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TWOStars - Xtreme TV 24th Febuary


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The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and storylines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects.


Rather than cutting to the expected opening sequence we cut to a shot outside the building. We're viewing the car-park entrance from across the street. It has one of those yellow arms to block cars and a box on the driver's side into which they can put their cardboard pass to gain access. At the bottom of the screen is flashing the legend "This Morning".


A mid-sized soft top car pulls into view and parks next to the box. Remember, this is all viewed from across the street at some distance from behind the car. A hand reaches through the window, proffering a card at the box. It doesn't quite reach though. The reversing lights come on and the car backs up before pulling in closer to the box. The hand appears again and this time can reach the box. The camera zooms in more closely and we see that this person seems to have rather poor aim the card bends and then pings into the air before landing on the floor, slightly under the car.


A muffled curse is heard and the driver's door is opened. Alas, the car is now parked far too close to the box and one loud clang later and said driver's door has a dent in it. There's a slight rocking motion and the passenger's door is tried. Again, a clang and a dent.


Another rocking motion and Acid Christ is seen leaning out of the driver's window, stretching to try to grab the errant card. He's reaching, he's reaching, he's overbalancing... His chin hits the bottom of the car door and his feet tear through the car's soft roof fabric. More muffled curses are heard as he strains his way back in through the window.


The brake lights shine anew and the car backs up ever so slightly in order that the door may be opened. The door duly does open and Acid Christ exits the vehicle rubbing his grazed chin. He bends down and grabs the ticket. As the camera zooms in we can see that, unfortunately, the ticket is now caught beneath the wheel of his car. There's enough there for Acid to gain a grip so he's soon pulling with all his might. At last the card comes free but Acid seems unprepared for this eventuality and flies backwards, knocking his head on the wall as he lands.


He gets to his feet, rubs at his tender head and jaw and then holds the card aloft in triumph. Well, he holds half the card aloft in triumph.


He looks left, looks right and takes to his heels, fleeing down the block at great speed.


'Carve me an Edge' starts to play as the TWOStars-Xtreme TV opening sequence begins. After the sequence ends the view turns into the entrance ramp of the XTV set. A frantic fireworks display drowns out even the screaming fans in the arena.


Micheal Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the second episode of TWOStars Xtreme TV! We're coming to you live from the sold out Scope Arena in beautiful Norfolk, Virginia! Alongside me, my broadcast colleague, Tazz!


Tazz: The place is jam-packed tonight, Cole - the place is rockin' but what was that we saw earlier?


MC: Acid Christ, our World Champion, getting to the arena early this morning but seeming to have trouble gaining entry. Is he even here yet? Ah, the producer's telling me that no one's seen him yet... We'll keep you updated on that should we hear anything.


Tazz: But anyway, after last week's rocket-busta of a debut show TWOStars is pulling out allll the stops tonight baby!


MC: That's right. Several new TWO Superstars making their debuts tonight - you're not going to want to miss this!


Cuts to TWOStars - Live Experience! video.

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In the back standing in front of TWOS! Banner, Todd Grisham is in the company of TWOS! Newcomer Draiman.


Todd Grisham: Right now I‘m joined by Draiman, and I‘d like to know. What are your goals and aspirations for the coming months here in TWOS?


Draiman: Well, my goals and as you so wonderfully put it, my aspirations! are simple. I just wanna make friends and help out as many people as possible *big smile*


Todd Grisham: With all due respect Draiman, that’s kind of a relaxed attitude to have


Draiman: Are you saying you respect me?


Todd Grisham: Well……that’s not really what I mea……… *Draiman cuts him off*


Draiman: So you don’t respect me?


Todd Grisham: I….I…I……


Draiman: No worries, why WOULD you respect me? After all we haven’t even shook hands yet. *holds out hand*


Todd looks worried and hesitantly shakes the awaiting hand of Draiman


Draiman: See, now we can talk about respect. You shook my hand like a man, and THAT I can respect! I like you Todd, I’d like to offer you my friendship. And I’m going to assume, that you’ll accept my offer. So my first bond here in TWOS has been made.

Friends help each other out Todd, Keep that in mind!


With that, Draiman gives Todd a big smile, and walks away.


Cut to TWOS! ‘Don’t try this at home promo’

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Tazz: Well Cole, this crowd is fired-up and ready for some action. I can tell you we have got some great matches for you tonight.

Michael Cole: That's right Tazz. The new era of TWO Stars! is really getting going... Wait, we have a camera in the parking lot backstage.


The Arena VIP Parking Lot


A white/blue Ford GT slowly pulls up in the arena parking lot. The driver (who can only be seen as a silhouette) revs the engine a few times and then stops the car.


Tazz: Who is in that veeerrry nice car Cole?

Michael Cole: I have no idea Tazz, but I think we will find out soon.


The driver side door opens and we see the back of the man. He is wearing a black suit and has his long brown hair with blue and green highlights tied in a pony tail. With his back to the camera, the man closes the door and walks off towards the backstage area. As he goes through the parking lot door, the headlights flash as the doors to the car lock.


The scene fades...

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to a shot of the utility entrance of the arena. The camera focus to outside, everything is still and quite. Suddenly the roar of a high performance engine rips through the air. A pair of headlights can now be seen fast approaching. The engine gets revved harder and harder and the lights approach faster and faster. Finally the car nears the entrance and goes into a full on power slide. The car then comes to a screeching halt feet from the entrance. As the building lights reflect off the car its features show to be smooth and aggressive, a style associated with only high end sports cars, this was Ferrari.


Tazz: Who the hell is dat?!?

Cole: Who ever it is almost killed them selves out there!


The door on the passenger side of the car shoots up, and out steps a reasonably tall man. The man stands straight, brushes off his crisp suit, and starts to walk to the opposite side of the Ferrari. He opens the door, and out steps a beautifully proportioned curvaceous woman. After helping the women to her feet, the man goes to the front of the car, pops open the hood (which is the trunk of a Ferrari), and pulls out to traveling bags. Holding both bags in one hand, he starts to walk arm in arm with the women. As the figures become more apparent, the man turns out to be Mickhail Mills, accompanied by Veronica.


Cole: That’s the new debuting super star Mickhail Mills! He’s facing off with Acid Christ for the championship tonight!


Tazz: Forget the championship; by the looks of it he’s already won a valuable prize!


Cole: That is a nice car.


Tazz: Who’s talkin’ about da car?


Mills, with a cocky smirk gracing his lips, tosses his keys to a road crew member walking by him. The crew member freezes with is shock clearly on his face.


Mills: Put it in a good spot. Or, take it for a spin; just make sure the tank is full when I get it back.


The crew member smiles from ear to ear and half runs half jumps his way to the car. Mickhail smiles while watching him. He then notices another crew member near. Mickhail tosses him the two bags.


Mills: Follow us; you just might get to meet my friend Mister Benjamin.


The crew member obliges and carries the bags while following Sean and Veronica. The two walk with pride and in stride until they come to a door marked “Mickhail Mills”. Mickhail opens the door and walks into a dressing room lavishly set up.


Mills: It’s okay. What do ya think Vee?


Veronica: It’s nice. But next week after you beat Acid Christ for the title, it should be even better.


Mickhail smiles at this comment. He then turns and notices the crew member is still there.


Mills: Just drop them. Here.


After the roadie drops the bags, Mickhail offers him a bill, the man takes it smiling, but quickly frowns as soon as he looked at it.


Roadie: What the hell, a buck? You said a hundred dollars.


Mills: I said you will get to meet my friend Mister Bemjamin, well, here he is.


A large imposing man walks behind the crew member, lifts him into the air, turns, and then tosses him at the opposite wall as Mickhail watches with glee. “Mister Benjamin” then drags away the unconscious body of the roadie. Mickhail and Veronica give one last laugh as they close the door.


Cole: Oh my god! The poor man just got demolished by Mickhail's bodyguard!!

Tazz: Whoa, he dropped like a sack of potatoes! That Benjamin dude doesn't play around!

Cole: But what about the attitude of Mickhail Mills, an arrogant punk if you ask me.

Tazz: Careful girl pants, do you want him sicking Benjamin on you!


The screen the cuts to commercial.



(Out of character: I added to more characters, Mickhail's manager/girlfriend Veronica and bodygaurd/muscle Benjamin Black. The profile thread is closed so they will be added later.)

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Back at ringside with Tazz and Micheal Cole


M.C - Right Tazz we are back at ringside for the debut of "The Million Dollar Man" Christopher Eagles


Tazz - Thats right Cole MDM has come to TWOstars to make money as he said last week


Cole - what kind of match will we see from MDM then Tazz


Tazz - Well Cole from what i heard MDM is a very good wrestler and will bring alot to TWOstars


Cole - WHAT !! did he pay you to say that Tazz


Tazz - Umm ........... No


Cole - Yeah right, ok lets go to the ring and Tony Chimmel


Chimmel - This match is schuled for one fall,

In the ring at the moment weighting in at 150lbs from Doncaster, England

Here is Wayne Fisher


Cole - So Tazz MDM makes his debut againist a unknown rookie


Tazz - Well Cole you have to start somewhere


The lights turn green a big $ sign comes in the big screen and Get The Money starts to play.


