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MLW Hybrid Hell 2003

Guest Fully

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Just got round to watching this after having it on tape for a while. I really like the MLW product. Anyway if youve seen it what did you make of it?


Homicide v Michael Shane 3/5

Really like both these workers, particualry Shane and they give a good bout here with some nice spots.


Los Maximos vs Samoan Island Tribe 1.5/5

Despite Los Maximos being such a great pair of workers this match never really starts. They are fighting down the rampway to enter and other thana few top rope moves nothing much is done. Pointless really.

Sabu vs Mikey Whipreck 3.5/5

Sabu seems to always give a great match and even though Whipwreck has been away for a few years he does a great job here too. Nice spots, Nice action great match



Norman Smiley v Kenzo Suzuki 1.5/5

Ok. nothing much happens to be honest. Norman is an English legend and gets huge cheers but lareglly forgettable match.


Steve Willaims and D-Lo v CW Anderson and Simon Diamond 3/5

D-Lo is a great worker and a superb talent. He makes this match so good and really livens up the whole show.


Raven v CM Punk 3/5

Cm Punk cuts a great promo before hand and I really like this guy. Raven is great too isnt he as he really knows how to work a crowd without so much as moving. Some nice spots as expected from these too. CM Punk is gradually becoming one of my favourties


Mike Awesome v Kojima - MLW World Title 2.5/5

Mike is known for being pretty sluggish in the ring but he is pretty bad here for the first 10 minutes of the bout. He blows loads of spots and really looks like he'd rather be somewhere else. Its saved form being a dud by the last 10 minutes which are pretty good with loadsa nice moves. Then comes....


Steve Corino v Mike Awesome - MLW World Title - 2/5

After the above match Corino comes down and says Mike promised hima title shot anytime anywhere if he wonm the belt...Corino says now...they have a match. Nothing much happens.


Steve Corino v Terry Funk - Barbed Wire 2/5

Exclusive video match - This is not pro wrestling. Its uncomfortable to watch sometimes. It was okay and Ive got nothing against this aspect of sports entertainment but it just doesnt seem right...





Another great MLW show!

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