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Wrestlemania Moments

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Ok the big event is drawing ever closer how about we get out some of our favourite WM moments


i gotta say the stongest moment had to be Warrior winning Both titles at wrestlemania 6 i have an eternal picture of him on the top rope holding up both belts and its my favourite wrestlemania match(for nostalga reasons)


I also gotta mention shane o's Van terminator on vince at 17


The Amazing y2j HBK match at 19


and finally two things from WM that made me laugh so hard my chest nearly exploded and that was Ulitmos falls at 20 and kamala being on regals desk during 17 and regal saying "what he wants me to rub the moons on his belly?"


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The Lesnar shooting star press at mania 19 oh my god that was amazing, sick I know but was just made such a deal out of so I can't forget it. As horsemansmiler said the Ultimo Dragon fall at last years mania was just so funny I was rolling on the floor in laughter I know it wasn't even made a big deal out of but oh my god that brought tears of laughter to my eyes
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My favorite moments

1st Macho Man winning his first wwe championship at mania4 (thats why ive got the side pic)good moment when hulksta come down to congrag him


2nd warrior v hogan mania6 (class match wont be forgot)


3rd warrior v macho man mania7 in the retirement match when he turned face again


4th hogan v rock mania18 ace crowd responce


5th austin stunning both goldberg and lessner at mania20 (crap match but i liked the end good riddence)


i can go on all night nameing them but fav moments always involved Austin, the Rock and hogan because they electryfy the crowd, vinces match with hogan, his match with shane o'mac, theres too many to name as favs, but in recent years its got to be Hogan v Rock for me i just loved it when the crowd was behind Hogan even though he was heel, but hopefully this years will be good.

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So many great matches and moments.


Steamboat v Savage at Wrestlemania 3 - superb stuff!

Hogan v Andre at Wrestlemania 3 - Great spectacle

Hogan v Warrior at Wrestlemania 6 - Just to see these two huge stars get it on was amazing.

Warrior v Savage at Wrestlemania 7 - How many Savage elbows was it? 7? superb!

Hogan v Rock at Wrestlemania 18 - Man did i go crazy for this match!

HBK v Y2J at Wrestlemania 19 - Just a brillliant wrestling match

Benoit's win at Wrestlemania 20 - So pleased for the man to win the big one.


Best comedy moments? Ultimo dragons slip was great. King Kong Bundy squashing that poor midget at Wrestlemania 3 was also funny!

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