Chimmel - And his opponent from New York City weighing in at 268lbs,

He is "The Million Dollar Man Christopher Eagles,


The camera's move to the enterance way as MDM comes down to the ring with money in hand


Cole - Look Tazz he's teasing the fan's with that money by pulling it away from them


Tazz - He's just have fun Cole something you need to do


(in ring) - MDM take's the mic off Chimmel and walk's up to Wayne Fisher and start's to talk to him


MDM - Let me make you a offer you cant refuse, If you liedown and let me win i will pay you $10,000


Wayne look's at the money and think's about it before dropping to the mat,


MDM starts to laugh then cover's Wayne Fisher as the ref start's to count













Chimmel - And the winner of the match "The Million Dollar Man" Christopher Eagles



MDM starts to laugh again as the ref holds his arm up in victory


Cole - I cant believe he let him win Tazz


Tazz - Let's put it this way as MDM said last week everybody has a price


Cole - We'll be back after this break




Cuts to last week's opening when Darkstar told the world TWOstars is back.....

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From adverts


Cut to a scene of the Chav walking determinedly into Darkstar’s office


The Chav immediately points at Darkstar “Yo’, Mo’ Fo… you promised the greatest legend ever the chance to play AC at the wrestling game innit, yo’ proved to me you is a liar and a cheat!”


Darkstar looks up from his crossword puzzle “What the hell are you talking about this time scumbag?”


“Yo’ played the Chav, yo’ said that me gets the title shot, now some honky dink no-one gets to play the grandpa… you pulled outta a deal old man and yo’ gonna pay!”


Darkstar ponders for a second, then it clicks what the Burberry capped one is on about.


“Ahhh,” Darkstar rises out of his chair “Let’s you and me get one thing straight, you have your championships spot except….” You can see that Darkstar is obviously thinking “…Except you are under review, due to the incident with Jordi Warner’s Motorbike!”


“Whoa whoa whoa!” the Chav looks genuinely shocked “ Warner is a p***k, but the Chav would not mess with him in his role, you keep keen the man with the green!”


“Either way Chav, Warner has insisted that you be suspended for that incident, I’ve had to settle to delay your title shot until I am able to prove that you had nothing to do with that incident!”


“That Gothic C*** will cry, now he messes with me!” With that, the Chav storms out of Darkstar’s office, leaving Darkstar looking smug and self-satisfied.


“That’s it Chav, you deal with Jordi Warner… saves me so much trouble!”


The crowd boo at Darkstar and lead into a Brian Damage promo.

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Vinnie Vengeance Segment




MC: Well Tazz, we just saw want went down in the office between Darkstar and The Chav. It seems that The Chav will still get his shot at the title but is under review because of the apparent part he played in the destroying of our producer, Jordi Warner's bike last week on TWOstars Xtreme TV.


TAZZ: Thats right Cole. I don't know how much The Chav had to do with that, but from what I saw, that was all the doing of Vengeance.




MC: In any event, Vinnie Vingeance is not here tonight as he's still in NYC being held by the local PD in question of damage to personal property. But we are being joined now by Vengeance's personal legal representive by satellite from NYC.




MC: Good evening Mr Sharpe, could you please clarify the current situation involving your client, Vinnie Vengeance?


SHARPE: Good evening Michael. Mr Vengeance is still being questioned here in NYC regarding the incident and no verdict has been reached as of now.


MC: So when can we expect to see Vinnie Vengeance back on Xtreme TV?


SHARPE: We are working on that right now, but it seems as long as my client claims responsibility and pays for the loss incurred by Mr Warner, Mr Vengeance will return next week.


MC: Can you tell us anymore on this situation?


SHARPE: After speaking to my client earlier, Mr Vengeance wants to make it clear that he is "in deep regret of his actions last week and will seek to rectify the situation with Mr Warner."


MC: Thankyou Mr Sharpe.


SHARPE: Thankyou Michael.




MC: Want's to "rectify" the situation!? Gimmee a break! Warner needs to watch his back next week Tazz if Vengeance returns.


TAZZ: For once Cole, you may be right. But Vegeance put himself in that situation, and when you mess with authority, your not gonna get far in TWOstars. Nonetheless, all will become clear next week.



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We cut from highlights of Brett Banner's last match to the man himself, standing backstage with Josh Matthews.


Josh Matthews: I'm backstage with Brett Banner, who as you just saw, challenged the champion Acid Christ last week.

Brett, how do you feel about the outcome of last week's match?

Brett Banner: "Brett"? Are we on first name terms now, Mr Matthews? I--

JM:Sorry, I didn't mean--

BB:*tilts his head a little to the side as if puzzled* And now you interupt me as well? I wouldn't push your luck - it's been well documented that you're not "Tough Enough" so pipe down, sparky.

As I was trying to say, I'm sure you have a damn good idea how I feel. I lost. I've been happier.

But I'll tell you what I have a real problem with. I lost by a fluke - anyone with eyes can tell you that.

But what do I get this week?

A rematch? A chance to prove myself again? Set the record straight that Acid Christ does not deserve to be holding that belt right now? To prove to everyone that he won through blind luck, not ability?

No, I get buried in the midcard in a match up with a kid who'd just as happily smash me over the head with a bin lid or a bottle as try to wrestle me. A backyard, garbage wrestling idiot. A wannabe trying to play with the big boys and make a name for himself at my expense.

Well I'm not about to let that happen. I'm done talking. Just watch. Watch and see what I can do, what I'm capable of. What I'll put this boy through tonight.

And he'll be powerless to stop me. Not skilled enough to prevent me dismantling him and breaking his little dreams.

Sad...but true.


Banner pauses for a second to stare out Josh, who once again does not look too comfortable making eye contact with Brett Banner's cold, unfeeling eyes.

Then Banner turns on his heel and leaves the shot, with Josh looking shaken.


Michael Cole: *voiceover* Looks as if Brett Banner is out to prove a point tonight and not let us forget why he's called "brutal"!

Tazz: I wouldn't want to be WelshScouser, Cole! He's sure got his work cut out for him tonight!


Cut to adverts.

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Comes back from adverts to Josh Matthews back stage, he stands in place one side of a backstage screen, opposite him are The Incredible Holt and Tom The Disciple Trash.


JM: Fans welcome back to TWOstars, I'm here backstage with The Incredible Holt and Tom "The Disciple" Trash to discuss last weeks shocking post match events. Trash we saw last week we saw The Incredible Holt make his in ring debut, we saw him destroy Speedqueen and then unrelenting he continued to attack despite a show of remorse from you. Remorse that by the looiks of the following footage may have indeed been false.



Trash goes to talk, but the camera zooms to capture the entire screen.



Now full screen we see Trash and TIH walking backstage, a graphic - LAST WEEK is displayed in the top right hand corner.


Trash: Great work out there Incredible, you put that freak out of action for a long time, we won't be seeing any trouble for a long time after that display. Even the fans bought my act. The whole Owen Hart Survivor Series 1994 stuff.


TIH: Grunts, clenching his fists


Trash: I can't believe the stupidity of those dumb fans, like hell I cared one iota about that little freak and his injuries. I bet that Warner is going to go out there next week, make an apology to the fans suspend you indefinately talk the big man role. Then he'll just have to feel the pain of the Incrediplex for himself.


TIH again is kneading his fist into his palm. The look on his face shows hoe the thought of delivering pain gives him great pleasure.


As they walk Trash barges into a backstage crew member (probably some local indy kid)


Trash: Can't you look where you are walking you schmuck!


Stagehand: Um, Uh, Hmmm, Uh


Trash: I haven't got time to hear from babbeling $5.00 an hour pieces of crap like you, Incredible you fancy dealing with this?


Without a word said, TIH nods and grabs the throat of the stagehand. After a swift forearm to the gut by Trash, TIH picks up the stagehand and Incrediplex's the stagehand through a set up table that had been in the background. The stagehands body contorts in pain before just lying still. Trash and TIH walkaway as the camera stays on the stagehand.




JM: So Trash can you explain your actions


Trash grabs the mic from Josh


Trash: I don't have to explain anything to you, little cheap suit wearing piece of crap that you are. Now hit the road before the Incredible gets told its feeding time at the zoo.


JM looking panicked flees the scene, the camera follows to see him looking back, running straight into a food cart, covering himself in the process. The camera tries to stay on JM before being dragged back by Trash who now has the mic in his hand and is close up to the camera.


Trash: Now here this idiot fans of TWO and anyone in the Locker Room who is stupid enough not to have seen last week. This is the Incredible Holt a man so filled with rage that he broke a man's neck and spine in four places last week just for telling him green was so last season. This man has the most devasting finisher in world wrestling today and as that idiot found out last week backstage, it will be used whenever I say. So hear this TWOstars, The Incredible Holt is here and whether you like it or not, he will be wearing that title belt around his waist the moment he gets the chance at a title shot.


