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US Wrestlemania Commercials


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From, you guessed it, DA MELTZ~!


--WWE commercials for Wrestlemania just started airing this week with the top matches listed as HHH vs. Batista, JBL vs. Cena, Angle vs. Michaels and Orton vs. Undertaker, plus the return of Steve Austin.


Two juicy bits of gossip there. Undertaker Vs Orton will need to be very rushed indeed, to have any kind of build up before the show. They've got to turn Orton heel, sort out his relationship with Stacy, get him associated with Smackdown! in some form, then start a feud with Undertaker. And that's just the start of the feud. They've only got a few weeks to get things sorted, so expect movement to start happening any time soon. It's possible that Orton could turn heel before the end of the week.


As for the return of Austin, I'm dreading it already. It'll be horrible no doubt. The way I see it going, some Nameless, Faceless Women are in the ring at Mania, possibly with The Coach. Austin's music hits, and he starts plugging his film, before Coach interupts. He gets a Stunner, everyone drinks beer, people cross fingers that Austin will attack some of the Nameless, Faceless Women. 15 minutes of your life are wasted, and you'll never get them back.


Does this interest anyone? How are they going to create a Undertaker Vs Orton feud with only a handful of shows left?

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Face vs Face wouldn't work with Orton v Taker, simply cause of their characters, and Taker would likely overshadow Orton and embarass him. That and Orton is sucking as a face.


I'm not excited about Austin. Will just be the same as before, he'll do sod all, be a comissioner or something, stun random people, and not be able to wrestle. He can't draw now, so big deal.

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I'm not excited in the slightest.


I still wanted to see Heidenreich/Snitsky v Taker/Kane. Taker took that away from me :(


Austin does rule of course, but the segment they'll have him in will probably be crap. And dearie me am I dreading the rushed Orton/Taker booking. Coffee spilling, anybody?

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austins come back will be a joke as hes done it millions of times before so he should just stay away


yeah but every time he does a comeback, he gets crowd going ,the atmosphere,


wwe need people like austin to return liven things up even though he cant wrestle anymore, he's a good entertainer im looking forward to his role anyway.


as for taker v orton, i dont know how there gonna do it but if taker has to job to him at his (prob) last mania it will be rushed and discracefull

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