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TNA Final Resolution PPV on The Wrestling Channel - This Sunday!


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3LK Vs Shane, Kazarian and Daniels

Skipper Vs Dutt

Dustin Rhodes Vs Kid Kash

Raven Vs Watts

Hardy Vs Hall with Piper as guest ref

AMW Vs Team Canada

Petey Williams Vs AJ Vs Sabin in an Ultimate X Match

Nash Vs Monty Brown Vs DDP

Jarrett Vs Winner of the three-way


Two brilliant matches on the card, lots of other good stuff too. Don't miss this show, TNA is pumping out some excellent PPVs lately and this is up there with the best.

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Yeah 6 week delay on TWC but its a vast improvement on the 6 months it was before. Great PPV, the Ultimate X is really something else. Amazing. I recommend watching but then I would, Im TWO Mr TNA 2004 so meh sue me.


Seriously folks, if just for Ultimate X , watch it. You wont be disappointed

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Yep twas a while back. If you have access to broadband theres always a chance you may find a torrent somewhere of it.


Personally i'll be watching, but Im really looking forward to Against All Odds on TWC. Also folks just a reminder, last iMPACT before FR tonight at 9pm on TWC, repeated tomorrow at 1pm

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