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Should Triple H lose his belt at Wrestlemania?

Guest Mandy

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Guest Jiminite
Triple H should loose the World title, as it is the main event and Batista is over with the fans. Even WWE (with Triple H's input of course) couldn't kill off of Batista's hype, could they? Triple H should then take a break at being the World champ and Orton could beat Batista around Bad Blood (if that's going to be a Raw PPV) time.
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Guest The Franchise
Indeed.Any of these men would be a great World champion:Edge,Orton,Batista,Christian,or Jericho again.Hell,I would even accept Hasaan as the World champion as long as HHH doesnt wear it again at least till 2006. :devil
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Guest voodoo
yes i do think that HHH should lose his title at mania however i think that Batista is not my number 1 choice for becoming the champion. i still think that he has not had enough time to develope properly as a face sice it was only a little bit before the rumble in january when it became apparent. i think i would prefer Y2J to be given another chance or maybe even benoit. anyway i can see HHH having the title again by summerslam anyway so it dont really matter who wins.
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Guest horsemansmiler
Nope. Batista isnt ready to be champion and Im pretty darned certain this will be one of the rare occasions we see a title retained in the Main Event and a heel win. Last heel win was 2001 when Austin turned mid match on Rocky to win the belt. Last retain was 2000 when Vince Screwed the Rock and HHH retained



basis of my point. Although batista is over at the minute what happens if u give him the title and he goes stale like orton? give it back to HHH id say let batista have a couple of shots then have sum1 new take title like jericho. I hate to say let HHH retain but the big man aint ready for that gold yet

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