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Would a movie having subtitles put you off watching it even had been recommended?  

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  1. 1. Would a movie having subtitles put you off watching it even had been recommended?

    • Yes, it would put me off seeing it
    • No it wouldn't put me off seeing it

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What do people think of foreign films with subtitles? Would they put you off watching a movie even if you heard it was good? Also would you rather watch Dubbed version of a movie over a Sub with the original voices?

I decided to post this topic because of all the Japanese movies being poorly remade by American film studios such as Ju-On: The grudge being remade as The Grudge, 'Ringu' trilogy being remade into 'the ring' trilogy (the ring 2 is due out soon). The reasoning behind it apparently is that many movie goers won't watch films that are subbed... personally i think this is a bit like the WWE arguement that Big men get over more than CW', if you push the CW's they would be popular too same with these movies, if they got a major release then they would be more popular, Hollywood just is not trying it. However recently Hero and House of flying daggers have both been given good publicity thanks to Quentin Tarantino's a band apart Studio and of course Croutching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Spirted away (to a lesser extent than CT,HD) have been big Oscar winners so maybe the tide is changing a bit (though CT,HD and Spirited away both had Dub tracks as well as Subbed versions).

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I have no problem watching Subtitled movies. Some of my favourite movies of the past few years like Infernal Affairs, Oldboy and Sympathy For Mr Vengeance have been subtitled, and it hasn't diminished the quality of the movie, or the performances, that are on screen. The Great Unwashed are never going to be happy watching a film with subtitles though, they go to the cinema to see explosions and fart jokes, not to read.
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It really depends on the film. If you were trying to convince me that a new film is really great, a must see and you describe it as a 'Japanese Lord of the Rings' I'd say no, simply because I have no interest in it or anything like it. If you recommended a Japanese re-make of say...'Dead End' then I'd make a big effort to see it.


I don't care if a film has subtitles, just that I find the subtitles appealing.

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Sympathy For Mr Vengeance have been subtitled' date=' and it hasn't diminished the quality of the movie, or the performances, that are on screen..[/quote']


Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance was absolutely brilliant!


I used to rent Jap movies all the time when I worked at Blockbuster, they're so good.


But yeh, I hate dubbed films, so if a film was dubbed it would be more likely to put me off. I love Das Boot, La Haine etc. Foreign films are brilliant, but they suck when they are dubbed. I mean Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon for instance was awful, but dubbed it was even worse (if thats possible, anyhow I didnt realise I could watch it in Mandarin with subtitles until afterwards).


Dubbing is bad. Subtitles are good.

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CTHD is one of my fave movies!!! although it is more for the visuals than the story... the fights in the tavern, the duel between Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh and the absolutely BEAUTIFUL treetop fight between Chow Yun Fat and Zhang Ziyi that you see in most of the trailers is amazing... and the ending always gets me going to *sobs* :(
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