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Bush announces new anti-homosexuals bill

Anime Otaku

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i just got this as a bulletin on myspace.com


President Bush has just made a public announcment about homosexuality on CBS as of 02/23/05. George Bush is going to put a ban on homosexuals in the media because its "raising the future americans the wrong way" as he states in the interview. If we can get 200 people to sign this petition, we can get this bill not passed. Your help is really needed bad and we would appreciate it if you could sign the petiton to show how much you care. Once you get to 200 signatures, send it to killbillscene@yahoo.com
I dunno how exactly but i'd like to see if we can get some people to sign up and see if we can help even though the majority of us are not from america... warning this may infact be a hoax, i hope so Edited by Anime Otaku
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To be fair though it's not the most obvious hoax. I mean I wouldn't put it past him



George W Bush = :worship


jack dude that is just cold wanting to ban people from their chosen profession just because of their sexuality which is something they cannot chose, thats like saying black people or disabled people shouldn't be allowed to workj in certain professions

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Of course its a hoax.


Shame it is though.


Come on guys... being liberal is like totally passe. It's now hip to be non-PC :P

I am non-PC. And avidly so. I see no reason why I cannot make a joke about Tajiri being in a wheelchair in the same way as it is generally accepted I can about an Essex girl being easy or my mother in law being fat.

Thankfully, Tajiri seems to take no offence and respect is due to him for being that way.

I take the right royal p*ss out of all my friends and anyone I am having a laugh with. Please feel free to do the same back. The only real insult from me is if I don't pay any attention to you at all and don't insult you! Thinking I can't take the piss out of some one because they are disabled, gay or whatever is robbing them of their sense of humour and humanity. We are a ridiculous race of muppets, really - let's not take ourselves too seriously!


But on a serious note: I am a fervent believer in freedom of speech and a human being's right to express their opinion even if I find it abhorrant.


I find the idea of a gay person being banned from being represented on TV or in any way victimised abhorrant.


Bush can say what he damn well likes. So can gay people. On TV.



And that's the bottom line... :)

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Its amazing to see in just how many ways the laws of taste and decency can be so liberally interpretated and justified...............

Exactly. Liberal in interpretation of one thing, but not liberal enough to shut up and leave people alone!

Taste is personal - a dodgy area that is very grey in legal terms.

Decency - if a straight couple snogging in public is okay, then so is gay snogging. Just logic.

Ditto homosexual people/acts on TV. If it has been deemed appropriate that it is okay for straight folks then logically...

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