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Crush As A Kid


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No I'm not talking about Brian Adams childhood hobbies.


I'm talking about, as a child, well late primary school onwards, which television personalities did you secretely have a crush on?


For me, I truly did adore Kelly from Saved By The Bell, and Jet off Gladiators. No idea why, but hey childhood fantasies. But who was your crush as a kid?

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For some reason, the black haired scruffy one from Roseanne did something for my pre-puberty hormones. Just to clarify, that would be the daughter, not the heap of meat that is Roseanne herself. And later on, the Sister Sister twins. Actually I still think they're hot as hell. As far as Saved by the Bell goes, I actually always liked the tall one.
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There was loads of women i saw on tv that i had a crush on. Melissa Joan Hart, Jet and Scorpio from gladiators, Anneka Rice (nice bum), Tiffany Thiessen (kelly from Saved by the Bell) and finally the twins from Sweet Valley High. All of which i had a crush on at one time or another.
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Anyone know what Jet's doing these days?


"Unfortunately Jet's Gladiator career came to a sudden end during the 1996 Live Shows in Wembley Arena, London. She was competing on the Pyramid and as she tackled the contender she fell awkwardly, trapping nerves in her neck. Jet decided it was time to move on as she no longer could put 100% into the show.


Jet is happily married to George Mayhew and is devoting more time to counselling young people who are suffering from eating disorders, Jet herself suffered from bulimia from the age of 14 until 19. After gaining a degree she also spends time working as a therapist."


-- Gladiatorszone.co.uk

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Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy and in Cruel Intentions...

Melissa Joan Hart in Sabrina...

Tiffany Amber Thiessen in Saved By The Bell...

Cordelliea in Buffy as well and Mrs Calender...

And Angel from Home and Away as well....

I was about to say that this is meant to be a childhood crush thread, and that you are referring to things only a few years ago. Then I saw your age.

Damn you, boy. :D

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That other Nickelodeon one from Alex Mack was fit too (although her sister was hotter). She turned up in 3rd Rock From the Sun too if I believe. And my horny childhood memoires were not dissapointed either.



I belive the name that your after is Larisa Oleynic



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