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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter #87 (Column: The Hall of Fame Revisited)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter

Issue #87 - February 20th 2005



Welcome to the 87th edition of the TWO Newsletter, on the day of No Way Out 2005! Tonight's the night that the Barbed Wire Steel Cage match makes it's debut, and with that seeming to be the only half-decent thing to look forward to, it's going to be a very, very poor PPV! So if you're staying up to watch it, I don't envy you in the slightest!


This week's Newsletter sees the return of Fletch's TNA column (I promise you it's here this week!), as well as Stephen Ashfield with an article on the WWE Hall of Fame. Goldy has the UK news, I have my Stats, and Fletch also does the US news. Darkie's busy pampering Gem, but he spared enough time to do this week's awards!


Have a nice week, and "enjoy" No Way Out!


Darkstar and Chris2K

Newsletter Editors



This week in Wrestling History



14th February

1999 - Val Venis defeated Ken Shamrock for the WWF Intercontinental title


15th February

1998 - Died - Louie Spicolli of a drug overdose at 27


16th February

1997 - Bret Hart defeated Steve Austin, Vader and the Undertaker for the WWF Heavyweight title


17th February

2002 - Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall re-form the nWo in the WWF


18th February

1985 - Lelani Kai defeated Wendi Richter for the WWF Women's title


19th February

1994 - The Heavenly Bodies defeated the Rock n' Roll Express for the Smokey Mountain Tag Team title


20th February

1989 - Ricky Steamboat defeated Ric Flair for the NWA Heavyweight Wrestling title

2002 - The Prototype (John Cena) defeated Leviathan (Batista) for the Ohio Valley Heavyweight title




New @ Wrestling 101



- T3C: WWE No Way Out 2005 Preview


- UK Scene #160



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Join us tonight as usual for our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night!


The quiz will be on from 8pm-9pm with the PPV Chat following on from 9pm-1am! (UK Times)


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US News - by Fletch







It was announced tonight on "Raw" that in addition to Jimmy Hart, Bob Orton Jr., Paul Orndorff, the Iron Sheik an Nikoli Volkoff, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper will also be inducted into the WWE hall of fame during the Wrestlemania weekend in April.


Batista will appear on both SmackDown! and No Way Out this week. They will have Teddy Long, Batista, and Eric Bischoff all on RAW next week for a contract signing. Batista will sign with RAW to face Triple H.



There are also plans to have HBK/Angle confrontations during RAW and SmackDown! bext week as well with a chance of HBK showing up this Sunday at No Way Out.


WWE is still in negotiations with The USA Network about carrying their cable programming when their deal with Spike TV expires in the fall and there is a very good chance that WWE could jump back to their original network in September.


Ron Simmons and Luther Reigns will be the guests on Byte This over at WWE.com. this week.


Only Five matches have been announced for this Sundays No Way Out PPV including JBL vs Big Show in the Barb Wire Cage Match, John Cena vs Kurt Angle in the NO. 1 contenders tournement finals, a 4 diva beauty contest, Undertaker vs Luther Raines, and The Bashams vs Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. Now 3 or 4 more matches are expected to be added and right now two of those are rumored to be Heidenreich vs Booker T., and a six man Cruiser bout.


Jakks will be releasing the first action figure of Val Venis since 1999. It will be an exclusive avilable only on http://www.ringsidecollectibles.com and is up for pre-order right now for 14.99. It should ship sometime in April.


Wrestlemania 21 for the X-Box by THQ has been delayed. The release date was scheduled to be March 8th but it has been pushed back a couple of weeks to March the 28th so they can work out a few bugs.


Chris Masters also debuts on RAW next week and the word going around was that he might start a feud with Chris Benoit.


- Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will be appearing on CNBC's The Big Idea

with Donny Deutsch on Wednesday night @ 10PM Eastern.


- Candice Michelle was the #6 most searched web term on Lycos.com for the

week ending 2/12.


- Rob Van Dam will be signing autographs this weekend at the WonderCon

Convention (Moscone Center) in San Francisco, CA.


- WWE will announce their 3rd quarter earnings report on Wednesday

February 23rd before the market opens during a conference call at 10AM.

Members of the media can participate in the Q & A session that will

follow the report by calling on 800-901-2725 and quoting conference ID

'WWE' 15 minutes prior to the start of the conference call. A live

webcast will be hosted on corporate.wwe.com.


- There is a new Divas DVD coming out around March/April called "Viva Las

Divas" which will feature footage from a recent photo shoot in Mexico.

Most of the new faceless women are included with tons of never seen

before material.


- WWE.com has an article up with Randy Orton talking about his father

being inducted into the Hall of Fame. "It's crazy, JR called him and I

on the same day, and told us the news... and it's funny, because he was

worried about his travel and his lodging for WrestleMania, and it turns

out that they're flying him in. So of course he was very happy about

that, but being in the Hall of Fame, means joining an elite group of men

who have succeeded in our business."


- D-Von Dudley, Chris Nowinski, and Ron Simmons will be appearing with the

Road To Wrestlemania Tour this weekend at the Lincolnwood Town Center in

Lincolnwood, IL.


- John Cena will be appearing at the World of Wheels this Friday in

Calgary, Alberta, Canada from 6-8pm. Cena will also be appearing at the

Autorama Show at the Dayton Airport Expo Center in Dayton, OH on

Saturday from 2pm.


- WWE Stocks closed the day at 12.02, a 0.41% decrease over yesterday's

closing. The day's range was 11.88 - 12.10.


According to PWinsider.com, Frankie Kazarian, who gave notice to TNA on Tuesday night at the Impact tapings, is expected to sign a WWE developmental deal.


WWE Signed 6 OVW Talens This Week- Most Appear bound for a new development Territory in Atlanta:









- The Chicago Daily Herald has a story on Kurt Angle visiting a Naperville high school yesterday to talk to kids about setting their goals. Angle said that the WWE was the most brutal thing he's ever done and warned

against the danger of drugs: http://www.dailyherald.com/dupage/main_story.asp?intID=3840024


- The Rock is scheduled for the 2/28 David Letterman show on CBS.


- You can add a six-man Cruiserweight title match to No Way Out with Funaki defending against Paul London, Chavo Guerrero, Shannon Moore, Spike Dudley and Akio.


- Jerry Lawler is booking Raw announcer Maria Kanellis for Memphis Wrestling. She is also working with OVW on her days off.


Ted Diabse recently received an interview from the WWE for a consultant position on the Smackdown! writing team. It was for the same position that Kevin Sullivan recently interviewed for.


It was said that Eric Bischoff, Chris Benoit, and others got together on their trip to Japan and discussed the downfall of WCW and what went wrong.


Many are worried within WWE that there are not enough strong heels lined up to work programs with Batista in the future to make him a major superstar. After working with Triple H it is not known who would be next in line as a strong heel to work with Batista in order to really put him over to the next level.



WWE.com has added a new subsite within the Superstars site. It is devoted to the WWE Hall of Fame. There are full length bios and profiles up for all the members, including the announced 2005 class. It is an awesome site, a great chance to read up on very important members of the wrestling community.



Tommy Dreamer will be appearing at the New York Wrestling Connection event in Deer Park, Long Island at the Community Center on Saturday 2/26.


- WWE is hopeful that the new Atlanta developmental territory will be up and running with the next 30 days.


- Even though they have nothing in the works for him, Mick Foley still wants to be apart of Wrestlemania in some form.


- Gene Snitsky recently turned 35.


- It appears Psicosis and Super Crazy are trying out for the same roster spot.


John "Romeo" Roselli, part of the OVW Heartbreakers tag team that received dark match tryouts at TVs this week, has been officially offered a WWE developmental deal. He has also wrestled as Johnny Heartbreaker.


