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*** Official Smackdown Thread - 24th February 2005 ***


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FEB. 24, 2005


SmackDown! will be in Philadelphia four days after No Way Out, and there will be plenty to sort out.


Will JBL still be WWE Champion? And what condition will JBL and Big Show be in after enduring that first-ever Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match?


Plus, what kind of impact did Batista have, if any, at No Way Out?


Will it be John Cena or Kurt Angle in the main event at WrestleMania 21 after the two Superstars had their showdown in the final of the No. 1 Contender’s Tournament at No Way Out?


Will the Bashams and Funaki still have their championships?


Plus, General Manager Teddy Long finally gets a decision from the WWE Board of Directors.

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Quick review of SD from me:


Rey and Eddie vs. Basham Bros.


Thought it'd be a very similar match to NWO, but they went for a different angle with Rey being the injured one. I was guessing that they were setting up and Eddie turn ready for a match between Eddie and Rey at Mania, especially when the 619 hit Eddie, but I guess that'll happen after Mania. Not a surprise to see the champs retain.


The shot of all five divas sitting around doing nothing just shows how completely worthless they are.


Kurt Angle Invitational


I thought Matt Martell was quite good on the mic, not that it mattered once Angle's weekly squash was under way. Not quite sure where Angle not accepting HBK's challenge is going.


Heidenreich segment: Why?


The JBL tribute was funny in places, but it went on too long. JBL's promo was good, and I liked the opera singer. I was incredibly surprised that Big Show was DESTROYING food on his way out rather than eating it. The Cena save was obvious, and I think they screwed up the portrait shot. The Tag Team match made sense at least.


Chavo Guerrero vs. Funaki


Not too sure why Chavo won the title, but I guess the London push is worth it. The Gorybomb gets my move of the night award. The Ultimate London still looks very odd in that fur coat, but Chavo got a funny line in on the ramp: "What did I do?".


Undertaker vs. Jindrak & Reigns


NEWSFLASH! INCREDIBLE DEVELOPMENT! UNDERTAKER MATCH ENDS IN SOMETHING OTHER THAN A TOMBSTONE! I'm sure you were as shocked as I was. Completely pointless segment that led to a completely pointless split of the tag team. Who the hell would want to CHEER Jindrak? Hey, and maybe one day Taker will put someone over!




Glad that Teddy got retained. Thing that most annoyed me about this segment is that they STILL haven't sorted out the loop in Carlito's music that makes it go back to the start.


Cena & Show vs. JBL & Jordan


Surprised they only left 8 minutes for this, and it was obviously meant for Cena to go over Jordan. PLEASE don't tell me they're trying to get the Five Knuckle Shuffle over as a FINISHER? One crappy finisher is bad enough. Anti-climatic ending to the show.


The show was average at best, and nowhere near as good as the hype job Cole and Tazz kept trying to give it. More, more, more mediocrity from the SmackDown crew.

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What a surprise we kick off the show with an Eddie Guerrero-Rey Mysterio match again! :roll And to make things worse they have just the about the same finish every week!


Great segment from JBL as always, and i think Orlando Jordan is pretty good on the mic too. The interference from Big Show and Cena was too predictable though.


I dont quite know why there spiliting up Jindrak and Luther, unless Luther is getting a big singles push. That punch Jindrak gave Reigns was quality.


Pretty crap that Teddy is still the GM, im not a big fan of him as GM, interesting to see what happens between Long and Carlito now though. Also is it just me or does anyone else feel like slapping his stupid looking peanut head?! :lol


The tag main event was average at best, why is Orlando Jordan in main events? It would have made more sense to have Cena/Show vs JBL/Angle.


Pretty boring show to be honest.

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Because... if you remember, Jabby ell (as Theodore R. Long says it :P :lol) split up after the VERY short union just before the Royal Rumble


And I think they made Orlando Jordan JBL's Cheif of Staff last year is because it was VERY rare to see him Wrestle on SmackDown!


And I hope it's Jindrak who gets the push, well remember he's Randy Orton's friend so that's how he got pushed anyway, if it wasn't for that he would probably still be the "Reflection of Perfection"


And Theodore R. Long you mean about peanut head? lol :lol


and I love the Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Tag Team Matches, thus far I have loved them all!

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