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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter #86 (Column: Thanks Uncle Vince)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter

13th February 2005 - Issue #86 - 2005



Welcome to this week's Newsletter! It's been a hectic week in the world of wrestling, so it's a good job that we're here to give you all the news. Unfortunately Gringo's still experiencing computer trouble, so hopefully the Int. Scene news will be back next week. Other than that we have a full house, Chris2K's stats, Fletch's TNA column, a Main Event from Stephen, and of coruse the US and UK news. So have a good week, and congrats to all those who get Valentine's Day cards/gifts! Lucky sods. :P.


Darkstar and Chris2K

Newsletter Editors



This week in Wrestling History



7th February

1994 - Jerry Lawler defeated Eddie Gilbert for the USWA Unified Heavyweight title.


8th February

1971 - Pedro Morales defeated Ivan Koloff for the WWWF Heavyweight title


9th February

1998 - The Steiners defeated Scott Hall & Kevin Nash for the WCW Tag title


10th February

1990 - Mr. Saito defeated Larry Zbyszko for the AWA Heavyweight title


11th February

1938 - Steve Crusher Casey defeated Lou Thesz for the NWA Heavyweight Wrestling title


12th February

1973 - Born - K-Kwik aka Ron Killings


13th February

1997 - Shawn Michaels surrendered the WWF Heavyweight title due to knee injury



New @ Wrestling 101



- UK Scene #159


- ST: Disappointment and sheer anger


- United State of Wrestling #5


- Triple H: Making the Game Book Review



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US News - by Fletch






Dave Scherer of PWInsider.com is reporting that Diva Search contestant and current JBL consultant Amy Weber has given her notice to WWE head of talent relations John Laurinaitis that she wishes to leave the company. Acccording to Scherer, Weber is apparently not happy with the locker room antics that go on as well as the 'boys will be boys' stuff that often happens in the WWE locker rooms and backstage area.


- Former ECW Television champion Super Crazy worked out for WWE officials before one of the Japanese shows over the weekend, but struggled through due to his hand injury.


- Trish Stratus almost literally had her upper lip ripped off during a house show match with Victoria in Honolulu this past weekend. She received several stitches after the match and obviously was said to be very upset about the injury.


- U.S. champion John Cena sprained his ankle Sunday night in Anchorage, but he will be working through it.


- Profiles of the current inductees (Paul Orndorff, The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, Jimmy Hart, and Bob Orton Jr.) have been added to the

WWE's Hall of Fame website: http://www.wwe.com/superstars/halloffame/


- WWE Stocks closed the day at 12.76, a 0.87% increase


Brock Lesnar's lawsuit against WWE claims that they are preventing him from working in his chosen field due to a no compete clause he signed last year shortly after WrestleMania. He decided he did not want to wrestle in WWE anymore because he didn't like the travel and wanted to pursue a dream of playing in the NFL.


He did make the preseason squad for the Minnesota Vikings, but ended up being cut before the season. He was not retained on the practice squad.


His no compete clause prevents him from working for any competitor, including other pro wrestling or professional fighting (i.e. UFC, Pride) organizations worldwide for the duration of the WWE contract he signed less than a year before asking for a release. That expiration date is June 30, 2010.


WWE sources indicate that Lesnar was making "ridiculous" demands regarding the terms of a return to WWE when he began calling them showing interest in returning in the last few months. WWE agreed to let Lesnar out of his contract because he was willing to sign a no compete, promising not to take the star power and equity WWE had given him through all of the TV time and wins over established names and help a competitor.


WWE's no compete clause includes the entire world, not just the U.S., because a competitor in Japan or any of the other countries WWE runs live events could use Lesnar to draw fans at a non-WWE event.


Word Backstage is that since Randy Orton is almost 100% out of the main event he may be facing Christian at Wrestlemania 21.



Another match rumored as of late to take place at Wrestlemania is Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit in some sort of stipulation match.



Alexis Laree is close to being called up to Raw by the WWE and it could happen shortly after Wrestlemania. She is expected to come in as a face and feud with Trish Stratus for the Womens Title.



