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Sonic Mega Collection Plus


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Got this yesterday


1 Word?

Amazing, every Mega Drive Sonic Game is on here, and almost every game gear game, they seem to have forgotten Sonic 2 for the Game Gear. Plus theres a fair few games that have to be unlocked.


Then theres comic strips, animations videos and all stuff you can unlock aswell. However in doing so I realised that the Americas Sonic Comics were far differentfrom the UK ones, which featured a different artist every week and some original stories, the American Sonic Comic is actually was pretty much the same as the Sonic SatAM series I loved so much.


Games included are


Sonic 1 (MD)

Sonic 2 (MD)

Sonic 3

Sonic and Knuckles

Sonic Spinball

Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine (MD)

Sonic 3D

Sonic 1 (GG)

Sonic Chaos

Sonic Drift

Sonic Blast

Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine (GG)


I simply recommend even if you have all these games like I do to just go and buy it anyway because I guarantee its money well spent

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The only annoying thing about this game is that to unlock all the Game Gear titles and extra's you have to play the titles 30 odd times, and stupid times like that. But if you have a Sonic Heroe's save on your console it supposedly unlocks some stuff straight away. Personally I still have my MD set up so I play all my titles on there, but I played this around my mates and it is so professionally done. Ninty take note instead of rereleasing all your old titles singlely on the GBA, do a Sega.
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I have been playing this for a couple of days and i am really pleased with it. Going back and revisiting all the old levels and games makes me feel a bit old, but it is still great fun. The save option is also a bonus, as it was never present in the games or the Gamecube version of Mega Collection. I probably wont be playing it for too long, but its pretty good for a quick fix!
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I have only played 3 Sonic games before but I love them (Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 on Mega Drive, I'm not sure about 3...) and, oh, I have played the remake of Sonic on the internet that someone made... (small version)


are they all good?


better graphics?


well I have to admit the graphics from Mega Drive for Sonic weren't bad.. SOMEHOW!!! I want this game. :)

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