott will be the head trainer there, with Al Snow relocating to Louisville, KY to be the head trainer at OVW.


-WWE wanted to show how devastating Chris Master's sledgehammer to the chest was and that was one of the main reason's for showing backstage footage of Steven Richard's broken nose.


-WWE is planning on releasing a DVD through Wal Mart that will show exclusive footage of WWE wrestlers visiting troops in the Middle East.



credit: backstagewrestling.com

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i just got done getting updated on the whole matt/lita broke up and found out who that close friend was that was cheating with lita.and boy know of you are going to believe it.i was shocked as hell when i read this.tis truly sad on that person's part.


This past week Matt Hardy confirmed on his personal website's messageboard that he has in fact broken up with Amy Dumas (Lita) and that reports are true that Lita has been cheating on him. What wasn't posted on Matt's site is that the person Lita was cheating on him with is actually a close friend of Matt's and a fellow WWE superstar. That superstar is EDGE. We have confirmation that Edge, who himself was recently married, has been having an affair on the road with Lita and that it was Edge's wife that contacted Matt Hardy directly about the situation.


Insider sources tell us that WWE management is extremely angry at Edge over what they consider the height of improper conduct among their employees. Edge and Matt Hardy have been close friends for several years, as both The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian broke into the company together and made eachothers' careers during their series of high-risk stipulation matches (inclding the innovative TLC matches) over the WWE Tag Team Championships. There is a feeling backstage that Edge's behavior with Lita is a politically crippling move that has the potential to seriously threaten his career.


Matt Hardy is currently on the sidelines with an injury but will be returning to the road on March 19th. With both Matt and Edge currently on the RAW roster, things should get pretty interesting backstage.

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Knowing the WWE they are going to find a way to bring this thing between Edge, Lita, and Matt Hardy into a storyline that'll lead to a feud in the wrestling ring.


Yes that sounds twisted but if the WWE went as far as to create an Iraqi character to put down America during this country most painful period whats showcasing a love triangle before our eyes? :eek

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oh let them go at it Edge VS Matt main event at Wretlemania21, street fight. It looks as though Edge's push will now finally end. What a nasty piece of work Edge is, and what a slut Lita is. Similar thing happened to me last year and it ain't nice.
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Maybe if Matt had a few more Mattributes, and just a little more Mattitude, he wouldn't have suffered such an unfortunate Twist Of Fate. It's basic Mattamatics.


Cue Russ getting thrown through a door.

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Because his character is so damn false. He is a pretty boy pussy who we are supposed to believe is a legit tough guy...lol, please! My Nan is tougher than Edge! He looks like a f'n wimp. His tough guy image with his long stringy hair and plastic jackets makes me want to throw up. Its about as believable as booking Rey Mysterio in a sumo contest with Viscera. Edited by The Beltster
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Because his character is so damn false. He is a pretty boy pussy who we are supposed to believe is a legit tough guy...lol' date=' please! My Nan is tougher than Edge! He looks like a f'n wimp. His tough guy imagine with his long stringy hair and plastic jackets makes me want to throw up. Its about as believable as booking Rey Mysterio in a sumo contest with Viscera.[/quote']


I think he looks good. He looks stressed all the time which is good as he makes you really believe the world heavyweight title means something, which is rare.

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He's stressed because he's been screwed so many times.


I see his gimmick as a man on a mission, not a legit tough guy.


I know why he is supposed to be stressed, I was kidding. However, I dont see how he can think he has been screwed. He is nowhere near a big enough star to be anywhere near the main event or the World title, so he should be thankful he has got as close to the main event as he has.


Edge is a decent mid-card or tag talent, but a credible World champion? Not a chance. He is not even close.


Man on a mission? Heh, thats an insult to Mo and Mabel.


He tries to act tough, and it comes off as being false. His is way too scrawny and too much of a pretty boy to ever be considered tough. When I look at Edge and then I look at a guy like Batista, I know who I consider tough and I know who I consider a more credible World champion, and Edge loses on both counts.

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