Batista spoke to students at Penn State University. During a speech regarding public relations, he said: "I'm only intimidated by two people - my mother and Vince McMahon." He also admitted - gasp - that he is turning babyface soon. "I'm making a move to being a good guy," he said. He said he was surprised how much p.r. work is involved with being a WWE wrestler. If he thinks there's a lot now, wait until he sees what he goes through as one half of the main event of WrestleMania.


The WWE has scrapped the Undertaker and Kane vs Heidenreich and Gene Snitsky match for Wrestlemania. Undertaker was not happy about the match and made sure he let them know about it. Undertaker has told them he would like to face Randy Orton in a Legend vs Legend Killer match and many people feal that Orton could be the one to end his Wrestlemania streak. With the tag match off atleast for now the WWE is toying with the idea of a 3 way featuring Matt Hardy vs Kane vs Gene Snitsky.


- Stevie Richards, Rosey are off the house show tour this weekend because they are working special

bookings for the WWC promotion in Puerto Rico. Batista is also off the Raw shows because he is with Smackdown in Pittsburgh for the PPV.


- The Penn State University website has a story on Batista who visited the

campus yesterday to speak during a lecture on public relations media

methods. He was quoted as saying: "I don't want to give away too much of

the magic, but you people are not stupid. Our matches are not scripted.

It's entertainment. The outcome is predetermined." His thoughts on Vince

McMahon: "I'm only intimidated by two people -- my mother and Vince

McMahon...he's a very generous man, but the bottom line is if he doesn't

need you, he's going to cut you loose, even if you're his best friend."


- The Rock, along with the cast of 'Be Cool' and other Hollywood

celebrities attended the premiere of the movie this past Monday at the

Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, CA. WireImage.com has pictures

from the arrivals, red carpet and after show party which you can see at



- Christy Hemme updated her website last Monday but nobody really noticed.

Well we did yesterday, she wrote: "Winning the WWE Diva Search in

September 2004 has been a dream come true. My love for this company, and

the family that belongs to it, grows every day. My bigger dream is to

make you all proud and to be here for years to come. Currently, the WWE

is keeping me extremely busy, and I'm gaining extensive knowledge of the

business, performing, and even training to do some wrestling! To put one

rumor to rest... I WILL be on the cover, with a pictorial, in the April

edition of Playboy magazine, with a blessing from my friends and family

(especially my dad!). I am honored by this opportunity to represent the

WWE in the pages of Playboy, and hope you enjoy it as well. Thank you

all for visiting my site... and I'll see you on Monday Night Raw on

Spike TV!"


- Triple H will be signing copies of his book "Making The Game" on

Saturday from Noon at WalMart, West Main Street, Kalamazoo, MI.


- WWE Stocks are trading at 12.13 as of press time, a 0.75% increase over

the previous closing. The day's range so far has been 12.06 - 12.18.


- The following videos made it to Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports

chart for the week ending February 26th. Rob Van Dam's 'One Of A Kind'

debuts in the first place, 'The Rise & Fall Of ECW' is in fourth, 'Andre

The Giant' in fifth and 'Best Of Intercontinental Championship' is in

eight place.


The Pennsylvania Daily News has a good article up on No Way Out with

quotes from John Cena and Rey Mysterio. Especially interesting comments

from Mysterio: "I think WWE doesn't see me as a cruiserweight...That

makes me feel good. That makes me work harder to try to accomplish being

WWE heavyweight champion, something that's never been seen at my height

and my weight."


- The Calgary Sun reported today that Raw returns to theSaddledome on 5/30 for a TV taping.


- Smackdown scored a 3.4 rating on Thursday night.


- Meredith Whitney was on Fox and Friends this morning talking about her wedding to JBL last weekend. She noted that Ron Simmons was best man and cried during his speech. They showed wedding photos including one of The Undertaker and other



- The UPW promotion sent out a press release yesterday confirming that WWE Tough Enough Winner

Daniel Puder will be appearing at their Santa Ana "Homcoming Havoc" show

on 2/23. Frankie Kazarian, Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire, Mike Mizanin,

and Apocalypse are all booked too


Word has it that the WWE is actually thinking of turning one of the most over faces in the company Eddie Guerrero heel. The idea that could happen sees Eddie frustrated because he and Rey Mysterio lose this Sunday at the No way Out PPV which leads him to turn on Mysterio. Not only does the WWE feal this will revive Eddie who right now is lost in the shuffle but they also think its brilliant set up for a match between Guerrero and Mysterio at Wrestlemania 21 which would indeed be a great match.



The Shane Twins were told backstage at this weeks Smackdown tapings that upon there debute after Wrestlemania they will be feuding with the Dudley Boys.



WWE hopes to have the new Developmental system in Georgia up and running in the next 30 days.



Tickets to No Way Out have sold so poorly that the WWE has discounted the upper level seats to $10.00 each and has even given out several hundered free tickets for the nose bleed section. Right now floor seats are still avilable but there price has not been discounted.






Sean Waltman's back was in a lot of pain backstage before his run-in during the Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash main event, said to have been from taking bumps in the Tijuana ring he worked in on Friday evening for Moras promotion, teaming with BG Jammes and Billy Gunn in a loss to Konnan, Rey Misterio Sr. and Psicosis.


Representatives for the Speed Channel were backstage at the PPV filming footage of Jeff Hammond for a segment that will air on a new series titled "NASCAR Nation."


Don Harris was said to have been very excited about getting in the ring last night.


There were a little over 1200 fans admitted into the PPV last night.


For those who asked, Phi-Delta Slam are Florida independent performers who also did enhancement work for WCW when they taped in Florida.


Word going around backstage at the PPV was that we might see a 6 man tag at Destination X featuring: Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, and BG James vs Jeff Jarrett, Billy Gunn, and Trytan (Ryan Wilson). If that does happen expect the 4 man Ultimate X which is planned to go on as the main event.


TNA is currently in talks with Takedown Masters on getting some of there DVD's including Victory Road in stores like Sam Goody, FYE, and Best Buy.



Expect several matches for Destination X including a new number one contender for the NWA Title to be announced this week on Impact.



Scheduled for the next TNA PPV will be a four-way Ultimate X match. The match will feature X champion A.J. Styles defending the title, and three other wrestlers one rumored to be Primetime. No other official matches are scheduled for the show yet, but a strong possibility on top is Jeff Jarrett defending the NWA title against Diamond Dallas Page.



There is still no official decision made yet on what to refer to Billy Gunn as in TNA. Any attempt to use a name like "Bad Ass", or "Ass", or "Outlaw" will result in repercussions from WWE legal. Gunn did wear a t-shirt at the Against All Odds pay-per view that had the initials "N.I.N.", which stands for "No Introductions Necessary."



The Jeff Hardy vs Abyss feud at this point is scheduled to continue leading to a rematch at Destination X.



Another feud that might continue is Dustin Rhodes vs Raven but that has yet to be confirmed.


According to pwinsider.com, Frankie Kazarian gave notice that he was leaving the company at last night's Impact tapings in Orlando, FL. His contract had previously expired, and he wasn't extended new paperwork to keep him under contract.


Vice President of marketing Walt Wilson has left TNA. He excepted the position in April 2004, but often times butted heads with TNA executive Bob Ryder.


Mike Johnson is also reporting that Alex Shelley has requested his release from TNA, but have yet to receive it.


Alex Shelley wrote on his live journal that he has requested a release from TNA, saying, "Speaking of TNA, I'll have an update on that soon, along with some details of why I'm not there. For everyone that's interested, I asked for my release in early January, but for whatever reason, have yet to recieve it." Shelley will be debuting for Japan's ZERO-ONE in March.


Primetime Elix Skipper has opened an official website at http://www.primetimeelixskipper.com.


CM Punk was backstage at Impact! last night.


