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Fully's Classics Of The 90's #1

Guest Fully

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Fully's Classics Of The 90's #1 - Bret Hart v Mr.Perfect


For the next few weeks Im going to be picking out my favourite matches from the 90's and giving us a chance to discuss them. They arent in any order so just because this is the first one it doesnt neccesarily mean its the best...


1993 King Of The Ring Semi Final

Bret Hart v Mr.Perfect


The Situation: Bret Hart has just beat Razor Ramon and Mr.Perfect beat Mr.Hughes to get to the Semi Finals of the first King of the ring tournament. Bam Bam has received a bye to the final. Both Perfect and Hart went into the tournament as Faces but Perfect does a sort of turn to play a heel in this match. At the previous PPV (WM9) Hart had lost the title to Yokozuna, who in turn lost it to Hogan at the same event in a matter of seconds.


The Match: A classic and probably the best match of 1993 and a contendor for the best of the 90's. Bret Hart and Perfect show just why they now have legendary status among wrestling fans. There are a whole host of great spots such as the suplex to the outside where they both go over the top rope, Bret being propelled from the apron into the fence and loads of in-ring techinical spots. A great great match that I would happily watch over and over.



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Yeah, this match was my favourite of 93'. I think it even surpassed the Summerslam match which Perfect makes reference to in the pre match interview,'I owe you for summerslam'. Unfortunatly for me I lent my tape of that ppv to a friend a few years back who subsequently lost it. So my recollections of it arent great now, but this was a match I could watch time and again. And as soon as I can I will. It's a shame that Bret and Mr. P didn't wrestle each other more often, it would have been class!
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One of my favorites of the 90's was when Sting beat Ric Flair at the Great American Bash for the World title in 1990.


Match: Sting was coming back from Knee surgury to challenge Ric Flair for the World Championship.Sting had Ole Anderson handcuffed to El Gigante,and had The Steiners Bros.,Paul Orndorff,and JYD surrounding the ring to make sure the Horsemen couldnt interfere.




Great match with a fantastic ending.The kind of quality that World championship matches should be.Sting beat Flair with a small package to win the gold.From there the Sting Era had begun.

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