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Fantasy Survivor Team?

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picture yourself in the WWF in the 80's ,5 on 5, faces vs heels survivor series match who would you have in your teams from the 80's?


Face team


Hulk Hogan

Dynamite Kid

Davey Boy Smith

Ricky"The Dragon"Steamboat



Heel Team


Andre The Giant

Macho Man"Randy Savage

Million Dollar Man"Ted Dibiase

Ravishing"Rick Rude

Rowdy Roddy Piper

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Dibiase/Flair/Savage/Jake Roberts/Andre


Very close to my favourite Survivor Series match of all time actually, at Survivor Series '91. I know you said 80s by the way but I included early 90s too so I could have Savage and Roberts as heels :P

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Modern Days


I don't know about many 80's wrestlers buthere is my more modern one :-


Shawn Michaels because of his abilty to face anybody.

Rey Mysterio because he can take on anybody.

Eddie Guerrero because of his ability to wrestle any style.

Shelton Benjamin because he has a great future.

Chris Benoit can wrestle any time, any place and with anyone.



Kurt Angle because of his willingis to never give up.

HHH because he is the ultimate heel and is a good wrestler.

The Dudley's because this is a situation in which they are good in.

Randy Orton because of his arrogant charisma.

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Face Team:


Hulk Hogan

Ultimate Warrior

"Macho Man"Randy Savage




Heel Team:


Rowdy Roddy Piper

"Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase

"Ravishing" Rick Rude


Ric Flair




that would be my choice too if i was allowed flair (coz he said 80's), if not id put ZEUS or BADNEWS BROWN in there, and instead of LOD id put in face HART FOUNDATION

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Face team: Hogan, Warrior, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage and Bam Bam Bigelow


Heel team: Million $ Man, Big Boss Man, One Man Gang, Mr Perfect and Bret Hart


Dream Survivors Teams Ever:


Face Team: ECW RVD, Mike Awesome, Lyger, Chris Benoit and Nova


Hell Team: Undertaker, Vince McMahon, ECW Tajiri, Taz and Draven Cage

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Heenan wrestled more in the AWA, but did have a few matches on WWF T.V. Had a WrestleMania match teaming with the Islanders against the Bulldogs and Koko B Ware. Also had some of the funniest matches ever, with the Ultimate Warrior, they were called 'Weasel Suit' matches, where the loser had to don a weasel suit. Warrior would always put a sleeper on 'The Brain' and then put him in the suit, Heenan would then wake up all groggy, and chase his tail! One match is on the Ultimate Warrior video, with Lord Alfred Hayes announcing *says in the style of his Lordship* "Oh my gosh, he's chasing the tail" Pure television Gold!


In my opinion Heenan is one of the best sellers ever.

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look how many great tag teams they had in 87 and 88, five teams on each side,am i allowed to use nwa and awa wrestlers?

1-demolition,hart foundation,midnight express,fabulous freebirds,tully blanchard+arn anderson vs British bulldogs,road warriors,rock n roll express,the rockers and strikeforce

2-(LEGENDS OF WWF MATCH) Bruno sammartino,pedro morales,mil mascaras,ivan putski and tony garea vs Mr fuji,killer kowalski,pat patterson,george steele and samoan afa

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