A number of fans who attended the Impact tapings said the word going around at TNA yesterday accoridng to some of the workers was that Kazarian had a WWE deal waiting for him.



Yesterday at the Impact tapings at incident took place where a fan was ejected for putting his hands on AJ Styles. The fan was then told he could never return to the tapings ever again and is barred for life. The fan named Jay posted the following apology on the TNA fan forums.



Hi my name is Jay. Most of you who come to the Impact tapings every week know me as Canada or as Sack. I am a member of the street team; I come to every taping and to every PPV. I promote the show to all my friends, coworkers, and anyone that will listen.


On Feb. 15 2005 I saw one of the most disrespectful things I have ever seen near a wrestling ring in my life. And I was the reason for it happing. Ever since AJ Styles beat Johnny Devine on an Impact taping. I have had bitter felling towards AJ. After his match with Devine he told him and Coach Demore (sic) to go back to Canada. I told AJ to go back to Georgia. Styles got out of the ring and had a few words with me. Since then I have said a lot of things to AJ trying to get under his skin as no one else has before.


On the 15th of Feb. I went down to the pit to insult him in his six man tag match. Before the match we had words and after the match. AJ Styles got in my face yelling at me and gave me a shove. Now I being the man I am pushed him back. This is the most disrespectful I have ever seen in wrestling that I can remember. I was totally in the wrong. I should never have put my hands on Styles. I was then ejected form (sic) the building. I do not disagree with the decision to throw me out of the building. I should have been thrown out and I am ok with it.


I want to apologize to AJ Styles, the TNA Staff, and to the TNA Fans. I was out of line. AJ Styles I am sorry for isrespecting you and put (sic) my hands on you. To the entire TNA staff for what I did and for the problems I caused. And to the TNA fans for the way I acted.


- The TNA website has a good interview up with Chris Candido talking about

his return to wrestling at a national level. "I'd relate (TNA) to being

a starving person who hasn't eaten in a while who's all of a sudden

given a big fat juicy steak. It's the best steak you'll ever eat.

Although I was trying to keep busy in the independents, it wasn't

anywhere near the level of TNA. It's good to be back on a national show

that's professionally run with a good bunch of guys in the locker room.

It's also probably the first time since my start in WWF that I'm

enjoying doing this with a clear head and a straight frame of mind. When

me and Tammy (Sytch) were first brought to WWF, we weren't mentally

ready to handle the spotlight at 20 years old. To enjoy wrestling again

is a real blast."


- The Final Resolution PPV did an estimated 25,000 to 28,000 buys. The promotion is hopeful the final number could be closer to 35,000 after all the replay buys are tallied.


- Eurosport, the European sports channel, is giving TNA a tryout with two specials, one on 2/25, and the second on 3/4.


- There were several wrestlers that wanted Scott Hall fired after his recent drinking binge on the flight returning from South Korea.


On this weeks edition of Impact it was announced that Kevin Nash vs The New Age Outlaw (Billy Gunn) in a NO DQ match has been added to the Destination X Card. Also it was announced that the Ultimate X will have a new format as it will not only feature 4 wrestlers this time but it will be elimination format by pinfall or submission and then when it gets down to the final two it will be Ultimate X rules as you must climb the cables to get the belt.


Monty Brown vs Trytan is being discussed for Destination X.


Phi Delta Slam (Team Trinity) vs The Harris Bros. (Team Traci) has been added to the Destination X lineup on TNAwrestling.com.


Another match discussed to take place at Destination X is a 4 tag team elimination match featuring AMW defending there titles against Team Canada, 3 Live Kru, and Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt.



When TNA Impact! debuts on Eurosport next week for their trial run, the commentary will be handled by Portuguese celebrity Axel.



Bill Banks posted his latest column on TNAWrestling.com. Banks came off really classy wishing both Johnny Swinger and Kazarian well in their departures from TNA. I believe he was the first and only mention of either talent's exit from the company officially by TNA. Some other notes from the column: Dennis Knight (Mideon) and Apolo were backstage at the PPV as was CM Punk....Shane Douglas has been promoted to a new role in the talent relations department....Abyss suffered a gash in his head brawling with Jeff Hardy at Impact! but was OK once he was checked out by TNA's medical staff.


Following the departure of Frankie Kazarian from TNA a number of workers

have posted well wishes in their web columns...


Michael Shane wrote: "One of the biggest loses to the TNA locker room in

my opinion is the loss of Frankie and the end to our tag team. Some of

my best times in TNA has always been tagging with him and he will truly

be missed by both me and the whole locker room. Now what is going to

happen with me? Now I can tell you that, that was one of Frankie's

biggest concerns. But as I told him, that fate is not going to lie in

his hands or anybody else's. The only one who can determine what happens

to me is me. So to Frankie don't worry about me, I will get the job

done, just as well as I know you will in wherever you end up. Somewhere

down the road we will meet again!!!"


Traci Brooks wrote: "In this business the people you work with become

your family and the most important people in your life, whether you have

known them for days, weeks, or years they are they people you love,

trust, and count on. You spend holidays with them, birthdays, and go

through good times and bad times and when one of them leaves its not

like loosing a buddy its loosing a part of your family. in my case my

closet family member.. Frankie will be missed at TNA and but I know we

all wish him the best.. Thanks for all the good times Frankie and I will

miss you and so will the TNA fans. You are the coolest."


Bill Banks wrote: "Last but certainly not least, I wanted to say goodbye

to both Frankie Kazarian and Johnny Swinger, who have both departed TNA.

Kazarian's last match for TNA will air next Friday on Impact. Both were

always class acts to work with behind the scenes and I personally wish

them all the best."






In Japan last week, former ECW champion Steve Corino suffered a broken hand while working as Monster C. Corino is going to have surgery on the hand tomorrow (Tuesday).


- The IGN website has another interview up with The Rock talking more in-depth about his contract situation with the WWE: "Well, contractually, my contract was up, it came and went last year, at the

end of the year last year, and it was an interesting way it all came

out. I wasn't contacted or notified or anything like that. It wasn't

until my own team had basically congratulated me [saying], 'Oh my God,

what a wonderful career you've had. Congratulations!' It's like,

'Really. It's done?' I wish it would have gone down a little bit

different. For that part, I'm sad about it." Rock said that the WWE

never even attempted to negotiate a new deal with him: "It was never

brought up. Yeah, basically. And I was over in Prague, as my man there

was saying, filming, and again, it was just one of those things that

kinda like hit like a ton of bricks. Because again, my own team, my

managers and everybody, they're congratulating me. It moved me, because

I had so much love from them, I thought well." His thoughts on any

future WWE appearances: "I'm sure the door's always open and I

appreciate that. But yeah, I do miss the fans, that part sucks that, you

know what I mean, I can't perform live like that. I'm sure I will one

day. I love it, man. I love just, you know, live interaction."


- During a recent interview, Jake Roberts stated that he is need of a hip replacement.


- Randy Savage told a Missouri newspaper that he can’t wrestle right now because of “health concerns.”


- There will be a series of shows in Japan for U.S. Servicemen at the Yokota Air Force base from 2/24 to 3/2 featuring Billy Gunn, Train (A-Train), Glen Gilbertti and Norman Smiley.


- Zero-One Max is promoting a U.S. style show on 3/15 at Korakuen Hall with the likes of Spanky, Super Crazy, Sonjay Dutt, CW Anderson and Alex Shelley.


- “Dr. Death Steve Williams” has been declared completely free of cancer.


AJ Styles vs. Low Ki is scheduled for the 4/15 UXW event in Jamaica, Queens New York at Club Amazora.



