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Which wrestlers do you like?


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Randy Orton

The Undertaker

John Cena


Mick Foley

The Rock (he's coming back soon)

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Brock Lesnar (he should come back)



Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho

Eddie Guerrero

Rey Mysterio


Well, they are the main ones that come out of the top of my head! :)

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wwe 4 eva why dont you just say all the faces in wwe cause thats basiccly who uve got and for my favourites

1-ric flair

2-gene snitsky

3-batista(ive liked him since janurary 2003)



6-juventud gurera

7-lol scot hall

8-ricky steamboat


10-mr aguila

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Edge, Sylvain Grenier, Christian, Triple H, Garrison Cade, Billy Kidman, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Paul London, Matt Morgan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Scotty 2 Hotty, Grandmaster Sexay, David Flair, Erik Watts, Raven, Maven, Al Snow, A-Train, Nunzio, Billy Gunn, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Harris, James Storm, Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Michael Shane, Primetime, Hector Garza, Mr Aguila, Abysmo Negro, Bobby Roode, Andy Douglas, Chase Stevens, Shock, Abyss, DDP, BG James, Steven Richards, Buff Bagwell, Goldberg, Sting, Sinn, David Young, Glen Gilberti, Pat Kenney, Legend, Mean Street Posse, Chris Jericho, Blue Meanie, Chief Morley, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Fabulous Rougeau Brothers and many many more.....
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A quick list of my top wrestlers of ALL time:

1) Y2J

2) Austin

3) Rock

4) Foley

5) Raven

6) AJ Styles

7) Rey Mysterio

8) Tazz

9) Tommy Dreamer

10) HHH

11) HBK

12) Hogan

13) Ric Flair

14) Stevie Richards

15) Sabu

16) Kurt Angle

17) Chris Benoit

18) Eddie Guerrero

19) Dean Malenko

20) Perry Saturn

21) Sandman

22) Batista

23) Christian

24) Undertaker

25) Shane McMahon

26) Kane

27) Lesnar

28) Randy Orton

29) Terry Funk

30) Rhyno

31) RVD

32) Bubba Dudley

33) D-Von Dudley

34) Steve "Sting" Borden

35) Hurricane Shane Helmz

36) Jerry Lynn

37) Mikey Whipwreck

38) Jeff Jarrett

39) Matt Hardy

40) Nunzio



Edited by JC
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Ok..Ill pick those out of both rosters I like...in no order



Randy Orton.

Chris Benoit.

Chris Jericho.

Shawn Michaels.


Shelton Benjamin

William Regal



Val Venis.


Matt Hardy.

Triple H..



Ric Flair..

Gene Snitsky


Mohammad Hassan

Trish Stratus.




The Undertaker.

The Big Show.

Eddy Guerrero.

Booker T.

Rob Van Dam.

Rey Mysterio.

Hardcore Holly.

Charlie Haas.

Chavo Guerrero.

Sho Funaki.

Paul London


Shannon Moore

Scotty 2 Hotty.

John B. Layfield.

Kurt Angle.

Luther Reigns

Mark Jindrak.

Rene Dupree

Billy Kidman.

Bubba Dudley.

Dvon Dudley.

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Im currently going through an extensive survey of my favourite wrestlers of all time which involves watching a lot of tapes and a lot of thinking about...expect a version in about 2-3 months time but such is the nature of the list it will always be changing
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My All Time Faveourites: (Not In Order)


1. Batista

2. Shelton Benjamin

3. Ric Flair

4. Triple H

5. Jeff Hardy

6. Charlie Haas

7. Edge

8. Mark Jindrak

9. Ron 'The Truth' Killings.

10. HBK, Shawn Michaels.

11. Y2J, Chris Jericho.

12. John Cena

13. Chris Benoit

14. Eddie Guerrero

15. Christian

16. Scotty 2 Hotty

17. Booker T

18. Shannon Moore

19. Rob Van Dam

20. Randy Orton

21. Matt Hardy

20. Rey Mysterio

21. JBL

22. Orlando Jordan

23. The Hurricane

24. Val Venis

25. Lita

26. Torrie Wilson

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Top 10




1) Triple H

2) Shawn Michaels

3) Randy Orton

4) Batista

5) Chris Jericho

6) Kane

7) Edge

8) Christian

9) Gene Snitsky

10) Eric Bischoff




1) Undertaker

2) Kurt Angle

3) JBL

4) Big Show

5) John Cena

6) Eddie Guerrero

7) Heidenreich

8) Booker T

9) Carlito

10) Dudley Boyz (when they are fresh, because they quickly become as stale as 4 year old bread each and every year)


All time:


1) Stone Cold Steve Austin

2) The Rock

3) Undertaker

4) Goldberg

5) Triple H

6) Brock Lesnar

7) Shawn Michaels

8) Mick Foley

9) Chris Jericho

10) Mr. McMahon


All in no order, apart from Austin.

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