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Who's your favorite movie villian


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I like the villian in USUAL SUSPECTS (i cant even spell his name) because he was the unlikely suspect but realy it was him behind it all (class)


But usually i like the villians that are DODGY and you want them to get away with it, and the good guys to lose


I liked the way the villian got away with it in SAW (dont rate the film)


And in Phonebooth (another not great film) but i liked the way kiether sutterland tormented colin farrel



nah theres loads ill have a good think about it and ill choose my fav

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though i like the bond villains and Bill and Elle Driver from Kill Bill were great too


I sense that you , like me , are a big tarantino fan.


Elle Driver was brilliant and in the actually script for Kill Bill - she was even more of a villain.


Totally off topic, did you hear about the supposed Tarantino scripts leaked onto blogspot?


one called 'Greyhound'(A Japanese mafia flick) and 'High School Sky High' (A drug-gang-teen flick).


Sound totally bogus to me though.

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can't believe i forgot to put Mr Blonde from Reservoir Dogs... Michael Madsen was superb in that also Shibasaki Kou, 'Beat' Takeshi and Ando Masanobu in Battle Royale were all great, Shibasaki's performance was really great the way she could change from being all giggly and girlish one second to chasing down a girl and slitting her throat with a Kama the next, Beat Takeshi was another great villain but he was more in the misunderstood catagory than actually evil. and Ando Masanobu's performance as Kiriyama was just chilling the way he just would appear and kill without showing any emotion at all especially in the scene on the mountain top
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Death' date=' from 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey'.[/quote']


yeah but Death totally turned face dude.


The evil guys were Evil Bill and Ted


"Hey Bill" "Hows It Goin Bill?" "Not bad Bill, you?" "Bad"


Bill and Ted are the greatest films ever made. So therefore that fat bloke who made the Evil robot imposters in Bill and Ted and Bill and Ted are my fav heels in films. Actually then theres also the big scary bunny, the army guy and Grandma J S Preston Esquire. Plus like Teds dad was a total nark. And he stole Missy "Who was as hot as" from Bills dad.

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Gonna have to agree with Brett on this one.


You can't beat ol' asthema lungs himself Darth Vader. :terminato

The epitomy of evil which is even more impressive as you don't actually see him do that many evil deeds in the films. Yet he still carrys the presence and the aura that makes you feel he could rip someones tongue out if he felt like it.


Bring on Revenge of the Sith!

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