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If I won the Lottery I'd.....


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Be off to WrestleMania :worship


Buy a bgger house to be the home of my new 100" plasma screen for watching RAW and SD on. :thumbsup


Have a miniature Brands Hatch built for go kart racing in my back garden. :xyx


Have four 100 foot walls built to create a cube with no roof, and place a big bouncy castle at the bottom and line the walls with crash mats, so I could bounce off the walls when I wanted. :lol


Have an indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi built :)





Got it Spent :P

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Start a wrestling promotion


Buy a new house with my dream relax room - the Hard Rock Vault in Florida has this - dark room, countless leather chairs, sofas and footrests, loud rock music (mostly Hendrix), and a weird screen type thing at front (weird shapes and different screens etc) with computerised ambience lines etc, and hippie-fied graphics with the band artist's face appearing through them etc. Really relaxing and tranquil.


Get my mom out of debt.


Buy my best girl mate the four poster bed she wants.

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Pay for my Nan to go to a clinic in America for the special treatment she needs on her liver.

Pay for my friends brother whos got M.E to go on his dream safari with all the medical help he needs.

Buy the special needs school I work at the new equiptment they are so desperate for

Get my soon to be ex-in-laws out of debt.

Find my real dad.

Put myself through an intense driving course and pass my test, buy a silver new mini convertable.

Buy a house/or build one.

Buy horses again.

Take my kids to Disney Land.



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Erm I'd give a lot to charity, pay off any debts I have, and my rents morgage, and get my dad a little studio for the house. I'd then go by myself a big house with a pool, and music rooms, state of the art and all that. I'd buy myself a summer house too in somewhere exotic. And I'd buy lots of CD's and DVD's, buy my sis a mini, get myself a decent car too, and go a giant all expense paid for trip with my mates to a festival, loads of alcohol, backstage passes, helicoptered there, the works.


And that's just for starters...

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Hmmm. Once I paid off all my families debts, including my dumbass brothers univerisity fees, top of the list would be a slick apartment in either London or New York. Then I'd travel the world, doing nothing but writing and chilling out. Thats pretty much all I want. Apart from the obvious of a killer wardrobe and a cool car.
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Lets see, I'd pay off all the family debts, just to make everyone feel a bit better.

Then I could start having some fun.


I'd get my dad a car, I would have gotton myself one but I dont drive. So I'd pay for driving lessons actually.


Then I'd take my mum on a cruise like she's always wanted, I'd stop off at Japan and leave her on it. I'd love to visit Japan. Then fly first class to New York and next Canada.


I'd pay for my brtoher's Uni fees, or at least give him a comfertable 20 grand to see him through the next 3 and a half years.


I'd pay Jude Law to go for a drink with me because he's gorgeous. (What, I can say that.)


I'd buy myself a solid gold football and then realise I've wasted my money.


And I'd get myself a computer, and not have to share this machine with the family.


Also I'd pay for tickets to a WrestleMania for me and all my mates, including a fancy hotel to stay.


Get a Utd season ticket for me and my dad.


Pay Drowning Pool to have a concert in my house for one night, and invite everyone.


Subscribe to TWO, only pay twice, just because I could. And my special name would be 'Millionare'


Then I'd have a spending spree in London, and take Jayden with me because I'd need someone to carry all my stuff. No, I'd give him a bit of cash for himself. Well, how else is he gonna get home?


Oh, and I'd spend however much on a guitar signed by Green Day's Billy Joe for Taki.


And then stick whatever was left in the bank for the next day.

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It obviously depends on how much i won, but the first thing i would do is pay off my mums mortgage as its HUGE! After that the main priority would be settling all debts have incurred (we being the immediate family), then it would be on to sorting myself out for the future. Buying a house somewhere quiet, owning just one car but making sure i have enough room for more. Obviously setting up my own Basketball court would be an idea, but before that i would pay for a trip to the US to see the Jets play, then on to Chicago to see the Bulls.
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Quit my job (and tell my boss where to stick it - hey, I won't be needing a reference from the witch!).

Start a publishing company publishing my comics.

Be a pro wrestler (if no-one else will, I can pay myself!)

Buy a house, pay off my debts and my girlfriend's as well.

Finance my girlfriend starting her own bar (she's always wanted to).

And p*ss a lot up the wall, obviously! :lol

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Firstly I'd run around like a headless chicken


Then once I'd calmed down I'd start spending like a maniac!


Getting rid of family debts would be a priority, then I'd buy a bigger house, preferably Georgian (love the clean, minimalist style) with stables and land, have a TVR built to my own specifications, hire a tutor for the children and have all of us spend at least a year travelling the world, then come home and settle down to quietly breeding horses and playing polo again. I'd stuff the Law degree and study as many languages as I could, I'd love to be a translator, poor pay, but I love languages, so muchos job satisfaction! I'd also like to set up a trust for school-kids, there are a number of kiddies around here who can't afford to go on school trips or do out-of-school activities like, for example, Tae Kwon Doe or basketball, but would like to, so I would like to establish some kind of self-sufficient fund for that, I'm off to buy a ticket!!

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