Camera is moved by Trash to focus on TIH who stands there fist in palm staring the camera down.


Cut to TWOstars safety promo

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We cut to the ring and Chris The Incredible Holt walks through the curtain to the sound of Mark B and Blade-You Dont see the Signs as the Disciple, Tom Trash follows him. Both men dressed to wrestle as the crowd reigns down a chorus of boos on them.


Tazz-Well these fans here are booing these guys Cole, but when you look at this match on paper, you have to believe its going to be a whitewash


Cole-It will indeed be a tall task Tazz for the Unstoppable one, the odds seemingly stacked against him.


Chimmel-The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a handicap match. int he ring first, from London England, he weighs in at 297 pounds, he is Chris "The Incredible" Holt. And his tag team partner also in the ring from Manchester, Englad, he weighs in at 187 pounds, he is Tom, The Disciple, Trash.


The pyros go off almost like an explosion on the stage as the Unstoppable One runs out onto the stage, he looks at the fans before staring in the ring. He walks down the ramp and starts to walk round the ring while taking his coat off never moving his eyes from the ring.


Chimmel- And their opponent from Memphis, Tennessee, he weighs in at 252 pounds, he is the Unstoppable One...Brian Dammage.


Dammage slides into the ring as both Trash and Holt start to stomp the mudhole on Dammage. They lift him up and shoot him into the ropes as they then lift him up and slam him down face first in a Flapjack type maneuvre. They each individually hit elbows to the chest of Dammage as they both then taunt the crowd who boo them yet again.


Cole-An arrogant start to this match Tazz.


Tazz- Arrogant? Are you outta ya mind Cole, theyve completely dominated the early part of this match.


Trash steps out onto the apron as Holt then stomps away at the arm and shoulder of Dammage. Dammage clutches to his shoulder with his other arm as Chris Holt locks in an armbar as he then makes a tag to Trash who flips over the rope and lands with a leglock on the arm of Dammage. Dammage struggles to his feet as Trash waits on the 2nd rope for him. Dammage walks over and hits a punch to the face of Trash. He goes for another but Trash grabs the arm and climbs to the top rope taking Dammage with him. He kicks Dammage in the gut thenas they each stand on the top rope either side of the turnbuckle. Trash jumps to the mat and takes Dammage with him by his armand armdragging him from the top rope. Dammage clutches his arm close to his chest as he rolls over in agony to the other side of the ring as Trash then tags Holt back in


Cole-Somebody stop this torment already, theyre close to seperating his shoulder or even breaking his arm tazz.


Tazz-Well Cole once you're in that ring, you're fair game, and Holt and Trash have been making the most of that with seemingly a pre-planned gameplan here


Holt runs over and dropkicks Dammage in the face then pulls him away from the ropes and makes a cover...1...2...kickout.

He picks up Dammage and kicks him in the gut and locks in a wristlock. Dammage tries to reverse it but Holt manages to raise the arm and lock in the top wristlock, extending the arm and shoulder of Dammage putting more pressure onto his shoulder. Holt shoots Dammage into the ropes, he goes for a clothesline but Dammage ducks under, looking to build up speed to hit Holt and regain the advantage but as he bounces off the ropes again he is met with a knee to the back from Trash. Dammage stops and clubs Trash knocking him down from the apron but Holt then clubs the back of the neck of Dammage then pulls him away from the ropes and suplexes him onto the top rope. Dammage falls to his feet on the apron the other side of the ropes. Trash gets back up and tags in as Holt and Trash then wrap Dammages arm in the ropes. They then smirk and look at each other as they grab him by the head and throw him back in the ring with his arm trapped in the ropes. Dammage screams out in pain, his arm still caught as he writhes around trying to get it free.


Cole-What an absolute disgrace this is turning out to be. I wouldnt be suprised at all if they'd just permanantly injured Dammage there.


Tazz-Thats what I call innovative Cole. They already had the advantage and they capitalised on the opening.


Trash stomps away on the arm as Holt talks with the ref. Trash then frees the arm of Dammage from the ropes as Holt then pulls Dammage and makes another cover....1...2.....Foot on the rope. Dammage didnt have the strength to get the shoulder up so he put his foot on the bottom rope


Tazz-I was almost certain that was 3.


Cole-Great ring awareness by Brian Dammage


The crowd start to stomp their feet as Dammage htis the canvas with his fist. Holt stalks Dammage as he makes his way to his feet. Dammage turns around and Holt tries to kick him in the gut again with a Toe Kick. Dammage grabs the leg and swings around Holt, as holt turns around again hes knocked down by a big right hand from Dammage. Dammage again waits for Holt who gets to his feet and is met with a clothesline. Trash runs in but Trash is met by a boot clothesline aswell. Holt runs back at Brian again but is hit with a Manhattan drop, trash then charges at Dammage but gets pushed to the mat. Dammage goes to the corner as Holt gets to his feet. He stomps on the mat as the crowd get pumped up. A few more stomps then he squats down in the corner. As Holt just turns round Dammage storms forward ready to hit the spear but Trash grabs the leg of Holt and pulls him out of the way as Dammage flies into the ringpost and out of the ring to the floor, clutching at his shoulder which if not injured before, was surely now after connecting with the steel of the ringpost.


Cole- Oh my god tazz, did you see that, I think we may need some EMT's out here to see to Brian Dammage, he looks to be hurt


Tazz-Amazing work by The Disciple there Michael Cole, he knew his sensei was about to be hit with that spear and he took him out of the danger zone.


The referee starts to count as Dammage rolls around in pain. Trash and Holt take a moment to recuperate. The ref makes it to 8 before Dammage gets to the apron and just under the rope. Trash and Holt look at each other as they roll Dammage in and pick him up. They hit the double snap suplex on Dammage as Trash points to the corner. Holt holds the legs of Brian as Tom Trash ascends to the top. Just as hes about to fly, Dammage kicks out at Holt who flies backwards into the ropes, crotching Trash on the top rope. Holt goes for Dammage and tries to lock in a Boston Crab but Dammage grabs the legs of Holt and slingshots him into headfirst into the corner Trash was sitting in. Trash gives a look of severe pain and discomfort as he drops down to the mat and rolls out of the ring.Holt stumbles a little backwards and Dammage makes the rollup......1.......2.....Kickout.


Both men get to their feet as they then trade blows. Holt gets the advantage and backs up Dammage into the corner. he firs off with right hands to the forehead of Dammage. He then chops Dammage across the chest a couple of times. Dammage grabs holt by the throat and turns it around with Holt now in the corner. he then hits a few chops of his own to the chest of Holt. He steps backward and then runs at Holt who hits a backelbow to the jaw of Brian. Brian stumbles around as Chris then takes him down with a clothesline. Trash at this point comes back in and without tagging just comes in and stomps away on Dammage. The ref tries to get Trash out of the ring while Holt chokes the life out of Dammage. When the ref turns back Holt makes a cover...1....2.Kickout


Tazz-The numbers game seems to be catching up with the Unstoppable One


Holt signals something to Trash who drops down from the apron and crawls under the ring. Holt then picks up Dammage and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. He runs but is caught with a boot to the face. Holt stumbles backwards he turns around and Dammage hits the Spear, but it seems to have done Dammage just as much damage as he clutches at his shoulder again. He finally manages to crawl and drop to his back onto Chris Holt....1.....2.....What the, Trash just threw a Trash can in the face of Dammage, knocking him clean out. The ref points to the timekeeper who rings the bell and calls for a Disqualification


Tazz-That was it Cole, that was the Trashmouth


Cole-That was nothing more than a cheap way to avoid Holt being pinned in the middle of that ring

Tazz-That was a thing of beauty Cole, I have no idea whatchu talkin about.


The Winner Via Disqualification-Brian Dammage


Holt and Trash walk to the back with a smug look on their faces as Dammage lays in the ring seemingly out cold as we cut to a TWOStarsLive Advert

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Jimmy Redman is standing by with Josh Mathews


Josh: Jimmy, you specifically requested this interview, could you please te..


(Jimmy grabs the mic, and looks peeved doing it)


Jimmy: Yes Josh. Im here to address this...issue thats been bothering me. Vinnie Vengeance. Last week, that maniac tied me to the barrier, and gave the the beating of a lifetime. Im lucky to be here tonight. And not only does he brutalise me, he steals Warner's bike, and smashes it into the car of Acid Christ, our champion. I dont know what the hell he's playing at, but he's got a thing or two to learn. And the first? You dont cross the Prototype. He made that mistake once, and yeah he got away with it last week, but it wont happen again. So Vengeance? Im challenging you to a match, out there in that ring (points), next week. If you think you can cross the Prototype again, you just dare step into the ring with me. You've been warned, Scoot.


