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I watched the game tonight and no i don't belive that it was a penalty, but the main talking point has to be the 2 RED CARDS that Mikoliunas recived. Does this guy not watch tv or read any news paper. The day that David Prutton recives a 10 match ban and a £6000 fine for pushing a referee, you do not go and do the same to a linesman. The offcials decisions are final.


Yes it may have been wrong but there is a way to sort things out and that was not the way.


It will be intresting to see what sort of punishment the SFA dish out compared to their English counterparts.

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We said when Hearts scored that Rangers would get their complementary penalty and they did even though it was never ever a penalty. I don't believe every official in Scotland is biased. However, I do have severe doubts about the linesman who gave the penalty. As for Hugh Dallas, he's just incompetent in my view. Every game that Hugh Dallas referees ends up being about Hugh Dallas and not about the football. The guy is a clown.


I was genuinely gutted not for Celtic or the title race but just for Hearts, they must have been absolutely furious and although players should remain disciplined it was no wonder there was such a reaction to it.

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Yes Dallas had a mare tonight, hearts deserved much more from tonights game, they totally dominated the first half and were unlucky to go behind when they did. They were some what fortunate with the freekick as waterhaus had the bottom corner covered, but sometimes you need a bit of luck. rangers then seemed to find anothe gear and i don't think the ball went into their half again.


Rangers were very fortunate with the penalty, as the ball went over i thought to myself thats to high and did'nt think much of it. But all of a sudden the linesmans flagging. Prso was very silly by trying to grab the ball as the game was not going to move any quicker and he deserved his 2nd booking.


I'm sorry but the reaction from the Hearts player was totally uncalled for, when your on the pitch you respect the offcials even if they are wrong.

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Of course the reaction was out of order, all I'm saying is that I can understand how it happened. I don't condone it but I can see the feeling behind it, had it been worse like actually properly attacking the officials then that would not even have been understandable. They must have been gutted though and that much certainly is comprehensible.
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It was never a penalty. Hearts should also have got a penalty in the first half but that doesn't mean there is a big conspiracy for Rangers to win the title. Come on. I don't buy the whole biased towards Rangers thing. If we win the league this year it won't be because of a dodgy decision at Tynecastle, it'll be because we're the best team in the league. Anyways, here are two things taken from dailyrecord.co.uk (or dailyrangers.co.uk to the paranoid Bhoys out there ;) ). One is an article about Paolo di Canio's views and another is from Lorenzo Amoruso.


THEY are both temperamental Italians who came to Glasgow and fell in love with clubs on opposing sides of the Old Firm divide.


And while Paolo di Canio and Lorenzo Amoruso remain friends, there is one point on which they will never agree - referees.


Celtic hero di Canio is convinced match officials favoured Rangers and in his autobiography launched a scathing attack on Scottish referees.


But former Ibrox defender Amoruso, now at Blackburn, believes di Canio's comments were borne out of frustration because in his year at Celtic he failed to stop Rangers winning their ninth title in a row in 1997.


Writing in his autobiography, published in 2000, di Canio - now at Lazio - said: 'I didn't feel the referees were doing us any favours. I said as much in an interview with an Italian magazine which was picked upby the Scottish Press.


'I simply pointed out that if Protestants make up 80 per cent of the population, it stands to reason that 80 per cent of the referees would be Protestants too.


'That's all I was saying, you can draw whatever inferences you want from it.


'Even if we played the likes of Raith Rovers or Dunfermline, the referees would be against us. That's because in Scotland it's always a two-horse race and by hurting us they were helping Rangers.


'I don't know if this is conscious or not. I would hope that for more referees this is something they do involuntarily. But I know for a fact there are some who are simply biased.


'There are some who, if you question them in the first minute, it won't matter if your opponent kicks lumps out you for the entire game,you won't get anything called in your favour.


'This is a serious problem. There are hundreds of thousands of fans who don't support Arsenal, Manchester United or Rangers and they are having the Mickey taken out of them week in, week out.


'Referees are there to make sure the laws of the game are obeyed but also to make sure the game is played in an open, honest way. This does not mean blowing the whistle instinctively to protect certain clubs.


'It's a well know fact that referees naturally tend to favour big clubs. In Italy we have a term for it - 'sudditanza psicologica' - which literally translates as 'psychological subjection'.


'It basically means you have a natural and perhaps involuntary allegiance to the stronger, bigger club. If, for example, Manchester United play S****horpe at Old Trafford, it is very difficult for the referee to award S****horpe a penalty.


'This is not necessarily because the referee is biased or evil. It has to do with the fact that the a referee's basic mandate is to ensure the laws of the game are enforced. If he does this properly, the better team will win.


'The better team is invariably going to be Manchester United. If he gives the penalty and S****horpe go on to win the match, it becomes more difficult to say the better team won because it clearly did not. Therefore if the better team didn't win, the referee did not do his job properly.


'I am not suggesting referees follow a script - but they do allow themselves to be influenced. Hence the psychological subjection.


'The league is made up of clubs and within the league structure some are more powerful than others because they are bigger and generate more money. Manchester United winning the Premiership generates more more money for the league than, say, Bradford winning it.


'Go back and look at the percentages, study the videos, talk to the players.


'To get a penalty at Old Trafford, Jaap Stam needs to take out a machine gun and riddle you with bullets and even then there will be much debate over whether you were shot in the penalty box or just outside.


'Funnily enough, Celtic are probably the only big club which does not benefit from psychological subjection.


'That's because everything in Scotland is geared towards Rangers. Everything - the league, the media, the referees.'


Well that's crap. The media hounded Advocaat and they tried their damndest to get Alex McLeish out the door at the start of the season. In fairness to Paolo, he was at Celtic Park at the time when paranoia was at an all time high. But to suggest that there is biased officiating out there and that its only in favour of Manchester United, Arsenal and Rangers is complete crap.


