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A nice Wrestling story that made a young me very happy...

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It was a normal weekday afternoon in early 1993. There I was an 8-year old nipper in the height of my childhood. I was a huge wrestling fan and spent a lot of my time watching wrestling or playing with my wrestling figures. There I was, just home from school and my mam said..."Daniel youve got to go to the dentists tonight"...I got ready and as I was putting my coat on my mam said "Why have you got that old t-shirt on, go and put your Shawn Michaels one on"...So I Did...She then said "Here, wear this..." handing me my hulk hogan badge.


Then we went out for the Bus...


After 10 minutes a bus arrived only it was no normal bus. It was big and white....unlike the usual red buses we have round here.....it stopped. I was curious then I saw it.....three letters that gave me the most satisfaction of my life....on the front of the bus it said --------W W F - Whitely Bay Ice Rink ------. I then had a good idea of where we were going but I asked my Dad just to make sure. "Are we going to Wrestling?"......."Yes son we are"...and my little heart was pouding with excitment and I ran on the bus as fast as I could. That 45 minute bus ride must have seemed like a lifetime and there was a smile on my face as wide as the earth that must have lasted months. It was the greatest day of my life!


We got there and my Dad took me to the merchandise stall and said I could have anything I liked. I was in my element and even though I knew he wasnt there that night I got a Bret Hart foam hand, an Undertaker cap and a programme that I still read to this day.



I dont care if Wrestlemania comes to my back garden....that will forever be the greatest wrestling related incident in my life...and will go down as one of the best days I have ever ever ever had

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That was as interesting to read as my favourite Magazines! that was a cool read since I love Wrestling/WWE :D


And do you still have the merchandise now?


I still have yet to go to a WWE Show, but I hope it's soon. It won't matter if it's RAW, SmackDown! or a PPV I will love it. (I will even go to America when I'm older to see a show!) and when you thought you had to go to the dentists, I bet you was like *sigh* lol


And a WW F bus? that sounds weird lol


cool though! :thumbsup

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Reading this topic it's obvious nobody has seen all the WM's live (ur all younger than 20, like me :P) off topic btw lol


And: I seen some old stuff, the oldest WM yet I have seen is WrestleMania 4. It's as good as today IMO. :)


im over 20 and seen all the manias(not live though) recomend u watch them wrestlemania4 was a good one with savage winning the belt and hogan coming in afterwards, i dont rate the first two as much as the rest ,wrestlemania 3 on wards for me

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Yeah I was looking through the photos last night and theres little old me with my new Undertaker cap on waving my Bret Hart foam hand around....


.....To be a kid again!!!!!





p.s.I have seen all the Wrestlemainas too but none live. WM 1 and 2 are well worth watching (even if 2 is perhaps the worst of the 20).

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Why is 2 the worst?


And the next WrestleMania I want to watch is WrestleMania 18... I didn't have Sky Sports back then but I seen a lot of the PPV's etc.. I just don't remember ANYTHING about WM 18 apart from Hollywood Hogan vs. The Rock... :/

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