The Dudley Boys are close to being back on Smackdown. The plan as of late was to have then return and turn on Spike thus turning them face and having them face the Bashams at Wrestlemania or sometime shortly after.



Paul London is expected to get a push at the Cruiser Weight Title soon.


- There has been preliminary discussions between Kevin Sullivan and WWE officials regarding a writing position on the creative team.


- UPN and WWE are currently in preliminary negotiations for a “Smackdown” renewal. The current contract expires in the fall of 2006.


- Average attendance figures over the years for the month of January for WWF/WWE, 1993: 3660, 1994: 2880, 1995: 2900, 1996: 4890, 1997: 6,843, 1998: 7,603, 1999: 11,195, 2000: 11,801, 2001: 12,263, 2002: 7329, 2003: 4909, 2004: 3577.


- The average attendance for 2004 for WWE was 3,862, as compared to 2003, which was 4,537.


- WWE officials recently had a meeting in Calgary to discuss the possibility of selecting the city to host next year’s Wrestlemania.


- The Undertaker has lost noticeable weight and is said to be in good shape for someone of his age.


Garrison Cade is working out in OVW (announced on their shows as Lance)

after being medically cleared following injury. He was last seen on Raw

several months ago with Jonathon Coachman as his manager.


WWE Diva Search Contestant winner Christy Hemme is confirmed to be in the April issue of Playboy. In the preview area of the March 2005 edition of Playboy they have a picture of Hemme with bubbles all over her with her butt revealed.


The Herald-Star in Steubenville, Ohio has an article online looking at the WWE's return (first time in 18 years) to Steubenville this weekend for a Raw house show at the St. John Arena. The show will feature Triple H vs. Randy Orton vs. Batista and a submission match between Chris Benoit and Edge.


However, the interesting thing about the article (and a true sign of the times) is the comments from Raymond Saccoccia, who is the activities director for the St. John Arena. He boasts of the fact that the show will draw between 3,000 and 3,500 people, despite competition from a "dirt bike show" at the WesBanco Arena the same night. Saccoccia says "The WWE is real happy and we're excepting (sic) about 3,500 people."


The St. John Arena is a small arena, and with house show business being down, WWE is starting to run smaller buildings in markets where they used to run major venues.


A Stone Cold Steve Austin bio has been added to the Raw superstars page on the WWE website at raw.wwe.com.



WWE Canada issued a press release today to announce a new program, WWE Underground, in which college students will compete to earn a summer internship with WWE Canada. Fourteen students have been chosen for the program, in which the students will develop marketing and promotional ideas for WWE to use at the college campus level. The winner will get the internship and $5,000. WWE Canada President Carl DeMarco is quoted in the release as saying "WWE Underground program is a natural extension of our commitment to Educational Development. We're pleased to announce that each of our 14 Ambassadors will receive a $500 honorarium and one will be selected to receive an internship at our Canadian head office in Toronto, as well as a $5,000 honorarium. The internship will be a great opportunity for that student to gain valuable, practical business experience with World Wrestling Entertainment Canada."


Motorhead, the legendary metal band responsible for the entrance music

of Evolution and Triple H, have been booked to appear at Wrestlemania

21. It's expected that they will be performing the Evolution tune.


For those keeping track, the "Rise & Fall of ECW" DVD has now reached over 100,000 sales. It is the second best selling DVD in WWE history under WrestleMania 20.


The two latest entries to the WWE DVD race were the low priced ($6.99-$9.99 depending on the retailer) Andre the Giant and Best of the WWE Intercontinental titles (both re-releases of older VHS titles), which both did well out of the gate in week one of sales. Andre moved 1,905 copies while the Intercontinental title sold 1,058 copies total.


Sales of Armaggedon 2004 dropped off considerably down to 520 copies, which placed it below Survivor Series 2004 and even Wrestlemania XX in sales for the last seven days.


