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It's your job 1 : JBL


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For a bit of fun (and due to some of the brilliant stories i have seen written here). Assume you work for the WWE and JBL has lost the title to Cena at Wrestlemania.


I want to see some intresting fueds/stories/booking for the next 6-12 months.


Dont put in "i hate JBL" or he is rubbish,it doesnt matter what you think,ITS YOUR JOB ,to keep him intresting for the stated time.Keeping it reasonable,and adding any background as needed


I know it will be tough i think JBL will struggle without the title but its only a bit of fun.


I cant start a thread like this without my own tale so here goes...


JBL has lost the title

Ron simmons returns and fueds with JBL and the cabinet.Lots of beer versus champagne type jibes,working class V Suits

They meet a few times at various low brow PPV's

JBL always gets the better of Simmons,with interferance from cabinet members.

The Bashams go to far and JBL starts to doubt his hate of Ron and starts to remember the good times in the Acolytes.

Autumn PPV JBL turns face and saves Ron from vicious beating from Bashams.

Acolytes reform and fued with Bashams till next year.


There you go not all that exciting but i have never done anything like this before,give it a go. :)

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Well, considering we expect JBL to take some time out after Mania for his family....but Ill ignore that and think of what Id do......


Id give him a rematch on Smackdown staright away and have Cena win again cleanly....

Maybe have JBL blame Orlando Jordan leading to a match at the next PPV

Have Orlando Jordan win that by maybe some bothced interference

A few weeks later have a match between him and Paul London on SD with JBL laughing at the ease of the match

JBL is beaten and totally tears Paul London apart

Leads to a mini fued to get Paul London over

At the PPV match they would have, the bashams interefere and despite all his efforts London cannot cope with 3 on 1

They hospitalise him

JBL laughs the next Smackdown at him and Kidman comes out and attacks him

Kidman v JBL that night and bashams come in again but London comes down for the save and beat them off

Next smackdown JBL is still angry so beats the crap out of Rey with the Bashams

Leads to a 6 man tag at the PPV - JBL and Bashams v Rey, Kidman, London

London gets a clean pin on JBL

JBL blames the Bashams

Bashams turn face by beating the crap out of him

then portray Bradshaw as a loner with no friends

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