Vince Russo is promoting a "Christian-themed" wrestling event tomorrow, Sunday 2/20 at The Covenant Life Worship Center in Chickamauga, Georgia. The lineup for the free event features:


*Elix Skipper vs. Jeff Jarrett

*Chris Harris vs. Queen Herod

*The Disciple of Destruction vs. Jimmy Rave

*Traci Brooks vs. Desire

*Mike Sanders & Disco Inferno vs. Terry Taylor & Johnny Swinger

*David Young vs. Sonny Siaki


Goldylocks, Jim Mitchell, Abyss and Alan Funk will also be appearing on the show. Scott Hudson and Tony Schiavone will be handling commentary live for the show (which is being filmed for DVD.) TNA's Jeremy Borash, Tim Welch and David Sahadi will be handling the production end alongside Russo. The appearance is the first by Schiavone since the implosion of WCW, other than the XWF tapings in Florida and a brief appearance for TNA a few years back.




UK News - by Goldy



Hey everyone, welcome to this weeks UK Wrestling section of the TWO Newsletter. As I was in London for the latter half of last week, meeting up with TWO's very own Sports Forum Leader, Alan JP for an excellent Fozzy concert, (I recommend you all check out Chris Jericho's band if you haven't already done so!) hence this weeks edition is action packed! PS: I'm very happy to report that Alan is fairly normal, well, as far as West Ham fans go ;)





3CW - Billingham - 11/02/05

- 'Simply The Best' Chris Whitton def Kid Ritchie, Stevie Lynnn and - Anthony 'Livewire' McIntrye

- 'Porn Star' Save Styles def Heresy

- Malice Masacrado & Chris Canyon def William Grange Esquire & - 'Big Bully' Jeremy Vengeance.

- Jayson Mayson def The Zebra Kid.

- Team 3CW (Gangster Ben Harland, Lance Thunder & Andy Hogg) def Team Sinner (Total Annihilation & Chris Renfrew), Team Old School (Majik, Ricky Knight & CJ Hunter, and the team of Eric Canyon, Keith Myatt and Carter Jay.


Gaunlet Match


- D-Lyrium eliminated Vincent D White

- Dan Evans def D-Lyrium

- Dan Evans def C-Juice

- Assassin def Dan Evans

- Assassin def The Earl

- Assassin def Brother War

- Assassin def White Tiger

- 'Playboy' Jonny Love def Assassin.


3CW Championship

- Ice XV11 def Conscience to win the title.


All Star Wrestling

All Star Wrestling - Fairfields Hall - Croydon - 15/02/05

- Nigel McGuiness def Hade Vansen

- Doug Williams & Jose Lopez def Ahmed Chaer & Chad Collyer.

- Dave Taylor vs JJ Wilson was a no contest.

- Drew McDonald def Dave Taylor.

- Drew McDonald won a Royal Rumble.


All Star Wrestling - Ferneham Halls - Fareham - 10/02/05

- Chad Collyer def Domino.

- Dean 2 Xtreme def Jose Lopez.

- Little Legs def Ahmed Chaer.

- Dave Taylor & Doug Williams def Chief Jay, Thundercloud & TJ Wilson.

- The Flatliner def Karl Krammer.


All Star Wrestling - Gravesend - 16/02/05

- Nigel McGuiness def Robbie Dynamite

- TJ Wilson Vs James Mason ended in a draw.

- Jose Lopez def Ahmen Chaer

- 'The Highlander' Drew McDonald def 'Rocky' Dave Taylor

- Main Event - 8 Man Elimination Survivor Tag

Robbie Brookside, James Mason, Dave Taylor & Nigel McGuiness Vs Chad Collyer, Drew McDonald, TJ Wilson and Robbie Dynamite

Ended in a no contest when Collyer attacked the ref.



IWF - St. Josephs Hall - 13/02/05

- Joey Wright def Jonny Hogarth

- Dave Heat def Mini Player

- Little Dragon def Paul Dolby

- Jed Masters def Shaun Avery

- Harry Pain def Boogie Knights

- Junior Academy Champion Max Heat def Jordan Wright and RD Wood in a three-way dance.



NWA:UK Results - Kent - 09/02/05

- JP Monroe def David Deville

- Psycho Steve def Jekkel

- Zack Sabre Jnr & Jane def Omer Ibrahim & Jezebel

- Chris Stone Vs Toker was a no contest.

- Danny Williams def Mr.Vain

- Devilman & Jimmy Havoc Vs Jon Ryan & Peter Jay was thrown out by the referee.





ALL STAR WRESTLING - February events:

- Hastings White Rock Theatre - 0870 145 1133 - Wed 23rd

- Aldershot Princes Hall - 01252 329 155 - Thurs 24th

- Cannock Prince of Wales Centre - 01543 578762 - Fri 25th

- Hanley Victoria Hall - 0870 060 6649 - Sat 26th

- Bolton Albert Halls - 01204 334 400 - Sun 27th.



On Sunday February 27th, FCW return to Baggeridge for their monthly show entitled "Reckless Abandon". One match has already been announced, that being another Quarter Final match in the FCW Tag Team Title Tournament. The team of Danny Devine and Cameron Knite will take on Swift Justice.


After The Party Boys split at "Back To the Future II", Dragon Phoenix and the now "Sadistic" Jack Storm will cross paths....


Tickets for this show are £5 each (Family ticket - £17) and can be obtained from http://www.midlandboxoffice.com or http://www.tickets.com.



FWA's first show of 2005, 'New Frontiers' will take place on Saturday February 26 at Broxbourne Civic Hall, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. Tickets cost £35 for Gold Ringside, £25 for Silver Ringside, £15, £10 and £20. Anyone purchasing a Gold or Silver Ringside ticket through FWA On-Line Box Office will receive a free downloadable video from a selection of FWA releases.


FWA New Frontiers begins at 3pm with a special Fan Slam/Press Conference, featuring a special face-to-face interview with ‘The Showstealer' Alex Shane and ‘The Wonderkid' Jonny Storm and a Q&A with Chris Hero, to which admission is £4.50 for all. This event is expected to last until 4.30pm. Doors open to Gold and Silver Ringside ticket holders at 5.40pm, for a special dark match, and then at 6pm to all other ticket-holders. The show will commence at 6.30pm. Here is the card:


-The Showstealer' Alex Shane v ‘The Wonderkid' Jonny Storm

- Special announcement by ‘The Phoenix' Jody Fleisch

- The South City Thriller' Hade Vansen v Spud

- The Zebra Kid v Chris Hero

- The First Ever FWA Open Door Invitational

- The Duke of Danger and Simmons (with Buttercup) v Declan O'Connor and Joey Hayes.

- James Tighe & ‘Five Star Flash v Aviv Maayan & Ross Jordan

- Jack Xavier v Leroy Kincade

- Mark Sloan (with the EntouRAGE and Stevie Knight) v Stevie Lynn

- The FWA main show debut of Dirk Feelgood.



GPW have a show on the 18th March at their usual venue in the Monaco Ballroom, Wigan. Show starts at 7pm.


GPW are also very pleased to announce that "The Stampede Kid" TJ Wilson will be wrestling on the show. The Stampede Kid was trained by Wigan's own British Bulldog and wrestling legend Bret "The Hitman" Hart. This will mark the first appearance by a member of the Hart Foundation in Wigan since The British Bulldog was here. More details as I receive them.



The next IWF show is on 5th March 2005 at St Joseph’s Hall, Gateshead. Tickets are £4 and are available from Gateshead Photographic (0191) 477 2332 or Movie-Toon, Newgate Centre, Newcastle. Bell-time is 7pm. Details of matches to follow shortly…Check out the new IWF website at http://www.iwfindependent.co.uk .



The first Finchley event of 2005 kicks off in style, on March 5th, with one of the most anticipated RBW clashes between two bitter rivals, the former British Welterweight Champion, Sammy Ray and the wrestler who claims he is taking over, "Flying" Phil Powers. A huge Championship vs Championship contest is also on the show, putting "Misfit" Jorge Castano and his British Middleweight Championship against Kid Regis and his British Welterweight Championship.


