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Tyson Announces Comeback!


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Mike Tyson has announced that he will make his comeback to the ring on June 20 in Washington, but is yet to name his opponent.

Tyson's last outing was a humiliating four-round loss to England's Danny Williams in July, and the former world heavyweight champion is determined to get his career back on track.


"I'm getting back into a ring. It'll be in Washington, probably June 20," Tyson said in an interview during the festival of Italian songs in San Remo.


Tyson, also eager to repair his public image, claimed that he was falsely accused of the rape that saw him spend three years in prison in 1992.


"A lie put me in prison," the boxer said. "I don't respect the American justice system ...In my conviction there was a lie. So many people are condemned unjustly and in reality they haven't done anything.


"I'm no angel," he admitted. "But I'm not just a boxer. I'm also a father, an uncle, a painter."

Credit skysports.com
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Tyson's a painter?! Do you think he'll come round and do my bathroom? Heck I know loads of sites that need painters, If he gave me a call, I'd get him loads of work. He doesn't need boxing.


Oh yeah, and Tyson's 'comeback will fail, he's washed up and is only destroying a once credible legacy.

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slightly random there randy, no one ever said that Tyson was great, but like all sportstars whom make comebacks or go on too long, they endanger their legacy. Botham and Gooch played on for too long, David Seaman should have retired earlier, Schmeichel should have never returned to English football to play for Man City. Bruno, Holyfield both came back a shell of their former selves.


I guess my point is that once a sports star has retired they shouldn't come back it ultimately ruins the legacy and reputation they build up before retirement.

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