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Funniest WrestleMania Video? ***RAW SPOILERS***


Which one?  

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  1. 1. Which one?

    • Eugene + William Regal
    • Triple H + Ric Flair
    • Eddie Guerrero + Booker T
    • Stacey Kiebler + Chris Benoit + Chris Jericho + Christian

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I found them all funny and I liked them all. But the one which made me laugh most was the Stacy Keibler one. When Christian was acting all weird and Chris Benoit did that "ridiculous look" lol :lol


And then at the end when Mae Young lifted her leg up... when she laughed it was funny!!! :lol :lol

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I really like most of them.


Funniest moment - Flair and the donkey. when he says Woo right in its face


Pulp Ficiton parody is pretty funny and I love Flair in the HHH one when he gets right in the donkeys face and gives a 'WOOO'. The Stacy Kiebler one is pretty good too, particualry christian

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i really want to say the Forrest Gump/Eugene and William Regal one as it was probably the most laugh out louud funny one but i'm going with the Basic instinct one


i say that's the worst one.i've seen that comercial so many times i just hate it now.

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i just seen the comecrial to many dam times.that's the main reason.first couple of times it was funny.after like 10 times i didn't care for it any more.they need to show the triple h one more often.


I'd have to agree with that assessment, it quickly got boring and the HHH one should have been shown more often, or even have one movie type trailer for each show per week.

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