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WWE New Years Revolution 2005


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  • Elimination Chamber Match
    Triple H v Randy Orton v Batista v Chris Jericho v Chris Benoit v Edge
  • Intercontinental Title Match
    Shelton Benjamin v Maven
  • Kane v Snitsky
  • Tag Team Title Match
    Eugene & William Regal v Christian & Tyson Tomko
  • Women's Title Match
    Lita v Trish Stratus
  • Jerry Lawler v Muhammad Hassan

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I have this but disapointed with the undercard matches seemed like a one match ppv to me, and a Kane Snitsky rematch so 2 match ppv all the others were not that good and Lita Trish is spoiled by the injury to Lita.

I wouldn't buy this just download the mainevent off the internet search around I found it.

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