(Jimmy stares first into the camera, and then back at a surprised Josh, plunks the mic in his hands, and walks away. camera focuses on the Prototype's retreating back)



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We return from the commercial break to another shot from outside the arena, across the street and looking at the abandoned rental vehicle left there by Acid Christ earlier in the day. On the screen, in the corner, is the "Moments Ago" graphic. There is a bemused Budget-rent-a-car employee (recognisable due to his uniform being emblazoned with the words "Budget Rent-a-car") walking around the vehicle, looking at the damage and talking animatedly into a mobile phone.


Cuts to next segment.

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Next match


Announcer: Weighing in at 220lbs from Little Rock Arkansas MATT STARFIGHTER


Cannibis 2nd Round knockout starts.


TAZZ: Its him


Dominator comes out to a loudish pop.


Announcer: Weighing in at 295lbs he is from Detroit Michigan DOMINATOR


He walks down the ramp and climbs the steps and gets into the ring.


MC: look at size of this guy.


TAZZ: The guy is freakin huge.


he gets right in the face of Starfighter. Starfighter slaps him in the face, Dominator proceeds to punch him repeatedly then throwing him into the corner then launches him to the other side the guy walks out of the corner right into a belly to belly.


Tazz: what a belly to belly that was.


Then Dominator picks up MATT and gives him a release german suplex


MC: What a German


Tazz: Yeah brutal german right there SUPERB.


Dominator throws him into the ropes


MC: Oh picks him up for a Spine...


Tazz: No MATT reversed it into a beautiful Tornado DDT.


MATT goes for the cover


MC: dominator kicks out on 1.


MATT goes for a running closeline, but Dominator ducks


TAZZ: AAAHHHHH stunning wheelbarrow suplex great pop of the hips, ya know Cole I used to do that move, thatguy knows taste.


Mc: Okay


Dominator throws MATT into the ropes


MC: What a Spinebuster that was just Raw power


TAZZ: Exactly Cole


Dominator picks him up in the suplex position and turns it into a Diamond cutter


Tazz: WHAT A MOVE! what the hell was that?


MC: I believe he calls that the Death Drop.


TAZZ: This one is over


Dominator goes for the cover


MC: 1.....2....


TAZZ: Why the hell did Dominator just get up.


Dominator starts to climb the turnbuckle


MC:What the hell is this?


TAZZ: I dontknow but I wouldnt have done this.


Dominator does a beautiful Shooting Star Press.


TAZZ: OH MY GOD I have never seen someone that big execute a move like that to such perfection.


MC: Truly unbeilevable


TAZZ: 1....2....3 This one is over and this guy Dominator just destroyed this kid


MC: That guy is just a raw animal


Tazz: I think you better remember the name Dominator.


Dominator leaves the ring and arena to Loud cheers.

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Come back just as Bartender and the Thief starts blaring out across the arena.


Cole. Welcome back folks, it's been a great night so far, and it looks like it's about to get even better. This WelshScouser is a real oddity and Tazz, he's got a real battle on his hands tonight


Tazz: Thats right Cole, Welshy's known to take risks but I think he's taking a risk to far just by coming out tonight and taking on this monster Brett Banner. The physical difference between these two superstars is mind boggling and I for one think it'll be a miracle if this kid leaves here without medical assistance.


The following match is scheduled for ONE fall. Making his way to the ring, weighing in, at 149 pounds. Weeeelsh SCOUSer.


WelshScouser appears, obviously pumped up, jumping around and running to the fans. He then sprints into the ring and leaps onto the second turnbuckle, playing to the crowd who are cheering him loudly.


Cole: The crowd going wild here for Welshscouser, a huge fan favourite thanks to his unique style and no fear attitude. He's pumped up for this one and he's gonna have to be to chop down this giant. And what about Banners comments earlier tonight partner, Calling Welsh nothing but a wannabe, a backyard wrestler who doesn't belong in the ring with him.


Tazz: You know Banner has a point Cole, Banner is a prime, physical specimen. A respected veteren. Welsh is just a kid who makes a name for himself by smashing garbage cans over his head. He's an idiot Cole, he doesnt deserve to be in the same ring as a respected athlete as Banner


Cole: Well that may be the case but you can't deny he has guts. But it's gonna take more than guts to stand a chance against this monster. And here he comes.


Sad But True hits and Banner appears. His eyes immediately lock on Scouser and he strides down the ring uncaring and seemingly not noticing the barrage of abuse being hurled at him from the fans


And his opponent, currently residing in Birmingham England. weighing in at 225 pounds. Brutaaaaal. Bret. BANNer.



Cole: An intense look from Banner, straight away staring a blazing hole ino his opponent, and you have to wonder if he's recovered from that defeat last weak at the hands of A.C.


Tazz: I dont think so Cole, he was a whisker away from taking that newly bestowed title away from the champion. And I can tell you if it were me, I know when I lost an important match, I would be playing the match over and over in my head. He'll still be upset and definitly angry that he lost his chance, and you can bet that he'll be looking to take his frustration out tonight, and I for one feel that Scouser is in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and fighting the wrong man.


Banner enters the ring and moves to the corner, and turns to remove his jacket. But without waiting Welshy takes the initiative and runs towards him, jumping and cross bodying Banners back, slamming him into the ringpost.


Cole: And Welsh wasting no time here, he'll be looking to end this one quickly, the less time he spends with the better conditioned and more powerful Bret the better his chances are of walking away with the victory, and his bodily functions still intact.


Welsh frantically starts throwing punches at Banner, but they dont have much effect. Banner blocks his last attempt, and throws Welsh into the same turnbuckle. His first punch almost takes Welsh over the ring.


Cole: My God what a punch by Branner, nearly taking Welsh's head clean off.


Tazz. Welsh tried to take it to Banner, but his power was too much, and he's in a dangerous spot right here.


Banner throws another two punches, each taking Welsh off his feet. Then, he hooks Welshs arm and hip tosses him half way across the ring.


Cole: My God he just threw him like a rag doll. And look at the look in Banners eyes Tazz, he's in a rage.


Tazz: Thats a scary look right there Cole, Bret isn't messing around, he wants to hurt his opponent.


Welsh gets gingerly to his feet, just as Bret bounces of the ropes and sprints, hitting his opponent with a crunching clothsline. Without missing a beat, he starts laying the boots in over and over. Picking Welsh up, he whips him into the ropes, and catches him with a powerslam.


Cole: Oh what a slam by Bret, his full 225 pounds crushing the chest of Welsh, who even this early in the match is in serious trouble. He's going for the cover















Cole: And Welsh kicks out


Bret picks Welsh up again, and again whips him into the ropes, he goes for the clothsline again, but Welsh ducks under it. On the return trip, Bret nails him with a sickening boot to the face. Another cover














Cole: Oh! and another kickout


Tazz: Wow, that huge boot just nailed Welsh square in the face, just barely getting the shoulder up. He's down Cole and if I were him I'd stay down. Just let him cover you and end this, there's no way things are gonna get any better for him.


Welsh staggers over on his knees across the ring. But gets caught with a swift clean kick to the ribs that flips him over, he ends up under the ropes. Bret grabs hold of the tope rope and starts laying the boots again into Welsh's face and chest.


Cole: And now he's just playing with him Cole. A sadistic look as he just kicks him again and again.


He picks Welsh up and with no effort, lifts him high over his head in a bench press. He starts shouting to the corwd, who boo him feverishly, and start a 50/50 chant.


Tazz: Well the crowd trying desperatly to get behind Welsh Cole, but I dont even think he can hear him now. Look at the strength of this monster.


Cole: The strength of this man is incredible, he's carrying Welsh as if...Oh dont dont it Bret... Oh!


With a two step run up, Bret launches Welsh over the top rope, where he lands with a thud straight onto the padded concrete below. The 50/50 chants blend effortlessly into a holy sh*t chant. Welsh writhers in a ball on the floor, as Bret goes hyper in the ring and starts screaming at the crowd, a huge scary grin on his face.


Cole: That was unbelievable Tazz, lets have a look at that on the replay


Tazz: You can see here that Welsh actually bounces after that 15 foot fall, and just look at his head, you can hear it thud on the floor. He's hurt Cole.


After a good minute of posing, Banner steps over the top rope and jumps down to join his opponent, who is screaming in agony. He lifts him roughly to his feet, and into a bearhug. He runs forward and slams Welshs back into the turnbuckle. Without even dropping him, he slams him into the post a second time, before releasing him uncerimoniously onto the floor. He picks him up again and throws him back into the ring. Welsh starts to scramble to the other side of the ring.


Cole: And Welsh now literally running away from his opponent, looking desperatly for a way out, but Banner is back in the ring. Just striding cockily towards him. He's loving it. Ths sadistic monster is loving the savage beating he's giving WelshScouser.


Bret picks Welsh up and, bringing their two heads an inch apart, starts screaming and roaring at his opponent


Tazz: Look at Bret Cole, he's telling Welsh exactly what he's going to do to him, and I tell you, the only thing worse than having a 6 foot giant beating the hell out of you, is having him give you a running commentry while he's doing it.


