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metel gear solid 3


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hey i dont know if there was a thread made on this game already so if there was feel free to shut this one down..


well i just wanted to say that this is without doubt the most awesomely brilliant game in the world i am not really a big games person but i just love playing this game its such a challange and makes you want to keep playing the graphics are just exceptioonal

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Awoke this morning at 8.30am to be in town for 8.45 to get in HMV at 9.00 when it opened. :) I managed to get the special sleeve copy of Snake Eater. Well chuffed.


Regards the game, I've been on it for a few hours now, the cut scenes are really repetative now, somewhat annoying in fact. I've played say three hours, about and hour or so of those three has been cut scenes, possibly more. Don't get me wrong, their amazing scenes but this is a game, not a movie as someone already mentioned.


The storyline is real in depth also, as were the other two. That in depth that at times you lose the plot due to the majority of names in the game being Russian. Still, it's a brilliant game none the less.

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I'm two hours in, so I've played the first pre credits section before things really get moving (for those who've played MGS2 think the tanker section, but not as much fun). The tactical elements introduced are interesting, operating without radar is a massive challenge and the eating and healing elements are cool. Although you're effectively doing nothing more than eating rations to heal yourself "performing surgery" adds a little element of realism.

I wouldn't judge the game based on these first two hours. There's a lot of story to get through, including one or two hints at elements of MGS2, and some terribly cheesy dialogue and gameplay wise it's effectively just a tutorial. Sons of Liberty definitely had the best beginning of the MGS games, but I'll just have to see what happens later on.

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I got the game yesterday not had much chance to play it because i've been real busy but all i can say is that Kojima has a great sense of humour.


The first time you see snake, i bet most hardcore MGS players went aaaggggggghhhh!


i'm going to go a little more in deph on his today and i'll post my views later.

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Much prefer this to SOL, the enviroments are fantastic.

Currently struggling to defeat the fear.


Not to keen on the whole surgery thing i hate having to do it during battle when your adrenaline is up.


Love that little upstart ocelot, just to think that he turned to revolvers because him his action more suited to it. Hopefully i'll have another battle with him later in the game.

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Well Kojimas taken the Metal gear series to a whole new level, this really is a fantastic game.


I've not completed it yes but everything is bigger and better.


Eneimies are more intelligent making the game rather tricky in spots.


Boss battles are on a whole new level. The battle with the fear took me many times to complete.

The battle with the End took me about 2 hours to finish.

the various battle with Volgin took me a few hours.


The FMV cut scences far from being to long are just fantastic, one near the end involving a bike chase is just straight out of hollywood, just fantatic.


Kojima also pokes fun at himself, just listen to the conversation Snake has with Major Zero whilst in the Russian majors uniform. The Major who looks much like a person from Sons of Liberty.



A note to anybody who gets stuck, the death pill is most usefull.

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you can complete the battle with the end (the sniper) in 10 minutes' date=' just save, reset and go to the PS2 options, move the clock forward a week and he dies of old age when you restart :D[/quote']



Well i did it the hard way and feel much better that way. :P

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