To top that off, we also have two other singles contests, starring some of the Midlands wrestlers that often appear in Revolution British Wrestling, "Sadistic" Jack Storm vs Morales and "Sensation of the Nation" Rob Hunter vs Saul Adams.


Tickets for this event are already on sale costing £8 adults, £9 front row and £6 children. You can buy tickets Online at http://www.revolutionbritishwrestling.co.uk or at the event itself.


Doors open at 7.30pm. Event begins at 8.00pm. Show ends at 10.00pm.



The superstars of UK wrestling will wreak havoc on Belper Leisure Centre, John O'Gaunts Way, Belper, Derbyshire on March 12th 2005. Doors open at 6.30pm and the event commences at 7.30pm.The card:


- Eamon Shrahan vs S C Supreme

- Andy "Boy" Simmons vs "Hardcore" Keith Myatt

- James Tighe vs Stixx

- Spud vs Bubblegum vs Aviv Maayan

- Over the top rope Battle Royal.


Tickets are available on the door, or on 01773 882752 costing £8 for adults and £5 children. Family Pass (two adults, two children): £22.



Friday 25th February wZw return to Shildon Civic Hall, Shildon, County Durham, Web: http://www.wzwuk.com/shildon25feb.htm

Tickets for this show are selling very fast indeed and over 40% of the tickets have been snapped up, tickets are available from the venue or online now and can be purchased on the door on the night of the show, ticket prices start from £4.00. The card so far for the show:


- Cruiser Division Tournament: Winners will face off at the next evenings show in Hartlepool.

- Micky L Vs Spud

- Stevie Lynn Vs Anthony McIntyre (Macca)

- El Ligero Vs Shady Nattrass

- Darkside Vs Wolfgang

- Iceman vs. Spitfire ©

- AJ Anderson © Vs Lance Thunder.

- More matches are scheduled to be announced on the night of the show.


Saturday 26th February wZw return to the Belle Vue Sports Centre, Hartlepool Web: http://www.wzwuk.com/hartlepool26feb.htm . The Card so Far for the show:


- Pyramid match – for the wZw Cruiser Division title. Winners from the previous nights tournament will face off in a worlds first Pyramid Elimination Match.

- Lance Thunder Vs Chris Witton

- AJ Anderson Vs Juvenile

- Tron Vs ??????

- Other matches will be announced on the night of the show.






The latest edition of Radio WAW is now available for download, with an exclusive interview with former British Heavyweight Champion The Zebra Kid. The next edition will feature the first interview EVER with Britain's youngest ever professional wrestler, 'The Masked Superstar' Zak Zodiac.






This coming Friday night's FWA TV show, presented by Tony Giles with match commentary from Dann Read and Nick London, will feature the All-England Title defense by ‘The South City Thrilla' Hade Vansen against Low Ki.


Check out FWA TV on TWC (Sky 427) this Friday night at 9pm for what turned out to be an awesomely hard-hitting and controversial battle.


ALSO COMING SOON - FWA TV will be screened free on the Internet! Very soon, you will be able to see episodes of FWA TV right here on http://www.frontierwrestling.com through FWA On-Line Plus at the same time as the episodes air on TWC! Stay tuned for more on this latest development.


ITVs Celebrity Wrestling Show

TWO's Draven, found an interesting read on this show, written by Joe E Legend himself on his website, to read click on http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18516 .





European Wrestling Videos

Special Offer - Wrestling DVD Sale! All DVDs Just £6.00! Not long after the announcement came of all EWV titles being available on the DVD format, European Wrestling Videos has announced a special exclusive e-mail DVD sale, which means that you could purchase DVDs from EWV for hugely reduced prices!


For a limited time only, all DVDs* are available at just £6.00 each, including postage and packing to all UK destinations!


All you need to do is purchase your order through the website as normal, quoting the special reference code: BSAO43


If you wish to place an order using our online credit/debit card system, please purchase your order as instructed on the website, and we will then send back your saving direct, and your order through the post. Alternatively, if paying via the post in form of a cheque, postal order etc, then please ensure you calculate the correct total, with each video costing just £5.00 including p&p*.


EWV currently contains the largest amount of titles in the world of European wrestling, with various videos of classic wrestling up until events happening literally weeks ago with leading promotions such as Revolution British Wrestling.



Its been a while since wzw released a DVD or Video from one of their shows, in the next week they will be releasing 2 new DVD’s and Video’s featuring two shows last year on the ‘Path to Destruction Tour’.


- Whitley Bay – 27th August 2004 (No Commentary) £6.00 (DVD) & £7.00 (VHS)

- Cramlington – 29th August 2004 (No Commentary) £6.00 (DVD) & £7.00 (VHS)


They are also aiming to release the ‘Destruction Tour’ Before the Middlesbrough show, will have full commentary and was filmed with Broadcast Quality Camera’s. Keep checking out the wZw online store http://www.wzwuk.com/shop for details.






On the night of New Frontiers, new FWA ring announcer Chris Brosnahan will reveal the identity of the American independent star who will appear at FWA Crunch on Saturday, April 16 2005.


Tickets for FWA Crunch go on sale from the Broxbourne Civic Hall box office and via FWA On-Line Box Office on Saturday, February 26. They will be available to buy from the Civic Hall on the night of New Frontiers.



Irish Whip Wrestling have added another match to their card for March 20th. Darren Burridge will face NWA:TNA star Chris Sabin, both of whom are making their IWW debuts. Already on the card is a 4 way contest between Jonny Storm, Red Vinny, M-Dogg 20 and a mystery opponent.


TWC Supershow

‘The Showstealer' Alex Shane has signed to meet Raven at Coventry SkyDome on Saturday March 19th.



For many months, there has been talk of UKPW crowning it's very first Tag Team champions during 2005. And now it's official!


On April 29th, we will see history made as UKPW presents a night of champions at the Waterside Theatre - the very site of UKPW's debut event back in December 2003.


More information will be announced in the coming weeks with full details on why Friday April 29th 2005 will truly be a night to remember. Event details are as follows:


- Date: Friday April 29th 2005

- Venue:

Waterside Theatre,

Long Lane,


New Forest,



Ticket prices: Adults - £6.00, Children/OAP - £4.00, Family - £15.00 (any combination of 4 tickets).


Tickets are available on the door or by calling the Box Office on 023 80 893750 ( tickets go on sale next week ). Alternatively, tickets can be ordered online through PayPal at UKPW.com.


Doors open at 7:30pm with an 8:00pm start time. For more information on UKPW, please visit http://www.ukpw.com .



I have the sad duty to report that unfortunately UWL are closing their doors for good. Here is a press release from Carol-Ann Medcalf (AKA Honey Ryder) about the situation.


It is with the deepest regret that i have to confirm today that UWL will be closing down permanently.


The reasons are entirely personal, and were unavoidable - and so i will not be going into details. But i want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me with UWL over the past two years, and who has supported my involvement in wrestling over the last six years.


I have made some amazing friends and have some fantastic memories for which i will always be grateful.


I can also confirm that i will not be able to fulfill any wrestling commitments i have previously agreed to - i have contacted the companies that this affects; and I thank them for their patience (i know how much a pain it is when people pull out of shows). My apologies - and thanks,


Carol-Ann Medcalf (AKA Honey Ryder).


We at Wrestling 101 would like to wish Carol all the best of luck for the future and thank her for supporting us.



American Superstar of “Ring of Honor” and “NWA:TNA” fame is coming to WAR in Rugby for one night of wrestling, only on Sunday 20th March 2005. The show is “Zero Tolerance” and marks a milestone in the history of The Wrestling Association of Rugby.