Bret leans back,apparently to deliver a clothsline, but before he does, Wlesh starts frantically letting right hooks fly, catching him again and again. Bret lets go, and Welsh again lets fist after fist catch Bret sweetly on the jaw. He turns and bounces off the ropes, but Bret sidesteps, and, with a helping hand, Welsh flys into the referee, knocking him out.


Cole: Oh my god, Welsh just took out the referee, the referees down. Totally accidental, but now theres no official in this match.


Tazz: Well we dont know it's accidental Cole, Welsh knew he's in trouble, and is just trying to get himself disqualified


Cole: Ae you even watching the damn match, he had no idea it was totally accidental. Oh and now look at Bret.


Banner has made his way to the turnbuckle and is removing the protective cover.


Cole: And now Banner is totally intent on destroying his opponent.


Banner wlaks back and picks up Welsh. He runs with him to the turnbuckle, looking to smash his skull into the cold steel, but Welsh sticks a foot out and starts elbowing Banner in the head. Banner backs off and Welsh goes for another punch, but Banner ducks under and.....


Cole: JLT! JLT! Banner nailed it, it's over, he's gone for the cover. But the referees still down. And Brets livid!


Banner pounds the canvas in a rage. After staring at Welsh for a few seconds, he gives a sadistic smile, and makes his way out the ring.


Tazz: Oh my, Banner is in a rage now and he just want to incapacitate his oppenent


Banner shoves the timekeeper aside and grabs the steel chair. He makes his way slowly and methodially back tp the ring. He jumps onto the ring apron, but Scouse is up and ready for him. He leaps and dropkicks the chair into Banners face, sending him sailing off the ring apron and into the side of the announce table.


Cole: Did you see that! Did you see that Tazz! Banner just flew off that ring apron, 15 feet to the ground below.


Tazz: Thats unbelievable Cole. The crowd are going insane. I dont know where WelshScouer got that burst from, but Banner is down, smashed against that announce table. And now everyones out. Banner, Welsh and the referee.


Cole: Yes all three men are down, We're gonna have to take a break here folks, but we'll have the coclusion to this match when we come back. DONT. Go away.



Cut to adverts

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Back from adverts. Both men down outside ring next to announce table.


Co down, lets show you what happened during the break


Tazz: Well Wlesh tried to capitaise on Bannersfall, picking him to his feet and laying the right hands. But look at this, out of nowwhere, Banner just scooped Welsh up and hit a savage spinebuster onto the floor. But he was still out of it from that chair shot and falll, and fell right back down.


Banner gets slowly to his feet, and throws Scouser into the ring. He whips him into the ropes and floors him with a bak elbow. He hits the ropes and comes down with a leg drop. Up again and another leg drop. He looks over to the ref, who is still down. With a grimace, Banner walks over and prods the ref like he wa a piece of roadkill. Satisfied that he's still out, Banner goes back outside the ring, searching for the steel chair. But the last time he had it, it apparently scrambled a few memory cells, as he takes a while locating it. Eventually he finds it, but Welsh is already up, bouncing off the ropes, sprinting across the ring..


Cole: Whats he doing, whats Welsh doing over the top rope!


Tazz: What a cross body by WelshScouser, ands tha steel chair got caught betweent them, and you have to believe that hurt Welsh as much as it hurt Banner.


Welsh is hurt, but manages to claw his way towards Bret, who is also starting to raise. Welsh starts laying more punches onto Banner.


Cole: And now Welsh desperatley, agonisingly, trying to make a mark on this monster. He smashed him in the head with a chair, sent him flying onto the concrete, flew into him over the top rope, but still Banner wont stay down.


Banner again blocks a Welsh punch, and floors him with a viscious clothsline.


Tazz: Oh man, Banners got a viscious look in his eyes, and he's eyeing that table Cole. He's got destruction in his mind Cole.


Banner picks Welsh up and throws him into the table, and follows him onto it.


Cole: This looks dangerous for WelshScouser, a very precarious position, the crowd are on their feet, Banners signalling for the Gama Bomb Tazz. My God, the Gamma Bomb through a table, dont do it Banner.


Bret lifts Welsh onto his shoulder. He stares out into the crowd, grinning sadistically...


Cole: Oh and Welsh is fighting it, Welsh is squirming, wriggling, Banners trying to hold him, but Welsh is out of it, onto his feet, LOW BLOW!


Welsh nails Bret in the jongulars, leaps forward, and Bulldogs Bret onto the table.


Tazz: A bulldog Cole, but the table doesn't break!


Welsh lies next to Banner. Both men gasping for air. The crowd are getting louder, 50/50 chants echoing throughout the arena. After a good 30 seconds, Welsh slowly slides off the table. He rest against the edge for a second. Before his eyes slowly, in a trance, move towards the turnbuckle high overhead. The crowd can smell what he's cooking, and rise in volume.


Cole: You cant' be serious, he's not gonna do what I think he's gonna do is he?


Tazz: I think he is Cole. His risk taking is legendary and I think Banners about to find that out first hand.


Welsh drags himself to the ring apron, clambers up to canvas. Banner is still down. Welsh grabs the ropes and drags himself up, slowly, to the second rope. Banner is still motionless.


Tazz: He's there Cole, Welsh is there, Carlos and Hugo better take cover. 50/50's gonna fly.


Welsh gets both feet onto the top turnbuckle, takes a second to get his balance. Bret still hasn't moved. Welsh basks in the mesmerized crowd, nods his head, and leaps.


Cole: My God a Swanton Bomb, He's going for a Swanston Bomb, and....


Tazz: Banner moved Cole! Banner was just playing dead!


Banner does indeed move as Welsh disintegrates the announce table back first, the momentum carrying him into the protective barriers. The holy sh*t chants fill the arena. Banner is up, and smiling.


Cole: He was waiting for it Tazz, he knew what was coming.


Tazz: Thats right, Banner had him scouted. He said before the match that Welsh was nothing more than a backyard nobody. And it looks like he's been proved right.


Banner grabs Welsh and drags him away from the broken shards of wood and plastic, and throws him back into the ring. He grabs the chair before going back in himself. He doesn't use the chair straight away, but hurls Welsh into the corner and starts pounding him with punch after punch.


Cole: Oh and he's cut Tazz, Banner has busted Welsh's eyebrow. And look at Bret, you'd think Welsh hadn't touched him. No signs of pain whatsoever, what an animal.


Banner turns back, distracted by the crowd, half of who are booing the hell out of him. The other half are trying desperatly to get behind WelshScouser. Banner picks up the steel chair, and shouts back at the crowd, brandishing the steel chair above his head. He turns back to Welsh, waiting, stalking him, both hands on chair, Welsh staggers forward. Banner swings mightily with the chair.


Cole: A huge swing, but Welsh ducks! And another low blow!


Welsh again goes for the crown jewels. Banner drops the chair, hunched over, Welsh hooks him and.....




Tazz: DDT! DDT! Onto that steel chair


Cole: Oh and he's busted open, Banner is busted open. Both men wearing the crimson mask. And Welsh is scrambling, crawling, he goes for the cover! The referees up! He makes the count!




















Thre...He kicks out! Banner kicks out! The crowd can't believe it! Welsh cant believe it!


Welsh scrambles for the chair on the floor, but in a flash Banner is up, deftly hooks Welsh, and....


Cole: He's got him, Gamma Lock! Gamma Lock on WelshScouser!


WelshScouser screams with agony, but is only just out of arms reach of the ropes. He screams again with pain, Banner screams with anger. The crowd screams desperatly for Welsh to hold on. He's reaching, reaching.


Tazz: He's not gonna make it Cole, Welsh is in agony, Banner has him locked, the master of the Gamma lock with an expert showing of how to aply this devastating manouvere.


Banner is screaming at Welsh to tap, Welsh's hand hovers at a standstill an inch above the canvas.


Cole: He's not gonna make it, his arm is raised, he's about to give up, he's at full stretch he's......got the ropes! Banner cant belive it. The crowd are going insane.


Banner reluctantly lets the hold go. He gets to his feet, blood pouring down his face. He stalks Scouser, setting him up. Waiting. Scouser turns around. Banner goes for the JLT. but Welsh twists out of it, and trys to whip Banner into the ropes. Banner stops dead, and instead throws Scouser into the exposed turnbuckle. Scouse avoids the impact by jumping onto the second rope. He comes down, just as Banner starts hurtling towards him, Welsh ducks again and drop toe holds Banner.


Cole: A drop told hold and my God Banners face bounces off that turnbuckle!


Banner's head rebounds with a sickening crunch on the turnbuckle, he staggers, blood spurting out of his head


Cole: And Welsh has rolled him up, the ref makes the count!





















Three Hes got him! WelshScouser makes the pin!


Tazz: He had the tights Cole, he had the tights!


