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Best Asain Film Ever Made


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Yes I clearly nicked the idea from Jung so apoligies to him...


Asia is a area of the world that I personally consider to make some of the greatest films out there.

Most of which come out of the Tartan Films company. And all the great Japanese horror films come out of Tartan Asia Extreme.

But which is your favourite Asian film?


Here's a few to get your mind going;

Hard Boiled

Battle Royale (my personal favourite movie ever)


House of Flying Daggers

..Any anime or manga made in Asia (Akira, for example)

...and any of Jackie Chans movies' before he went to the states.


... yes i'm aware i've left out some great ones, but if i listed everything I wanted to i'd be here all day...

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NOt really I don't think I ever watched the whole lot of a bruce Lee film and I think I seen one early Jackie Chan film I don't know the name of it though I remember a supermarket getting trashed in it It wasn't a bad film


As for that anime stuff it sucks big time its like watching Pokemon



So I'm changing my vote to Pokemon The MOVie BEST ASIAN FILM EVER

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I personally would go further back in the Jackie Chan back catalogue than Police Story!

films like Drunken Master, Snake In The Eagles Shadow and so on. My favourite is Drunken Master! because of the choreography between jackie and Hwang Jang Lee which is amazing, the spot on comedy moments between Wong Fei and Beggar Su, and the way that Jackie managed to reinvent the way that Wong Fei Hung was played for ever.


For more modern Jackie films try Dragons Forever, Wheels On Meals and so on! the action is far superior to films like Police Story or the Project A films(unless you just want stunts and not fight scenes).


Or try some Sammo Hung films! because A) He is funnier than Jackie(even Jackie said so) and B) He's a better fighter than Jackie(even Jackie has said so)


One of my favourite action stars is Donnie Yen. Who is a fantastic fighter with possibly the best execution of martial arts in cinema today(see Tai Chi Master, In The Line Of Duty or Iron Monkey for proof of this).


My favourite asian film of all time though is Seven Samurai! in no way could this film be any more perfect.It has everthing a film should have! great acting, amazing cinematography, stunning scenery, characters you actually get to know, deadly action scenes and it's probably the most copied film of all time.

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