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WCW Halloween Havoc 1991 - Chamber of Horrors

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WCW Halloween Havoc 1991 - Chamber of Horrors


Just got this on Video and I hadnt seen it before...of course with WCW home videos the full Card isnt shown but the matches that are shown are shown in full. But Id recomend you get it if you see it around..


Chamber Of Horrors Match - Abdullah the Butcher, The Diamond Stud, Cactus Jack, and Big Van Vader vs El Gigante, Sting, Rick and Scott Steiner 0.5/5

This match righlty has a place in the Wrestlecrap book. It has to be seen to believed. First take it like this. Look at the talent on display here....Sting, Foley, Hall, Vader, the Steiners.....add a Cage (close to being a cell)...add weapons and a free for all rules....sound good?...maybe but then add the concept of a ridiclous way to win. The idea is that during the match an electric chair will come down into the ring and the idea is too put one member of the other team on the chair flick the switch (which is on the inside of the cage) and you have this unbeliveably unreal wrestling concept.....The match inteslef stinks the only move being a powerbomb by Scotty Steiner in the first minute. The its just loads of punches and weapon shots....the funnies thing is the lever which you press to get the chair to electrocute whoevers sitting in it, keeps falling onto ON and we can all see it and the ref and even some of the wrestlers have to adjust it hoping no one notices....we do.....crap match


Johnny B Badd v Jimmy Garvin 2/5

The gimmick stinks, but Mero is a good worker and thanks to a few good spots makes this worth watching.


Steve Austin v Dustin Rhodes 3.5/5

Easily the match of the night. Superb stuff that goes 15 minutes and never is boring. Austin is on top form and is being hailed by JR and Schiavone as the next big thing.....if only the WCW bosses had realised the company might still be with us.....great match.


WCW Phantom v Z-Man 1/5

Well, we all know who it is if your watching. If the actual moves dont give it away then a clear shot of the face (even with a mask you can tell) hides nothing. Shortly after the match it is revealed to be Rude who hits a weak promo about wanted to ruin wcw by destroying sting.....


The Enforcers (Anderson/Zbysko) v Patriots (Champion/Chip) 1.5/5

Only double A makes this worth watching. Poor stuff and why the Patriots had the belts Ill never ever know


2 Out of 3 falls....WCW title....Luger v Ron Simmons 1/5

On paper Luger v Simmons is one of the most unattractive title matches of all time....the match isnt much better. Why oh why did they book this.....Luger was turned Heel earlier in the year upon winning the title (bad move) as they though falir had made a good heel champ so luger would....they forgot one thing...luger isnt on the same planet as flair......this match stinks......why the hell was Ron simmons given a title shot whilst some of the biggest names in WCW were stuck inside an awful opening match......poor poor match even though idiot Tony Schiavanie (or howver you spell it) says its "one of the greatest matches of all time"...hes a fool that man



Overal......tempted to give it 1.5 but Ill go for 2/5 basically for Austin v Rhodes.....Mero....Arn Anderson and the comedy of the first match

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poor poor match even though idiot Tony Schiavanie (or howver you spell it) says its "one of the greatest matches of all time"...hes a fool that man


Didn't Tony Schiavone say that about nearly every WCW main event :D , have to say the Chamber of Horror match is the ultimate WrestleCrap match , ghost medics and all.

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your telling us to get it but' date=' according to your ratings it sucks[/quote']


Yeah....the Austin v Rhodes match is well worth seeing and even though it stinks I think its worth experiencing the Chamber of Horrors at least once in your life. Theres also a bit of history there as Rude swithces to WCW

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