Cole: I dont think it matters Tazz, WelshScouser has beaten Bret Banner, and Bret cant believe it!


Bret jumps to his feet in an uncontrollable rage, but Welsh has already rolled out of the ring and into the crowd.


Tazz: Banner got screwed Cole, WelshScouser used the chair, the turnbuckle, two low blows and the tights to get the victory.


Cole: But it was Banner who brought the chair in and took the cover off.


Tazz: He didn't use them Cole, Banner took everything Welsh threw at him and stayed on his feet. And Welsh had to cheat to win.


Cole: Whatever the case, Banner is absolutely livid, he can't believe it. Welsh is outta here. A fantastic vctory for the young kid. A great match, what a night, and there's STILL. More to come.


Cut to adverts.

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Cut's back from TWO Stars PPV tickets advert...




The man from the Ford GT at the beginning of the show is seen being followed down a corridor by the camera somewhere in the arena backstage. He stops at the door of Executive Producer, Jordi Warner and knocks. After a few seconds the door opens and the man walks in, closing the door behind him never revealing his face to the camera.

Michael Cole: Who is that Tazz?


Tazz: I have no idea but he looks like Warner's new high-risk, hardcore wrestler he was talking about backstage before the show. All I know is that he drives a niiccccee car.


Cole: Well me have more action coming up soon here on TWO Stars: Extreme TV. We'll be back after this short commercial.


The camera pans around the audience and the TWO Stars logo flashes up on screen before the scene fades to commercials.

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Back from Commecials


Tazz: If it wasn't so exciting here Cole, I'd be in the parking lot checking out that sexy ride.

Cole: Well it is exciting and it's just about to get more exciting.


The lights dim and the audience hush with a certain expectancy, crap jungle music hits and the audience have fun trying to boo over the bone shattering bass beat.


A spotlight moves about the audience, people caught in it wave madly in the hope they have been caught on the camera and their family at home can see that wacky sign they made, the camera cuts to one sign that says “Chav sucks” coloured in Burberry.


The spotlight stops on the figure of the Chav, leaning against the entrance, lighting his tab up, he takes a last drink of his can of cider and throws it to one side, walking amidst jaunts and boos in his usual pathetic hip hop stylee.


Cole: The Chav looks like he means business tonight Tazz!

Tazz: He looks preoccupied which worries me, his focus may be on Jordi Warner and not his match tonight!


“Coming to the ring, from the streets, weighing 200lbs theee Chaaaaaav!”


The Chav climbs into the ring, oblivious to the chants of THE CHAV SUCKS!


The arena suddenly goes a brilliant reddish purple, the audience react to this sudden change in the spectrum with Oohs and ahhhs. Fire inside the man kicks in and the audience goes ballistic, waiting to see the debut of a new TWO superstar.


“Coming to the ring, from the allotment, weight 420lbs, BeeeT- RrroooT!”


Tazz: Here he comes Cole, probably the fattest wrestler in TWO superstars.

Cole: Fattest?

Tazz: No one is 400lbs of muscle Cole, no one!


Walking with a purpose and a very wide stride, a 6’ 10" Purple Machine walks down the ramp towards the ring, his body slightly bulbous, but still showing signs of definition and pain raking muscle underneath the blubber.


Cole: The Chav is looking distinctly uncomfortable here Tazz!

Tazz: I would be too, did Jordi Warner set this match up? The difference to these guys is huge!

Cole: I know the Chav and Warner are not the best of friends Tazz, but Warner would not try to purposefully hurt the Chav!

Tazz: Do you live in lala land permanently or is it a vacation?


The Purple Machine climbs straight over the ropes, causing the audience to gasp in anticipation of what Beetroot is going to do to the obviously smaller Chav!


Cole: Look at the size of Beetroot!

Tazz: Well last show the Chav had help that size, perhaps what goes around comes around!


The bell rings and the Chav jumps, obviously frightened of the situation he has found himself in. Slowly backing away from Beetroot, the purple machine smiles somewhat disconcertingly friendly and holds his hand out to the Chav. The Chav looks left and right several times, obviously considering shaking his hand, then surprisingly the Chav extends his hand out slightly to the Purple Machine but hurriedly smooths the side of his hair causing the audience to boo.


That is until a massive right paw hits the Chav squarely on the chin and the Filthy scumbag flies from the centre of the ring to the ropes, where he immediately rolls out, holding his chin.


Cole: That was one massive right hook from the Purple Machine there Tazz!

Tazz: You aren’t kidding that threw the Chav completely out of the ring, I gotta admit it Cole, the Chav is outgunned and outsized here!

Cole: Well he’s not outnumbered, as Goldy Hoopz is coming down from backstage.


The audience boos as the national health babymaker in a belt comes tottering down in her white stilettos holding onto the Chav’s home made Championship belt.


The Chav rolls back into the ring to avoid the 10 count and is allowed to stand up by Beetroot, the Chav faces the purple machine and goes for a strike, the audience gasps as Beetroot turns his head back and smiles meanacingly at the Chav, who now looks petrified at what will happen, one good right hook later and the Burberry scummer is lying on the mats outside the ring again.


Goldy Hoopz comes to the Chav and helps him up, she then starts having a go at the referee who immediately turns to answer her.


Tazz: Didn’t she have the Chav’s belt a few moments ago?

Cole: She did, but now the Chav has it and BOOM!


The Chav hits the Purple warrior with the belt and over the big guy goes, the resounding crash vibrates the air for a good few seconds. The Chav covers.






Beetroot pushes up and the Chav launches over the ropes and back to the mats. The audience is starting to enjoy this ritual humiliation of the Chav and begin to chant “Kick the scummer till he bleeds!”


The Chav grabs his belt and begins to walk back up the ramp, boos and insults fly the Chav’s way, he stops, looks partially back and then turns back. He strides back, obviously with a plan and hands his belt to Goldy Hoopz, who promptly begins to tease Beetroot, the live camera catching her saying that he wasn’t man enough for the belt.


Beetroot looks down at Goldy and then the belt, when he notices that there is a trickle of blood on it, carefully the Purple machine reaches up and tests his forehead for blood, realising he’s been cut open he turns around to engage the Chav and walks straight into a chair shot!


Cole: OH MY GOD! The Chav has just put a chair to Beetroot’s head!

Tazz: He isn’t intending to win this match, but he is intending on making sure that Beetroot never faces him again Cole.


The Referee calls for the bell to be rung.


“The Chav has been disqualified making Beetroot the winner!”


The crowd is silent as the Chav smacks the chair off Beetroot again and again, bringing in a couple of kicks if there is movement.


Cole: This is atrocious Cole, the Chav is a coward.

Tazz: Or sensible Cole, take the loss and make sure your opponent thinks twice before messing with you. The Chav’s got brains and cahoonez the size of beachballs!


Now completely unconscious, Beetroot’s head is pick up by the Chav and he is “shown” the belt as the Chav shouts at him, perhaps telling the Purple machine that he would have no chance for the title, then the Chav pats Beetroot down and finds a wallet in his boot, he takes the cash out and puts the wallet back in.


The audience are baying for the Chav’s blood as he climbs off the ring and begins a slow stroll up the rampway, engaging every fan who insults or boos him, pointing to the belt.


Cole: Let’s take another look at the action.

Tazz: Here’s your problem right here, Beetroot is looking at the pretty lady and not at his opponent, ok, I will admit the Chav was outclassed and he knew it here, so he took the loss and decided to punish his opponent.

Cole: Well next up we have all this to show you after the break.


Cut to break

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Back from the break and we are backstage. Two random divas are walking towards the camera, chatting about the match we have just seen. There is a mild pop from the more hormonal members of the live audience at the sight of two scantily clad young women on screen.


Pointless Diva #1: I don't like that Chav at all.

Pointless Diva #2: Me neither I-- aaaaah!

*she is cut off mid sentence as a six foot tall metal locker crashes to the ground right in front of the two young and attractive (yet quite difficult to tell apart) divas*


The camera pans around to show it originated from the men's locker room. There is a tremendous amount of crashing and noise coming from inside with lockers being tipped over and bashed around. The camera pulls in closer and now we can see all this is being caused by Brett Banner, in a furious rage.


*voiceover* Michael Cole: What a sore loser, Tazz! Banner's taking apart that locker room because he didn't win tonight!

Tazz: He's letting off some steam Cole, the guy obviously gets himself psyched up big time before a match and this is his way of letting out his frustration at getting beat tonight.

Michael Cole: It's him being a big baby, Tazz! He's just having a tantrum like a child who doesn't get his way!

Tazz: Well, he's p*ssed, Cole - he shouldn't have got beat that way by WelshScouser.

Michael Cole: Maybe so, but that's no excuse for this kind of behaviour.Those women could have been badly hurt!

Tazz: *chuckles* The guy sure does seem to have a problem with lockers!


The two divas are peering nervously in the direction of all the commotion, trying to see what's going on. Banner steps into the doorway and catches sight of them.

