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Man of four......what??

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Chelsea could come out of this week with a totally different outlook than they had whilst entering it.


They have already been knocked out of the FA cup and now face a very difficult trip to the Nou Camp. They really need to get a away goal and may struggle with the state of the injury list which just seem sto grow and grow.


Then fans from London and Mersetside convergein Cardiff for "the fake cup" and with Gerrard and Morientes both rested midweek Liverpool will fancy there chances.

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Hell hey. I'll take the Worthington any day of the week if it means getting one over on Chelsea. Firstly, its trophy number 1 in the cabinet for Benitez. And secondly, it'll be a big psychological boost for next season to know that we CAN beat Chelsea. That'll make it 2 out of the big 3 we've beaten this season (with 11 players before any says 'Well if Newcastle can...').

As far as Mourinho goes. I love that the guy takes risks like that. Alright it didn't come off. But you can see his mindset. There must have ben more than one Geordies thinking ohh sh*t when they came back with their pies and saw those three on the touchline. I think the guys class and he'll come out the other end of this 'blip' no worries.

I dont think their a better football team than Barcelona, (Although it is close), but I think their a harder team to beat. Either way break out the Buds for the game of the season.

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