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H-H-Happy Birthday Devilish Angel

Dead Crow

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Happy 27th birthday to Devilish Angel, everyone's favourite... erm... angel... who is also... devilish... (OOOOH, I get it... devilish an... yeah, sorry, I'm really slow on the uptake).


So yeah, happy birthday to you. Hope you have a great day and get presents and stuff (I say that like it's not a common thing to get presents on a birthday).


Cue the emoticons: :bw :hbday :partysmil :biggringi :biggringi

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Happy B'day, D.A.!

(I'd put a smiley here usually, but DraVen kinda used them all already!)

Aha! Two he didn't use! :devil :angel1


I see what you did there Mr Banner, very clever (well, I thought so)


Happy joy mega Birthday greetings to Devilish Angel!!!

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Happy Birthday Devilish Angel! :)











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