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Q: What school letter grade would you give the No Way Out PPV?


75% A

7% B

7% C

2% D

6% F


(Total Votes: 247)


Another artical:

Hey this Jeremy, I just got back from the PPV. Awesome show! For it being Smackdown!, I was really surprised. Not much happened after, I'm not sure what was on tv but Cena did throw JBL threw a table near the entrance, then for about 10-15 minutes Cena and Batista had a stare down and fought over crowd reaction, with Cena teasing us by going near the ring but then went to the back. Then Batista posed and went to the back. Great show! The ring collapse came over GREAT live, and no one liked JBL escaping first. Didn't see anything taped off, pretty full for saying ticket sales were bad. No announcement of when the WWE is coming back, but I can't wait! [/Quote]


a poll and article from backstagewrestling.com


:) told you it would be great! :D

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Poll from the site that BackstageWrestling steals it's news from (Wrestlingobserver.com) of how many buys No Way Out is expected to draw...


Under 175,000 (43.2%)


176,000 to 200,000 (29.9%)


201,000 to 225,000 (15.6%)


226,000 to 250,000 (5.7%)


251,000 to 275,000 (2.1%)


276,000 to 300,000 (0.8%)


More than 301,000 (2.6%)



And some feedback from the fans...


WWE No Way Out: Thumbs Down


Best Match: John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

Worst Match: Booker T. vs. Heidenreich


What's the deal with this Teddy Long angle? Doesn't the governing board govern the entire WWE and not just Smackdown? If that's the case then why would it matter if Batista were on Raw or Smackdown. I can't figure this one out. Are they dumping Teddy cause if so they better find someone really good to fill in otherwise what's the point? Is Stephanie tired of not being on TV?


People definitley didn't care about the cage match since they started chanting RVD during it. Heidrenich is horrible. I can't wait for him to disappear. The finish of the match didn't help matters. They need to get rid of those nameless, faceless women. They do nothing for the show at all. At least Michelle seems athletic and is not just another piece of plastic. Why not send her to OVW and then put her on Raw so Trish can have a fresh opponent. I really don't see very many potential matches for Mania since their booking doesn't alude to anything. I was thinking Rey & Eddie vs. Benoit & Jericho in a Raw vs. Smackdown tag since it would be a good match and they have nothing for any of those guys anyway. Are they still doing Taker/Kane vs. Snitsky/Heidenreich cause it seems like they have dropped that program.


Robb Block


WWE No Way Out


Thumbs Down


Best Match: Guerrero/Misterio v Bashams


Worst Match: Heidenreich v Booker T


Probably the last time the Bashams will be in the best match on a PPV unless this year's Great American Bash is also a real stinker.


Kurt Angle is a tremendous worker and proved it gutting out this match with Cena, getting him ready for a tougher stage at WM. JBL is no Angle, and if Smackdown is going to have any turnaround, they're going to have to have a strong Cena v Angle feud in the spring.


The February PPV has become totally unmemorable and unnecessary, with Rumble setting the WM main event. I know every PPV generates revenue, but some of the crap they've thrown together in February (Chyna winning the WM challenger role) is useless and drives the fanbase away. If anything, they should eliminate it to help build the TV ratings for six weeks and get individual storylines over. This show was such a throwaway that half of it was done on the fly anyway. And it looked that way.


Jeff Cohen



terrible show.

best match... the gimmick battle royal from Mania Highlights.


Why do they keep saying Angle would main event 3 Manias in a row? and the


would be in the Main event. Last year Main event @ Mania was HHH vs HBK vs

Benoit .


The diva stuff was a disgrace. Why did Joy have a thong under a bikini ??


The main event was, what is was. the blood was obvious ,since both JBL and

Show had

elbow pads on and you could see them blade. The ending was typical JBL

,lucking to win

but the fans don't see the ending ,cause we could only see Big Show.


I know Batista is going to face HHH but for some reason he does pick JBL (no

chance in hell), Dave who would HHH face?





paul astolfo

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