CM Punk features heavily on Sky’s new “Wrestling Channel”, but for those of you who haven’t heard of him, I am sure you will have heard of some of his previous opponents : Former WWF / WCW Superstars Raven, D-Lo Brown, Jeff Jarrett, Steve Corino and Christopher Daniels. CM Punk has also traveled to Japan and has wrestled all over the world, and now you have the opportunity to see him up close and personal at WAR Zero Tolerance!


The American will be facing local WAR regular “The Bird of Prey” Falcon in what should be an awesome high-flying and risk-taking encounter. Falcon has been quoted as “being very angry that he should have to face this Yankee idiot” and is going under a rigorous training regime to prepare him for the match.


Two titles will also be contested for on the night: WAR Champion The Judge will defend against up and comer “Mean Machine” Iggy Taylor and Midlands Champion “Sensation of the Nation” Rob Hunter will be pitted one on one against the high-flying “Young Dragon” Kyle Masters.


Featuring 5 more matches and a 15 Man over the top rope Royal Rumble, WAR Zero Tolerance will truly be a show to remember. Tickets are selling fast, so don’t forget to reserve to avoid disappointment by calling (01788) 561735 or e-mail tickets@waruk.co.uk .


The show will be suitable for all the family and is to be held at Lawrence Sheriff School, Clifton Road, Rugby on Sunday 20th March. Tickets are just £5 for Adults and £3.50 for Under 15’s. Doors open 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start and the show should be finished by 9.00pm. Refreshments and merchandise will be available at the event, plus an autograph signing with CM Punk himself! For more information, visit http://www.waruk.co.uk or e-mail us at info@waruk.co.uk .


So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now to see CM Punk and WAR Zero Tolerance, and take part in the historic night of action!



Following the introduction of the new WAW British Lightweight Championship, the WAW Championship Committee have announced who the top two contenders are, and when they will meet.


Following their great bout in Great Yarmouth last August, "Gentleman" Jimmy Ocean and "The Wonderkid" Jonny Storm will contest the vacant title on Friday, March 11th at The Paddocks, Canvey Island, in a best of three falls contest fought over ten three minute rounds.


Who Dares Wins Update

The participants in the Superbrawl contest at Who Dares Wins II at The Talk in Norwich have been announced, with some of WAW's most promising up-and-comers going at it - Rott Weiler, Malachi, Triple X, Jonny Cougar, Ty Tanium, Sam Slam & Dave Just. These wrestlers will be entering the ring at one minute intervals. A wrestler can be eliminated in one of three ways, via pinfall, submission, or by being thrown over the top rope.


And as an added incentive, the last two men in the match will get the opportunity to compete for the vacant Eastern Counties title later this year. The full card for Who Dares Wins II is now:


- Majik v Bash

- Sweet Saraya v Kharisma v Destiny v Jetta

- "The Dark Angel" Ashe v Leon Lionheart

- Kraft v Jekkel

- Superbrawl match featuring Rock Weiler, Malachi, Triple X and more.


Tickets for this show, and the show in Canvey Island, can be reserved by telephoning 01603 474693 or 07979302203. Prices are £10 for adults, £7 for children, and £28 for a family ticket (two adults, two children.



Wrestling returns to the Middlesborough Town Hall on Friday, March 18th and what a show wZw have in store, only two matches have been announced, more to be announced in the next few weeks.


News on the show, tickets have gone on sale and already nearly all the ring side seating have been snapped up, tickets are on sale at the Middlesbrough Town Hall Box Office (01642 729729), they will also be available online at the wZw shop in the next week, where we accept Paypal and Nochex online payments. The Card so Far:


-Samoa Joe (ROH) vs. Iceman or Spitfire

-Full Pack (wZw) Vs Stevie Douglas & Alex Pain (wXw)


Another big name is yet to be announced and a full card of action will be announced in the next few weeks. Rumour has it, a massive Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match is about to be booked and also an old school ‘World of Sport’ Style match for the old school followers of wrestling.






The FWA: SL school will be running over the next two weeks, but at a different location. Our Head Trainer, Tony Scarlo, will run the training session with the help of Robby Williams and Tony Sefton.


- Location:

The Martial Arts Centre

68 - 74

Church Street



Tel: 0208 288 0147.


Training times for the 20th / 27th February 2005 are 11:00 am until 14:00 pm. FWA: SL will be returning to its usual venue on the 6th March, and times return to normal (10.30am until 1.30pm).



This Sunday sees the first session taken by international star and top Welterweight competitor, Tex Benedict at our Enfield-based training centre.


Tex Benedict competed for RBW all through 2004 and made waves, clashing against the likes of Johnny Kidd, Sammy Ray, "Sadistic" Jack Storm and many others. This year has been mixed for Benedict so far, firstly being eliminated from the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament by Johnny Kidd in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. However, just a couple of weeks ago, Tex Benedict bounced back, surprisingly defeating Calgary, Alberta, Canada's Neil Faith (a former UK resident) in what was Faith's last UK match for a long time to date.


Unknown to most, Tex Benedict actually holds a sports teaching diploma from his activities in the USA, which will undoubtedly help his teaching at the RBW London Training Centre this week.


The sessions are at the normal times and the recently reduced prices. Full information can be found at http://www.rbwtraining.co.uk .



WAR will be holding a training seminar, in ring, with US Superstar CM Punk before their show on 20th March. Can you really pass up the opportunity to be taught by the head trainer of the Ring of Honor gym? I dont think so! And for just £18 (Maybe cheaper if you bring everyone you know) you can have up to 3 hours of ring training with Punk...then get in to watch the WAR show for FREE! Not bad eh? So why not make the effort and come down to the WAR Arena, Lawrence Sheriff School, Clifton Road, Rugby on Sunday 20th March and meet, greet and get beat by CM Punk! Training kicks off between 2pm and 2.30pm. If you are interested, reserve your place by e-mailing Spin@waruk.co.uk or phone 07986 926626.






The IWF website is finaly up and running again with the brand new and improved style! Check it out and see what you all think at http://www.iwfindependent.co.uk


As the new IWF website is slowly coming together they have updated it with some clips from their most recent Ring Of Faith show, the clips include, Chris Prime's 360 SSP, and Pac's Pheonix splash, so check em out at http://www.iwfindependent.co.uk on the media page.


That's everything for this week, as usual don't forget to check out Wrestling 101's UK Scene for Adam Sibleys latest column as well as Saracen's latest Tenet and as ever all the UK wrestling news updated daily. Remember if YOU have any UK wrestling show news, results or up coming events you would like to see added to the TWO Newsletter, don't hesitate to email me at goldy@wrestling101.com. Thank you for reading.



Six Cents of TNA - by Fletch



6 Cents of TNA 3-Against All Odds Review


So me again folks with another TNA Column but this time its a review of Against All Odds folks so enjoy


Ok so we kicked off the Pre Show with 2 Tag Team Matches. Apparently Chris Sabin was meant to be in action but he wasnt. Anyway Team Trinity turned out to be two big blokes called Phi Delta Slam. They won over a couple jobbers by the names of Lex Lovett and Buck Quaterman. Team Traci? Well that was the returning Harris brothers, Ron and Don who came to the ring on their motorcycles and destroyed Jarelle Clarke and Mikey Baits. Now dont get me wrong but didnt they say it would be Team Trinity vs Team Traci and the winner would be Dustys new PA? Hmm and didnt Dusty say their teams couldnt have been in TNA before? Strange.


Onto the main Pay Per View and throughout the night we had these little backstage segments trying to get the laywers to let JJ use the guitar. Anyways Dusty wouldnt agree but this went on and on through the night. Rather annoying to be honest.