He steps toward them and they both visibly cringe.


Brett Banner: You two! Explain something to me. Why is it that a legitimate contender for the championship belt like me is wrestling a nobody this week without a chance of a title rematch anytime soon?

Why is that? And why do wastes of space like you pair get more airtime than an athlete of my caliber when you have nothing to add?

*neither diva is quick to come up with an answer*

BB: I thought as much. Not a brain cell or an uninflated breast between you.


Banner is about to say something else when he notices the camera and turns his gaze toward it. He walks toward it so he fills the screen.


BB: Acid Christ! I haven't forgotten about you. You owe me a rematch and sooner or later I will get it. Your days are numbered, A.C. - a new age of TWOStars is beginning, and you're just not a part of it.

You're the champion. For now. But that won't last for long. Part of being a champion is that you can never, ever stop watching your back.


Banner walks out of shot, leaving the two terrified divas and some of the wreckage from Banner's outburst in shot.



Cut to a "don't try this at home" promo.

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MC: Those poor Divas Tazz!


TAZZ: You can say that again Cole, just a case of wrong place, wrong time I'm afraid.


MC: In any event, our next matchup features 2 new TWOstars, lets take it to Tony Chimmel




TC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall......




TC: Introducing first, from "somewhere in the south," weighing in at 225lbs, "The Drill Sergeant" Haaaank Hammmerrrton!






MC: There he is people! Hank Hammerton is here in TWOstars to install some discipline into the "core", as he calls it


TAZZ: About time too Cole, with all thats been going on! This guy respects hard work, and hard work he's gonna get with his oppenent tonight!




TC: And his opponent, from Rochdale, England, weighing in at 200lbs....Eviiiilll Grinnngo!


TAZZ: We've heard a lot of stuff about this guy Cole, but nothing from the man himself!


MC: Thats rights Tazz, Evil Gringo is driven by pure hatred, growing up out of love and wants everyone in TWOstars to feel his pain!




The 2 circle around the ring before engaging in a collar and elbow tie up. They wrestle in the hold for a few seconds, then Gringo backs Hank up into the corner. The ref calls for the break as the 2 slowly separate. But before Hank can regain his composure, he's hit with a stiff elbow strike to the chin by Gringo. Gringo continues to punish Hank with a melee of elbows and kicks before the ref pulls him away again. He goes back in and irish whips Hank to the opposite turnbuckle. Gringo positions himself and charges at Hank, measuring him for a shoulder block.....


MC: Hammerton side steps it!


TAZZ: Great awareness by Hank there Cole, Gringo looks dazed after that miss!


Gringo stumbles backwards out of the corner and is grapsed in a waist lock by Hank who hits a release german suplex on Gringo. Hank signals to the corner as he climbs the turnbuckle and measures a dazed Gringo who is getting to his feet.....


MC: Hank could be looking for the Air Strike here Tazz..........he connects! the Cover......





kick out by Gringo!


TAZZ: Textbook missile dropkick from the Sarge!


Hank begins to bring Gringo to his feet with the ref stood behind him. Gringo pulls the referee into them who rebounds off while Gringo hits the low blow on Hank, and plants him with a DDT.


Gringo, still shaken after the missile dropkick, climbs to the top. Hank is laying motionless in the centre of the ring. Gringo leaps from the top into a sommersault crashing down on Hank thorat with a leg drop.


MC: After cheating to get to this position, Gringo hit the Gringoifier from the top, this ones over people......makes the cover...





shoulder up by Hammerton!


Gringo is visibly upset with the ref for what he believes to be a slow count. He argues with ref long enough for Hank to recover slightly.....


TAZZ: Schoolboy...schoolboy on Gringo! 1,2...


Gringo kicks out and quickly rises to his feet and gives Hank a stiff kick to the chin. Which knocks Hank back down. Gringo pulls his opponent to his feet and whips him to the corner.


He backs up and runs at Hank, jumping onto his shoulders into a head scissor posistion.....


MC: Gringo possible looking for a top rope hurricarana here........Hank's struggling to get free!


Hank does enough to pull the lightweight Gringo up to a powerbomb posistion!


TAZZ: NO WAY COLE! Is the Sarge looking for a top rope powerbomb!?


MC: Wait Tazz.....(from the powerbomb posistion, Hank pushes Grigo torso over his own head whilst clutching his legs) Hanks reversed this into the position to hit the "Pulling Rank"!!! His vicious top rope alabama slam finisher!!! He's going for it!!!.......


But as Hank begins the move and Gringo begins to go over he hooks Hammertons arms..........


MC: The D.O.A.!!!! Gringo hits Sarge with the D.O.A!!! The referee begins the count!!!!








TC: Here is your winner....Eviiiilll Grinnngo!!!


TAZZ: What a finish Cole! Either one of those guys could have hit their finishers!


MC: Thats right Tazz, great athletic display by these 2 here tonight.......wait a minute, whats this!!!


Meanwhile, Gringo has exited the ring and grabbed Hanks flag from the prop boy. He slides back in the ring and begins to pound on Hank with the flag, eventually breaking it over Hammertons back.


MC: The match is over! But Gringo doesnt seem content with the win!


TAZZ: He's just disgraced Old Glory and disrespected a Vietnam war veteran. I can tell you now Cole, that wont get you any friends around here!



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A video package begins to play. A St.George's Cross flag is shown waving. A voice begins to speak.


"There is one man who epitomises extreme. This man was once WWEMaximum's World Champion (the old WWEMax Championship flashes up in front of the flag), he has been the BWF's Xtreme Champion three times (the old BWF Xtreme Championship flashes up in front of the flag). This man has conquered the world. He has been the BWF's North American Tag Team Champion twice(the old BWF NA Tag Championship flashes up in front of the flag). This man made a promise. He made a promise to do what ever it takes to be the best and take out all who turn their backs on their fans by any means necessary (the words "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" flash up in front of the flag). He is THE Man, THE Myth, THE Legend. He is Slim Jim... He is here."


A cut out picture of the young British superstar appears in front of the flag and the words "Slim Jim" flash up and the camera then pans out revealing the TWOTron. The arena lights go out and the noise of wind is heard. A mist starts to fill the arena and spotlights light it as they pan around the crowd in figure of 8 shapes. The spotlights all aim at the entrance way as Saliva's Make Me A Superstar starts to blast out on the PA.




Michael Cole: Was that Slim Jim in the Fort GT?


Tazz: I think so Cole, and I also think this crowd know who Slim Jim is.


The crowd go mental as two jets of sparks blast up from either side of the stage and the young British Slim Jim runs out into the spot light. He spends a few moments looking around the sold out Scope Arena crowd remembering the rush of adrenaline from coming out from the curtain. He begins to run down the ramp knocking fists with the fans either side.


Tony Chimmel: Making his way to the ring; from London, Eng-a-land; weighing in at two hundred and twentyseven pounds; the Man, the Myth, the Legend, the Untouchable - Sliimmmm Jimmmm!


When he gets to ringside, he slows and walks up the steel steps and then jumps over the ropes and into the ring. He mounts the four corners of the ring soaking up the crowd and then stops in the middle. The music fades and the lights go up as Slim Jim takes the microphone from Tony Chimmel, who leaves the ring.


Slim Jim: Hello Norfolk! Hello America! Hello World!


The crowd go wild at this cheap pop


Slim Jim: A new era of TWO Stars wrestling began last week. In fact another new era of TWO Stars begins tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, the Untouchable one is in the ring and he can tell you he is here to stay. The reason Slim Jim has come out here tonight - other to sign his contract (which he did a moment ago), and say hello to all these great Virginians (The crowd go mental yet again) - is to give a word of warning. Slim Jim is here to warn all who cross him, all who get in his way to the top. But Slim Jim doesn't just want the gold. He also wants to entertain and please the fans. Slim Jim's mission has always been to get rid of the cr@p in whatever federation hes in. Slim Jim will take out all who betray the fans - one by one.


Tazz: This guy has got some strong goals.


Slim Jim: So all Slim Jim has left to do is say this. Slim Jim is fast, Slim Jim is strong, but most of all - Slim Jim is extreme. Slim Jim is THE high-flying, electrifying, Man, Myth, God Damned Legend, SLIM JIM IS THE UNTOUCHABLE.


Make Me A Superstar hits the public address system again and the crowd go wild as Slim Jim walks back up the ramp and off the TWO Stars XTV set.


Michael Cole: I think we can expect a lot from this character - I've seen some of the matches hes been in and they weren't pretty.


A promo for TWO Stars Live plays

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Two stars promo finishes and cuts to Todd Grisham waiting for his cue.


Todd looks up,


Todd: And he we are live with the CHav and Chav, I have to say, that was one of the most despicable acts I have ever seen!

The Chav looks down to Grisham and snorts.

Chav: Listen Beeeyatch! I don' answer to you, I don' answer to that goth D******d that supposedly run things innit! I gots one fing on me mind right now and that is the TWO bling!

