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TWOMeet - April 2005


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TWOMeet April 2005


Ok here are the basic details for all those interested in coming along to TWOMeet April 2005


Dates - Saturday 2nd April 2005 - Monday 4th April 2005

Location - Birmingham, England





12-2pm: Everyone meets in Birmingham

2-5pm: Shopping and Site Seeing (if site seeing isn't possible blame my lack of local knowledge)

5-6pm: Those staying overnight book into hotels (to be arranged by myself closer to the Meet) and get ready for the evening out

6-9pm: Go for a nice meal out, have a few drinks be rowdy in the restaurant whatever

9-1 maybe 4am: Those old enough, a night out on the town then back to the hotels



11am: Hotel checkout, go find a greasy spoon cafe for a nice fry up

12-2pm: Those coming just for the Sunday, again meet in Birmingham

2-5pm: same as saturday really, just chilling out etc

5pm: say goodbye to those not coming to Darkstar's PPV bash




5-8pm: Travel by Train / Car to Doncaster or wherever Darkie is going to be living

8pm-4am: PPV gathering hosted by Darkie and Gem, I'll let Darkie provide details

10am: We leave Darkie to again find a Greasy Spoon and begin our journey's home


If you have any further questions please ask. If you are coming on the Saturday and want to stay in a hotel, let me know so that I can start looking into prices and trying to get a good group booking.





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I was coming the night this idea was suggested and I still am.

Definately, seeing as its my 18th birthday weekend...remember that, my birthday...

Well I'm 18 on the 1st, but it will be my 18th birthday bash weekend / 'Mania BBQ.

Chris, you're stil giving Jay, Taki and I a lift to Darkie's aren't you?

I can get to Birmingham, and back from Doncaster.

Sounds good so far though, can't wait!

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Dra aint comin? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Fcked up my plans then. GAH, saves me some money perhaps. No Fletchercohol for any of yous

Sorry, I didn't know a lot of your decision to go was based on me. I would have probably changed my mind back if I knew :(


Blame me becoming disillusioned with a few people. Some nagging feeling tells me I'm gonna want to commit suicide by the end of the weekend, and it somewhat put me off.

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Well the idea was to meet Fletch and Dra in Brum on the Sunday along with Walshy and then go up together on train or what ever to Donnie...


But Fletch, if you follow the Christof plan then we all meet at Brummy Train Station on the Sunday and then we have a few drinks, meal sight-see whatever and then we ride on to the Dark Palace to see Mania....


Sorry to hear your not coming now Dra, shame I'd have liked to have met you in person...

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Well I thought that was the original plan that Walshy, me, you and Dra where gonna meet up at Brum...


But now we could just follow the paln and meet up that way...


Unless something drastic changes then I'm gonna be going to Brum, if anything does change then'll I'll go straight to Donnie, but I'll notify people first.

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Walsall and Brum are fairly far apart, and Brum is far and away a bigger scumhole (just about). Walsall, for all it's faults, has the podium, of which holds dear memories for me as a rocker every Saturday.


Saying that, Wolvo is great for skaters and rockers. The civic is brimmed full almost daily :)

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