Ok match one was Petey Williams vs Primetime Elix Skipper. Amazing X Division match and its cklear to see they are finally perhaps pushing Primetime as an X Division singles wrestler. To be honest I wasnt a fan while he was with Daniels in Triple X but then Im not much of a fan of Daniels full stop. The match ran a lot longer than I expected for the opening match and the card seemed pretty full on paper. Skipper hit an amzing under arm bellt to back suplex off the top rope that was cleanly hit and done to perfection. Petey attempted a Canadian Destroyer from the 2nd rope but Skip caugth him and dropped him with his new Finisher for a 3 count as D'Amore tried to get in the ring. Great match , much better than I expected from these two as I cant say Petey Williams is the most charismatic guy in the world but very impressive start to the evening.


Up next was Bg James of the 3 Live Kru with Jeff Hammond vs Shazarian (Michael Shane and Kazarian). Killings and Konnanwere down at ringside for this. Somewhat of a bit of a crowd tamer following the opening match. Not exactly the greatest match ever, Shane and Kazarian are very very capable workers who worked for the most part on Bg James, which is understandable as Hammond isnt a wrestler. Wasnt as bad a match as everyone thought it would be as they obviously realised they couldnt do much with Hammond. Would have been nicer to use Ron Killings or hell even Konnan rather than Hammond but for Story purposes I suppose it had to be Hammond. I suppose it was another case of misusing Ron Killings again if you look at it, Killings should be in the main event and here hes a valet for some Nascar guy. Anyway Hammond hit a elbow drop on Kazarian for the 3 count.


Dusty "I used to be Goldust and now I have a job cause Daddy is the booker" Rhodes vs Raven. The most entertaining thing about Dustin Rhodes is his music and a few weeks ago he did a great Goldust-esque movie quote. Hes not the greatest wrestler in the world by a long shot. Raven on the other hand Ive really warmed to lately, Ive never liked Raven but just lately hes been fantastic in my opinion. It was probably Heat main Event or RAW opener in quality to be honest as neither guy could really ever get that high up in WWE. Raven played his usual cheating heel, intelligent attack role he plays so well these days. Dustin was his typical self, using the same moves and executing them the same way as he would were he Goldust. Raven worked the leg for the most part, even using his own version of the Ankle Lock which was nice. Anyway Raven got the win with a cheap rollup with his feet on the ropes. After the match, Ref bump, by god they used the ref bump. Raven then used a trash can to hit Dustin who he put in his straight jacket. Cassidy Reilly came to try and help Dustin but he got a Raven Effect DDT for his troubles, Raven then whipped Rhodes with a leather strap. Raven left as Security ran out.


Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt (Formerly Dallas) vs Americas Most Wanted for the Tag Team Championships, average tag team match to be honest. As great as Americas Most Wanted are I think there are better people they could be facing than Kid Kash and Hoyt. Hoyt or Dallas is a great big man and very talented in the Test mould, Hoyt even armdragged Storm onto the ground on the outside, knocking the wind out of him and The heel team then focused on Storms back, well sold by Storm when he tried for the Death Sentence and he couldnt lift Dallas up, but he tried again, Harris dropped the leg and thats all she wrote. Average match at best.


Next we had one of the suprise great matches of the Pay Per View. Now anyone that knows me, knows of my great hatred for Jeff Hardy as hes probably the worst wrestler Ive ever seen in my life, BUT hes in his element when Ladders are involved, hence the reason that up until this PPV, Victory Road was still my favourite PPV from TNA. But I had to say Hardy was on fire, and so was Abyss. Folks when Hardy climbs the stage with Abyss on the table and Hardy flips off onto Abyss with a Swanton its a thing of beauty it really is. TNA seemingly have the bigger ladders too as Hardy pulled one out from under the ring, not quite twice as big as a usual ladder though Don West. Hardy set it up as Abyss crawled back slowly, and Hardy climbed, Hardy took an envelope down, but it was empty and now Abyss clubs at him, Hardy then went up to get the other but Abyss grabbed Hardy, Hardy came down and tried to whipe Abyss but he reversed it, Hardy went flying over the top and crashed through about 4 or 5 tables on the outside, Abyss then climbed and got the contract to face the NWA Champion on an episode of iMPACT in the future. Fantastic match that suprised me in terms of quality. Hardy really pulled out all the stops and Kudos to him for it.


Short match then with Team Canada vs DDP and Monty Brown. To be honest it was nothing more than a filler match, should have been Roode and Hall bt since Hall had a few too many to drink, and we all know how Hall is, he got replaced by Eric Young. Brown and Page worked well as a team. Brown hit the most awesome Pounce I have ever seen on Bobby Roode who went flying. Easily the best Pounce ever. DDp then hit a 2nd Rope Diamond Cutter on Young for the 3.


X Championship match was up next, a 30 Minute Iron Man Match with the Phenomenal AJ Styles defending the X Gold against Former Triple X Member, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Ok first up lets get things straight. I skipped through a large amount of this match, why? Because I cannot sit there and watch 30 minutes of these two guys wrestling technically none stop for 30 minutes. May sound a little bit silly of me, but these days I cant bring myself to watch AJ Styles as hes single handedly ruined the X Division just by winning the belt. Daniels may be sound technically speaking but personally I think hes as bland as anything. But anyway Daniels scored the first fall when he hit the Angels Wings. We then have a load of technical wrestling for the majority of the match which is fine if it can keep you entertained, but its not for me before Styles gets a roll up and 3 to tie it up 1-1. Somewhere along the line Styles started bleeding, it looked to start not long after he went into the ringpost but I dont see how a ringpost and make juice so thats a little silly. Anyway Daniels has a submission in as the time ticks away and it ends as a draw. Dusty comes down and orders a restart under sudden death, Aj hits the Styles Clash, gets a pinfall and retains the X Division Championship. Maybe I'll go back and watch it again sometime but i think on its own merits its not the big spectacle we've had at the last two Pay Per Views like the Ultimate X and Six Sides of Steel.


Main Event time. Kings of Wrestling seem to have disbanded fairly fast but anyway Nash challenges Jarrett for the NWA Gold. If JJ uses the guitar he gets Dqed and will lose the belt. Ok so I have to say my expectations for this werent very high before I watched it. Nash is hardly the fittest of guys these days and we all know how he is, Jarrett I thought would have the most icnredible carry job of his life on his hands but it turned out better than I could have possibly hoped or prayed for. Easily THE match of the PPV by a long shot. Folks you can tell yourself all you like that the real main event is the Iron Man Match, Nuh Uh, this Main Event is easily one of the best TNA have put on in a long time. Its tells an incredible story with Jarrett working ont he leg of Nash, fighting ont he outside and the fans getting behind Nash. Jarrett pulls something out of a case but it isnt a guitar, its a chello. Unfortunately it falls off the neck when he lifts it up but he still whacks Nash in the leg with it. Nash later then Nashknifed Jarrett onto and through the chello but the ref went down in the process. New Age Outlaw (Formerly Billy Gunn) then ran in and hit Nash with a chair. Then Sean Waltman (Formerly X-Pac) ran down and hit a spinning leg lariat on Jarrett, followed by a Bronco Buster and his finisher on Jarrett. NAO got back in and waited for Nash with the belt but BG James took the belt from NAO and Nash cleared the ring of NAO before Jarrett hit him with the belt. 2 Count. Stroke on Nash. 2 Count. Low Blow and a 2nd Stroke from Jarrett to Nash got the job done and thanks to the New Age Outaw, Jarrett retains the title


Folks theres not much more I can say other than overall, I feel its one of thebest monthly Pay Per Views that TNA have put on and it really suprised me in some places with the quality of the matches. Until next week, have a good one folks.