Todd: Though you have to admit Chav sneaking up on Beetroot and hitting him with a chair was the wrong thing to do.

Chav: He looked a gay ter me!

Todd: But you lost the match Chav!

Chav: Lissen Gishem, I is safe whit you, I is not safe with a fat b******d who paints hisself purple, that is wrong, he knows it, you knows it an' I knows it. Differencebetween you'ze two and me is I will do something about it.

Todd: Even if it cost you the match?

Chav: I only cares about me bling shot, I told Darkstar that until I gets my shot, every wrestler I face is gonna taste the World Council Estate Belt in da face, geddit?

Todd: So you are just out to hurt people then.


The Chav tenses.


Chav: Toddy, I am safe as f**k, I respec' a wrestler I wrestle 'im, I is not tolerating some freak in purple running around finkin' he's 'ard as s**t! I dropped him cos I could, and I will destroy anyone who crosses the Chav!


With this, the Chav holds his gold chain out with one thumb, then pats his chest with the side of his fist, leaving a rather bemused Todd Grisham!


Cut to a TWO "Don't try this at home" ad

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Back from the add the camera shows Mickhail Mills walking down a corridor b.y himself. He he arrogantly swaggers down the hall he notices a small group of people, but he can only hear snippets of the conversation. Sensing an opportunity to boast he walks towards the group. He notices it is all women except for one man with long dyed hair. Mickhail hears the conversation in full now. Mickhail now realizes the manhis Slim Jim wo just cut a promo.


BIMBO#1: So, how much did you pay for the car?

SLIMJIM: Two houndred and fifty thou my custom mods


Slim was boasting arrogantly. Mickhail now sa his chance


MILLS: That's it? Only two houndred and fifty G? My Enzo fully customized is four houndred thousand. some big shot you are.


The women all turn their attention to Mickhail who is again cockily smirking.


JIM: Difference, my car is the best of the best in manafacturing, American muscle at it's best. Enough torque to rip the car in half.


The women all turn their attention to Jim who has a "now what" expression on his face.


MILLS: My car was hand crafted by the finest in automotive creators in Italy.


BIMBI#2: Is Italy in Canada or Texas? They always confuse me!


She gives a dumb giggle. Both Mills and Jim look as if they want to smack her, but refrain.


MILLS: Look, we can finish this later, i have bigger fish to fry.


Mills now walks back down the hall,only stopping in front of a door with the name "Acid Christ" on it.


MC: What the hll is he doing?


Tazz: Looks like he can't wait for later tonight, he wants to take out Acid Christ now!


Mills smiles and casually knocks on the door. A few moments pass with no answer and he knocks again. A voice answers this time.


Voice: Go away! I'm not paying for that damnrental damage!!


Mills twist the door knob to find that it's open and struts in. He notices Acid Christ sitting down on a ouch across the room.


AC: Go away! Gwt out of my room!


Mills: Mister Acid Christ I'm a huge fan and a new wrestler here at tWoStars!


AC: Really? What'syou name.


Mills: Slim Jim! I'm such a fan, you're my idol.


Mickhail was able to lie about his name effortlessly, and was really selling the "Huge Fan" gimmick well.


Mills: I was hoping i could acompanie you to the ring tonight against Mickhail Mills?


AC: Sure anything for a fan! I don't even know anything about that Mills guy, only that he's a smooth operator, very tricky, but resourceful ing the ring.


Mills: Oh well, no one could ever fool you!


MC: Oh my god, Mickhail Mills is playing Acid Christ for a fool.


Tazz: Wow, Acid Christ is standing inches from a man that wants to beat the living crap out of him and he doesn't even now it!


MC: This is a bad predictament for Acid Chirst!


Camera cuts to a Viagra ad staring Terry Funk.......

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Back from ad.


The camera is focused on the door to Darkstars office. The crowd start to boo as the bronze door plaque comes into sharp focus. A large hand knocks on the door. From within the room a voice can be heard.


DS: Enter.


The door opens and Darkstar can be seen sat behind a large oak desk engrosed in paperwork. Darkstar looks up and puts the pen down.


DS: I wondered how long it would be before you come to see me. Well done in your match by the way, it went EXACTLY how I wanted it too.


'The Incredible' Holt and Trash walk into view, Holt looking fairly pissed off.


DS: Please sit.


TM: No thanks Mr Darkstar. We're here becouse we want a god damned explanation! We are the two premier wrestlers in TWOStars and we are reduced to having to TEAM UP against one man! ONE MAN!


CH: Bad........Man.


DS: Gentlemen, please sit.


Holt and Trash settle down in the leather seats near the wall. Holt seemingly has problems fitting into the chair!


DS: Brian Dammage last week interupted me making an important speech and had the arrogance to challange me to a match. Me! Well I may have beaten that maggot to within an inch of his life but I felt that he needed to be punished. Who better to give out a beating than the team of 'The Incredible' Holt and Tom 'The Disciple' Trash? No one, thats who!


Trash and Holt look at each other and shrug in agreement.


DS: Besides, I needed to see how you two men work. Between you and me we have a major announcement next week, and it may be of interest to a tag team such as yourselves. Understand?


Holt looks confused as 'The Disciple' grins back at Darkstar.




Fade to Chav promo.

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Helter Skelter hits and Acid makes his way down the ramp waving at the crowd. Behind him is Mickhail Mills in full wrestling gear. Mickhail is laughing but Acid doesn’t seem to notice due to the fans half cheering half booing.


MC: Acid Christ has no idea what’s going on! Mickhail Mills is just waiting for the right time to attack!


Tazz: I’ve never seen anything like this before. Two opponents walking o the ring together. The only problem is that Ac doesn’t know that his opponent is right behind him!


MC: Acid Christ knows all the tricks in the book, but this is a brand new addition!


Acid and Mickhail enter the ring as Helter Skelter starts to die down. As it comes to an end, the lights of the arena go out. A green light is flickering over the stage then “Marvelous Me” starts to play


MC: Wait! Acid Christ will be able to tell who Mickhail Mills is by seeing his TWOtron.


Tazz: If it plays!


The screens stay black showing nothing. The arena lights turn back on with Mickhail still behind AC. The fans start to chant, “turn a-round” and AC does. He looks at Mickhail, points at him, and then slaps him on the chest smiling. AC turns around again and awaits his opponent. Suddenly Mills grabs AC’s shoulder, turns him around and…


MC: STO! Mills finally shows his true colors and plants AC to the ground with that stiff STO!


Tazz: I’ve been hit with an STO before and they are no joke.


MC: Now Mills mounts his offense.


Mills gets up and laughs while taunting the crowd who are booing heavily. Mills picks up AC and drills him to the ground with a picture perfect brain buster. Mills then picks up AC n the Rock’s bottom position, lifts him up in the air, but instead of slamming him to the ground he powers him across his extended knee.


MC: Spinal Tap by Mills!


Tazz: What a move by Mills. He looks like he snapped AC’s back I half!


Mills again gets up laughing taunting the crowd. AC is slightly squirming on the ground holding his back. Mickhail picks up AC and lifts him in the air for the…


MC: Total Impact!!!!!!!! That’s Mickhail’s finisher!


Tazz: Oh my god! Sick move. Ac is out of it!


Mills cockily makes the cover.












The only noise made from the crowd is that of shock.


MC: Did that just really happen? Is Mills really the champ?


Tazz: Wow, Mickhail was able to play AC like fool and Ac was never able to recover from the initial attack.


Announcer: Winner via pin fall and new TWO World Heavy Champion…………..Mickhail Mills!!


The ref hands Mickhail the belt while the crowd now boo as hard as they can. The booing stops however when "Now Or Never" by Dope hits the PA. Jordi Warner hits the stage with mic in hand.


Jordi: Listen up! You will NOT win the title this way!


The crowd starts to cheer but Mickhail isn’t fazed. It points at AC and the ref then counts to three on his fingers.


Jordi: Yeah, you pinned Acid Christ for the 1-2-3, but you didn’t do it right way. As of now, you are the TWO World Heavyweight Champion, but Acid Christ gets an IMMEDIATE rematch. Starting now! Ring the damn bell.


The crowd pops huge for this announcement as Jordi walks off the stage and the bell rings. The ref snatches away the belt. Mickhail furiously starts to argue with ref. Mickhail pushes the ref demanding the title back and looks poised to attack when AC grabs him and runs toward the turn buckle.


MC: Stairway to Heaven!!!!!!!! AC sums up all his energy to hit the SoH!


Tazz: Now AC is the one with the surprise attack!


Acid Christ rolls over Mills to make the cover.










The crowd pops huge as AC is helped to his feet by the ref and handed the title. AC still looks very confused as to what is going on.


MC: And AC wins the match!


Tazz: Mickhail Mills had the World Title for a good 30 seconds until AC was able to mount some offense.


MC: AC still has no idea what’s going!


Tazz: What a night it has been!


MC: We have to go, see you next time!


Camera fades to the TWOStars logo.

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