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Favourite WrestleMania ever?


Favourite WrestleMania PPV ever?  

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  1. 1. Favourite WrestleMania PPV ever?

    • WrestleMania 1
    • WrestleMania 2
    • WrestleMania 3
    • WrestleMania 4
    • WrestleMania 5
    • WrestleMania 6
    • WrestleMania 7
    • WrestleMania 8
    • WrestleMania 9
    • Wrestlemania 10
    • WrestleMania 11
    • WrestleMania 12
    • WrestleMania 13
    • WrestleMania 14
    • WrestleMania 15
    • WrestleMania 16
    • WrestleMania 17
    • WrestleMania 18
    • WrestleMania 19
    • WrestleMania 20
    • None. I don't like them let's see if 21 is any good/I haven't seen any (state)

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£30 with over 20 hours left.


Looks like i'm not the only one who missed out on getting it.


It's a total pain as i once picket it up intent on buying it, but ended up putting it back in place of getting something else.


another intresting fact about this ppv is that on the day it took place i started the day off in a nightclub in Glasgow, then went back to my mates house at 4 am to catch 40 winks. Then at 6am i set off to Glencoe to go snowboarding for the day. At 5pm i set off back down to Glasgow from Glencoe to get my stuff and car to then have to drive all the way back down to Burnley where i slumped in the chair to watch Wrestlemania 17


Blackburn also beat Burnley 5-0 at ewood park.

Burnley return there for the first time this Tuesday.

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i havent one fav, i voted for mania4 when savage won the tournement, but i also like 17 stonecold v rock 2 when he joined forces wiv vince, and mania18 rock v hogan best crowd reaction of all time mania19 hogan v vince, theres too many good matches on each one, im downloading wrestlemanias 10 greatest matches at the min so it will be intresting to see which match they choose as ther no.1
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Each and Every Wrestlemania has it moments and its too hard to just choose one out of them all.....


WM1 - is good because it is where it all started and has some great wrestlers on the card. The tag team title match is superb and the atmosphere for the final Hogan/T v Piper/Orndorff is brilliant.


WM2 - Probably the weakest of all Wrestlemanias and the thing with 3 cities just doesnt work and we get a lot of ruhsed matches. The Hogan/Bundy cage match is alright and the Bulldogs winning the tag titles is a pretty good match but probably the worst Mania.


WM3 - Probably the Wrestlmania that made wrestlemania what it is today. A huge risk...could Vince sell out such a huge dome....with Hogan v Andre as a main event of course he could. At the time no one could see either man getting beaten and the match is worked superbly. And what about Savage v Steamboat.....a classic. Some grat workers on the card as well from Adonis to Race to Hart.


WM4 - A decent enough title tourny that was ruined by a few bad decisions....ie Hogan and Andre going out early....but the final is decent and it is nice to see Macho man finally get the top. Some decent matches on the card as well suchb as Strike Force v Demoliton.


WM5 - Largelly unfogrettable undercard but the main event is brilliant. Two of the uptmost legends of the industry go head to head in a great main event. If Hogan is Wretlemania then Savage cant be far behind.


WM6 - Wow!....Face v Face....Hogan v Warrior...and a match that is the best of the latters career by far. A superb pumped encounter with a really great ending. Shame Warriors title run was so poor.


WM7 - Memorable for one math more than any...Warrior v Savage.....Career match.....superb...and then the ending with Liz and Randy....brilliant stuff. Hogan v Slaughter was pretty dull and the rest of the card


WM8 - One of my favourites. Superb card top to bottom....HBK v Tito Santana...Taker v Jake....Piper v Hart in an IC classic...Tatanka v Rick Martel.....Money Inc v Natural disasters..and then of course the two big ones. Macho Man v Flair is really great and then Hogans 'last match' which quality wise is a let down but the occasion is okay....but what the hell was with Papa bloody shango!


WM9 - Some say the worst WM....the worst idea for a WM for sure...considering WM8 was in such a superb setting ths years looked plain silly.....The main event, which hart was supposed to win, turned into another Hogan ego trip and other than a half decent Perfect v Luger bout and HBK v Tantanka everything else was poor.


WM10 - One thing springs to mind...the ladder match...Razor v HBK....what a match it was...re-shaped the WWF in some ways...then that wasnt hall...bret v owen was a classic but the rest of the card left soemthing to be desired.....i didnt mind Macho man v Crush but the rest was pretty lame


WM11 - As WWF moved into 1995 it had what was maybe the worst Mania yet. Only 7 matches on the card and some bad booking....HBK v Diesel was watchable and Bam Vam v Taylor was okay as well as the tag match but really...why was Bret booked against backlund...terrible idea. Ramon v JJ was okay too. Does Mania get any worse than 9 and 11?


WM12 - The iron man match between two of the best workers or all time...Hart v HBK....I loved it...but really that was all worth noting from the event. Taker v Diesel was ok. Rest was a bit weak


WM13 - When you think of WM13 one image comes to mind...Austin out cold...What a match that was...nice to see Taker get the belt but the match he did it in was pretty crap


WM14 - Brillaint. After 9,11,12,13 had been weak efforts along comes a great WM. Austin v Michaels was just superb and the booking for Taker and Kane was brilliant...Vince didnt go for the early pay off...they waited until Mania and produced a memorable match.....Rock v Shamrock was great too as was HHH v Owen


WM15 -The first Rock v Austin at a wrestlemania and the best match of thier fued. The only other thing that comes to mind is the HIAC match but bar the edning that was rubbish.


WM16 - Lacked in one on one matches....Angle Jericho Benoit triple threat was great...the main event was okay. Not a good mania for the first of the 21st Century. Didnt feel like WM.


Wm17 - Great card...great talent...great matches...great night


WM18 - See above but not as good


WM19 - I liked this very much. Every match was top quality from Hardy v Rey...to the womens match....to the classic HBK v Y2J....to HHH v Booker t...even hogan v vince.....angle v lesnar.....rock v austin....top quaility wrestlemaina in all aspects


WM20 - Considering it was supposed to be the show to end all shows it didnt really stand out as one of the better manias. Yes angle/Eddie was great...yes the triple threat was great....y2j v christian was awesome too but the other matches sort of were very average.


Couldnt pick one but it would come down to 3,6,8,14,17,19

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