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TWO 25 Sexiest Women in the World Vote


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Controversial? Maybe. But Alan and I think this is a great idea so I decided to run with it. Please, if you find this sort of thing degrading to women, click "Back" on your browser and don't visit this thread again.


So for anyone thats left it's quite simple, you have 3 weeks to have a think about your top 10 sexiest women, then email them to me in order 1-10, I'll add up the scores and then post the 25, or maybe 50 if we get enough entries.


You can email me by clicking here. Please put "TWO 25" in the title so I won't miss your entry.

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Yes thats right, myself and KJ are working together again, this time on the Sexiest Women vote! If you dissaprove of the whole thing, then please as my esteemed colleague noted click "Back" on your browser. This is purely for fun, and we would like as many people to get involved as possible (Male and Female members). I can be emailed Here so you can send me your top ten females. Make sure you number them 1 to 10, and that the subject/title is TWO 25 for me to count them.


Once Myself and KJ have had enough entries, we will be combining our lists (so no voting twice) and finding out who is the Sexiest Woman as voted for by TWO members.

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Yup, its a shame. I would have won this competition hands down.


Number 1 sexiest woman in the world~!



I would have submitted my entries but I cant name that many women, and this thread kinda disappeared so, yeah...I'm full of bad excuses.

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