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Finishing Move

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stonecold stunner becoz it looks good and ive seen a few go wrong ,in my opoin its better than randys rko

as for TODAY wrestlers i havent had much time to think about it , but the for now ill choose the batista bomb, ill have a good think and i tell u later

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Oh this is hard.....


Pedigree - Even though some guys dont take the bump as well as they should its still a great move


Five Star Splash - Still looks great no matter how many times you see it


Shooting Star Press - Always looks dangerous and who can ever forget Lesnar at WM19 nearly breaking his neck


Ankle Lock - One of the greats, Kurt Angle, with a Shamrock imitation but it always gets you going when he locks it in


619 - Rey is just so great to watch

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Five Star Frog Splash - looks awesome.

Swanton Bomb - looks awesome again, especially off the ladder.

Stone Cold Stunner - Genrally it's an ok move but i love it when it's given to The Rock or Shame McMahon just for there reaction.

3D - the best tag team move out there for me and most people.

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Ki Krusher '99 - Low Ki

Shooting Star Press - Paul London's or Liger's original version for me

Burning Hammer - Kenta Kobashi but Dan Maff's is quiet gruesome and realistic

Wrist Clutch Exploder - Jun Akiyama, Yuji Nagata or BJ Whitmer

Pepsi Plunge - CM Punk

Kop Killer/Kudo Driver/Vertibreaker - Shane Helms, Homicide


Best ones out there for me at the moment...

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i like the big test boot, some have looked good like some of hbk's sweet chin musics have look good,


but the evilest move is the dreaded PILEDRIVER (which i think vince has banned after all the injurys like stonecold and that other guy i cant remember is name?)

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Depends on the piledriver, depends on the people involved in the match. If bumped wrong or excuted wrong then the piledriver is a potentinally dangerous, career ending and maybe in some cases deadly move....


As is any move in reality, it only takes one slip up and its goodbye career or in some cases goodbye life without a wheelchair.


I once got a botched piledriver and all I got was a dislocated shoulder, I was lucky.

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1) The REAL Walls of Jericho.

2) Styles Clash

3) Sweet Chin Music


emmmm Also one thing, What is everyones big fasination with the Canadian Destroyer? Ok fair enough it looks cool, but once you realise it requires the other wrestler to flip himself over it really takes the shine off it IMO.

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To be fair that could apply to quite a few moves Jay C, its a point I agree with you with in some extent and lean towards Jacks point of "I prefer realistic moves over a move that takes two people". Personally I've always had a preference for D Lo's Frog Splash, The Sweet Chin Music/Stevie Kick, 450/shooting star and I really liked Regals neckbreaker (which moves name I always forget when I go to post on here.)
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Juvi Driver- Juvi Gurera


Ki Krusher- Low Ki


Spiral Tap(front flip 360 leg drop/senton)- AJ Styles(special maention for

Teddy Hart)


Hart Throb- Shooting Star Elbow Drop- Teddy Hart


Hart Throb II- Shooting Star Leg Drop- Teddy Hart


Stuntin' 101- Corkscrew 630(double senton but he starts off backwards)- Jack Evans


Styles Clash- AJ Styles


Tiger Driver '91- Misawa


Angel's Wings- Spinning Sitout Pedigree -Christopher Daniels


Firebird-450 Splash-Hayabusa


Phoenix- Corkscrew 450 Splash- Hayabusa


Sweet Chin Music- Shawn Michaels


London Calling- Shooting Star Press- Paul London


Infra-Red/Zero Gravity-Moonsault 540 to Senton- Amazing Red


Money Maker- Doulble Underhook Piledriver- Kid Kash


5* Frog Splash- Rob Van Dam


Van Terminator(the real one)- Springboard to other side of the ring dropkick into chair into face- Rob Van Dam


Diamond Cutter- DDP


Stroke- Jeff Jarrett


DDT- RaVen/Dreamer


Cut Throat Suplex- Mark Briscoe


Cradle Shock- Chris Sabin


Spin Doctor- Nova


Kryptonie Krunch- Nova

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Stevie Kick - Stevie Richards

Nova-caine - Nova

Tidal Wave - Nova & Chetti

Top rope Awesome Bomd - Mike Awesome

Expulsion of Sanity - ME

Hangman's Noose - ME too (sorry, couldn't resist)

Tazmission - Taz

Belly to belly - Shane Douglas

Prime time slam - Brian Lee

Whipersnapper - Mikey Whipwreck

DDT - Raven

5* - RVD

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