By Lorenzo Amoruso

PAOLO DI CANIO is a great friend of mine and a man I have always had great respect for.


But what he said about Scottish referees going out of their way to favour Rangers in Scotland was ridiculous and completely wrong. I should know - I got the red cards to prove it.


Honestly, even now I look back on some of the decisions that went against us in my time at Ibrox and still can't understand why they were made.


But that doesn't mean I'm accusing people of conspiring against me or my old club.


The truth is referees and linesmen make mistakes - and in my experience they make them all the way from Genoa to Gorgie Road.


But it's irresponsible and wrong for people to go looking for something sinister every time a decision goes against their team.


As a player I know I've gone potty a few times on the park. In the heat of the moment you can think the world is against you.


Even now I think back to the red cards I got in my time at Rangers - I was sent off against Aberdeen, Hearts and Ross County - and in my head I know they were all crazy decisions.


But in my heart I know they were also honest decisions.


It annoys me people in Scotland try to make out that referees are pro-Rangers.That's bulls**t.


The truth is the best team, the team that wins the most games and scores the most goals, lifts the league trophy at the end of every season.


Deep down all players know that is the truth and no amount of complaining can make any difference.


Paolo said what he said because he was an angry man.He always has been, of course, but at that time in his life he had serious problems with Celtic chairman Fergus McCann and was very emotional.


He'd spent one year in Glasgow and had fallen in love with Celtic. He was crazy about that club.


But in his only season there he was part of the Celtic team that lost the league to Rangers for the ninth season in a row.That's why he went looking for excuses.


It would be impossible for a referee to go out there with the intention of helping Rangers win. Football just doesn't work like that.


I didn't see the game on Wednesday night so I can't comment on the decision the linesman made.


But I have been told it was the same linesman who once chopped off a goal for Celtic against us in a game at Parkhead five years ago. I know the way people think there so I'm sure they are saying he must be a crazy Rangers fan.


But I remember that game very well and that incident in particular. It was a s clear as the sun in the morning, although maybe in Italy not Glasgow.


The ball was coming straight to my head but Mark Viduka stuck out his arm and took it away from me. The referee was at a bad angle and couldn't see what had happened.


Mark went on to shoot past Stefan Klos but the linesman had flagged and the goal did not stand. As I recall even Mark himself hardly complained at the time. He knew it was handball. Everybody knew it was handball. I think there was a controversy about it because the next day the linesman went to his work as a policeman and his colleagues gave him some kind of certificate for his decision.


But that was just a stupid joke. It doesn't mean he was biased or corrupt. The decision was right and it was so obvious that it spoke for itself.


Of course, it just had to be that Hugh Dallas was the referee at Tynecastle the other night. I know the Celtic fans like to believe he is a Rangers supporter and this will pour more fuel on the fire that Paolo helped to start.


But it's not true and it's not fair. Dallas is an excellent referee even if we didn't always see eye to eye. But I will always remember one decision he made in the Old Firm Scottish Cup Final of 1999 which came only a few weeks after he was struck by a coin.


It was in the last minute and I blocked a shot on the line with my chest. It looked like a handball and Celtic were screaming for a penalty.


The pressure on him to point to the spot must have been unbelievable.


But he ignored it because he knew he was right and the TV pictures later proved it beyond any doubt. That summed Dallas up as far as I am concerned. He is a top-quality referee.


The decision to give Rangers a penalty on Wednesday night was not even his. It was made by his linesman and even if it was not correct, it was not part of some great master-plan to win the title for Rangers.


They can do that without help from anyone else.

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I actually do buy into di Canio's theory about bigger teams being favoured in the Record today (hey Will, I called it the Record!), but don't think all officials are biased. I do think that Hugh Dallas is just a terrible referee and not partial to any one team as he clowns it up for everyone. I do reckon that linesman is biased though and with some individual officials they're bound to make the odd decision like that even if it is instinctive or not at a conscious level. I'm sure Rangers fans remember Mike McCurry giving Celtic a dodgy penalty and then a last minute 'goal' that never crossed the line against St Johnstone a few seasons ago although Celtic were miles ahead in the league then in any regard. It works both ways but I would agree that bigger teams totally do get favoured, hence why Celtic get dodgy decisions against St Johnstone, Rangers get dodgy penalties at Dundee and Hearts, Juventus get one over Celtic and just about no-one gets one at Old Trafford. Whether it's conscious or not, I do think it happens too often against the smaller team for it to be pure coincidence and for there to be no reasoning behind it happening.


I also think on the balance of play Hearts deserved to win, but a fair goal is a fair goal, the balance of play can't change that, so although I thought it was never a penalty and Rangers should never have won the match, they should have had the draw, although of course Hearts could have had a penalty themselves. A draw would have been alright, but Hearts didn't deserve what they had to take from the game.

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The thing is, it's not about Hugh Dallas being biased - he's just terrible! He makes bizarre decisions and almost every game he referees ends up being about him rather than the teams involved in the matches he officiates.


As it turns out, apparently the linesman who gave the penalty, even though none of the Rangers players other than Kyrgiakos appealed for a penalty and no-one had been expecting one until the linesman got involved, is a season ticket holder at Rangers. Not only that, but apparently he's some sort of special season ticket holder, Club Deck or something like that. While you can't condone things like his address being put on Celtic supporters' websites, which is a truly awful thing to do, you can't help but think that the whole thing could have been avoided easily by the SPL/SFA making sure he doesn't officiate in Rangers matches. Then again we are talking about the SFA here. You can debate whether or not they're biased towards one or both Old Firm teams, but one thing you can expect is that their organisation and handling of most situations will be piss poor, so biased or not, this is the sort of thing that is likely to happen regardless.

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