WWE Statistics - By Chris2K



If you know me, I sympathise, but you'll also know that I'm a big fan of statistics. For the last few months I've been doing something similar to this just as a hobby-type thing, going from 1999 onwards, and now I've decided to bring it to the newsletter. Allow me to explain...


This project is basically a league table. It relies on the results of matches shown on WWE TV, be it RAW, SmackDown, Velocity or Heat. For the purposes of this project, I have separated the points into shows, rather than having one big table.


But why do it? Well it doesn't take that long at all, and it allows you to see who's been winning the most this year, and who's been the year's biggest jobber. It's just a bit of fun really :).


To score points all you need to do is win a match, or be involved in a DQ. You get five points for winning, three for a DQ, Double Count-out or draw, no points for a no contest, and you lose a point for a defeat.




Muhammed Hussan def. Chris Jericho

Shelton Benjamin def. Gene Snitsky by DQ 1

Tajiri and William Regal def. La Resistance

Randy Orton def. Christian

Kane def. Simon Dean

Edge def. Batista by DQ 1


1 - Participants in these matches get three points each.




Batista ~ 31

Randy Orton ~ 28

Muhammed Hussan ~ 25

Kane ~ 23

Triple H ~ 23

Shelton Benjamin ~ 22

William Regal ~ 19

Chris Benoit ~ 15

Edge ~ 15

Shawn Michaels ~ 15

Trish Stratus ~ 15

Chris Jericho ~ 14

Tajiri ~ 14

Rob Conway ~ 9

Sylvan Grenier ~ 8

Maven ~ 6

Christy Hemme ~ 5

Eugene ~ 4

Viscera ~ 4

Gene Snitsky ~ 3

Christian ~ 0

Jerry Lawler ~ -1

Maria ~ -1

Rhyno ~ -1

Rosey ~ -1

Simon Dean ~ -1

Val Venis ~ -1

Victoria ~ -1

Hurricane ~ -3

Lita ~ -3

Ric Flair ~ -3

Tyson Tomko ~ -4




Rey Mysterio def. Danny Basham

Funaki, Paul London and Shannon Moore def. Chavo Guerrero, Spike Dudley and Akio

Kurt Angle def. Danny Gimondo 1

John Cena def. Booker T

Luther Reigns def. Nunzio

Undertaker def. Mark Jindrak


1 - Danny Gimondo doesn't qualify for points




Kurt Angle ~ 27

John Cena ~ 25

Doug Basham ~ 22

Rey Mysterio Jr. ~ 22

Funaki ~ 19

Undertaker ~ 18

Danny Basham ~ 16

Paul London ~ 10

John Bradshaw Layfield ~ 8

Booker T ~ 7

Eddie Guerrero ~ 6

Luther Reigns ~ 6

Scotty 2 Hotty ~ 5

Torrie Wilson ~ 5

Big Show ~ 4

Shannon Moore ~ 4

Rene Dupree ~ 2

Heidenreich ~ -1

Hiroko ~ -1

Mark Jindrak ~ -1

Orlando Jordan ~ -2

Spike Dudley ~ -2

Akio ~ -3

Chavo Guerrero ~ -3

Kenzo Suzuki ~ -3

Nunzio ~ -3

Rob Van Dam ~ -3




Charlie Haas def. Rene Dupree

Heidenreich def. Mike Mondo 1

Hardcore Holly def. Kenzo Suzuki


1 - Mike Mondo doesn't qualify for points.




Hardcore Holly ~ 23

Charlie Haas ~ 12

Scotty 2 Hotty ~ 10

Akio ~ 9

Kenzo Suzuki ~ 9

Paul London ~ 8

Rene Dupree ~ 7

Booker T ~ 5

Danny Basham ~ 5

Doug Basham ~ 5

Funaki ~ 5

Heidenreich ~ 5

Luther Reigns ~ 5

Mark Jindrak ~ 5

Orlando Jordan ~ 5

Chavo Guerrero ~ 3

Billy Kidman ~ -1

Shannon Moore ~ -1

Nunzio ~ -3

Spike Dudley ~ -3




Muhammed Hussan def. Rhyno

Gene Snitsky def. Hurricane

Shelton Benjamin def. Val Venis




Tajiri ~ 15

Simon Dean ~ 10

Trish Stratus ~ 10

Hurricane ~ 9

Rhyno ~ 8

Gene Snitsky ~ 5

Maven ~ 5

Muhammed Hussan ~ 5

Ric Flair ~ 5

Rosey ~ 5

Shelton Benjamin ~ 5

Tyson Tomko ~ 5

Rob Conway ~ 4

Molly Holly ~ -1

Victoria ~ -1

William Regal ~ -1

Stevie Richards ~ -3

Val Venis ~ -5


Have a good week y'all :xyx





The Main Event



The Hall Of Fame Revisited


Hi everyone, now this isn't quite what I intended to write this week, the ASW article will be with you next week but it's well worth waiting for. I thought this week I'd return to the subject of the WWE Hall of Fame now that some names have already been confirmed.


Were you as surprised as me this week when it was announced that Roddy Piper is going to be inducted this year? If you remember my previous main event article on this subject you'll know my feelings, if not let me quickly recap. This isn't what a Hall of Fame should be but a list of those former stars who just happen to be able to be in the same room as Vince McMahon without starting a fight. Now the last I heard Piper and McMahon weren't on good terms after Piper's release from the company last year. Can you imagine what his speech will be like? Let's just hope he's kept away from alcohol and drugs on the night or this could be the event of the year and an editor's nightmare.


Most of the names released so far are pretty predictable. There's a heavy Wrestlemania I influence here with Piper being joined by his tag partner in the first ever WM main event, Mr Wonderful, Paul Orndorff. He had a great run in WWF and deserves recognition. Now that's one side of the tag match at WM I honoured, could Hogan and Mr T be inducted as well? I think Hogan is a certainty and Mr T could become the second celebrity inductee.


I can't wait for Jimmy Hart's speech. I attended the FWA Fanslam just before Uprising 3 last year, and this guy is incredible on the mic. After the induction of Bobby Heenan last year, Jimmy has to be in this Hall of Fame, and of course his presence won't upset Hogan either The Iron Sheik also deserves his place in the Hall of Fame, it's not his fault WWE love xenophobic storylines! It'll be interesting to see if he can be included in the Hassan storyline. Then again, Hassan recently met Sgt. Slaughter on Raw and no mention was made of the fact Slaughter was the Hassan of his day at Wrestlemania VII.


With Randy Orton being in the WWE, I suppose it was inevitable that his father Cowboy Bill Orton was going to get inducted at some point in time. Guess we all know who'll be making the introduction speech there. It's also likely that Gordon Solie, perhaps the greatest wrestling journalist ever will be inducted this year, even though as far as I know he had no links with WWF/E. It looks a good list this year that's for sure.


I'll be back next week with a much longer and highly controversial column, see ya then.





Forum Threads of the Week





Ask Chris2K: by Christof/Chris2K. Well who would have thought Chris knew that much about wrestling? :P




Valantines Day.................In the Bad Books: by ME! Yey! :D



TWO Member of the Week/Heel of the Week



Who is TWO Member of the Week?


Fully. Fully has had a great week, defending his opinions with some eloquent arguments. Keep it up Fully! :xyx


Who is TWO Heel of the Week?


For the second week in a row Christian Rules gets the nod from me.


No FIF this week due to my house moving stuff (and Gems birthday).


That ends this week's newsletter. Congrats to all the award winners, especially MOTW Fully, and thanks as ever to all our contributors.


See you next week!


Darkstar and Chris2K








Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various sources around the Internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.


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Newsletter By: Darkstar and Chris2K




Ask Chris2K: by Christof/Chris2K. Well who would have thought Chris knew that much about wrestling?




Valantines Day.................In the Bad Books: by ME! Yey!


Coincidence? ;)

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