The top ten selling WWE DVDs for the last week:


The Rise and Fall of ECW - 2,540 copies

Andre the Giant - Larger Than Life - 1,905 copies

Best of the WWE Intercontinental Championship - 1,058 copies

Survivor Series 2004 - 676 copies

Wrestlemania XX - 593 copies

Armaggedon 2004 - 520 copies

History of Wrestlemania - 461 copies

Shawn Michaels: Boyhood Dream - 418 copies

Taboo Tuesday - 398 copies

The Monday Night War - 361 copies


During Raw, they advertised locally the on-sale this Saturday for the Raw taping 3/14 at the Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta and also stated the post-taping dark match would be an Orton/HHH/Batista triple threat for the World Title.



Believe it or not, 'Hotel Erotica' will be on MoreMax (Cinemax) tonight at 10:30 est and again on 3/5. This is the movie that stars RAW diva and GoDaddy.com star Candace Michelle.



The MSG house show lineup is not the only one that WWE has changed. The WWE has changed the top matches for the 2/27 card in Boston to the same things that they changed the MSG card to, with the exception of flip-flopping two matches so that Shelton Benjamin takes on Muhammad Hassan while Rhyno works against Christian.



"The Dolphin" in Connecticut has an article about Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler's recent trip to Pearl Harbor's Naval Station in Hawaii. You can check the article out online at zwire.com.


The Undertaker is rumored to be facing Luther Raines at the No Way Out PPV.


We reported earlier that Chris Benoit is rumored to face Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania and now from what we have learned both men requested this match to take place and a stipulation is expected to be added.


The Royal Rumble DVD will be released on March 1st.


With John Cena rumored to be facing JBL at Wrestlemania it looks like at this point there may not be a US title match at the event unless he loses the belt before then but at this point that doesnt look like it will happen.


Also word has it we may not see a Womens Title match at the show either. This would mark the first time since Wrestlemania 2000 that a Womens Title match hasnt been on the Wrestlemania card.


There will be a No Way Out Press Conferance this Tuesday at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburg PA. Kurt Angle and other WWE Superstars from Smackdown will be in attendance.


John Cenas upcoming hip-hop album has been pushed back yet again this time to a June release. In other news relating to Cena his name is coming up on a lot of the movie and entertainment websites as a possibility to play the lead role of a new Predator feature film that is currently in development. The idea for the role is to feature the adult son of the character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger from the original Predator movie.


- The WWE is toying with the idea of running some outdoor shows later this year in England. Several soccer teams have been contacted regarding the possibility of using their venues. Some of the bigger teams in the country, such as Manchester United, could hold around 70,000 for wrestling.


- John Cena makes a live appearance on February 23rd for the Danbury, CT Thrashers game in the UHL against the Adirondack Frostbite. At the event, Cena will sign autographs, drop the first puck and meet and greet, as well as promote the WWE's February 28th house show in the same arena.






The 1/21 edition of "Impact" scored a 0.32 rating at 4PM Friday, up from the previous week's 0.27 rating. The midnight replay posted a 0.33 rating.


DDP is scheduled to be the next in line at a shot at the NWA Title following this Sundays Against All Odds PPV.



Sean Waltman could debute with TNA as soon as this Sundays Against All Odds PPV. Now many would expect him to be on Hall and Nash's side but word of a swerve angle with him joining up with Jeff Jarrett is being discussed.



Word has it backstage that Dusty Rhodes is not to high on Alex Shelley, D-Ray 3000, and Glen Gilberti so we might not see any of the three back in TNA soon if ever.



TNA is looking into the idea of holding there 3rd Anniversary PPV in June at the Golden Dome in Pittsburgh PA.


Billy Gunn has signed his TNA contract and is just waiting for his no-compete clause to expire.


Jeff Hammond will be on Best Damn Sports Show on Wednesday night as he prepares for his first wrestling match ever Sunday at Against All Odds.



TNA now has a glow in the dark Jeff Hardy shirt up for sale on shoptna.com.



TNA now offeres a media player on there forums where you can listen to the themes used by the TNA wrestlers for free. The themes are updated weekly and this weeks themes include Kevin Nash's Theme, along with themes from AMW, Kid Kash, Michael Shane, Trinity and more.



Both the Vicory Road and 3 Live Kru DVD's have sold out already on shoptna.com but TNA does expect to have more in stock this Friday.



TNA will be releasing a best of Raven DVD soon called Nevermore. This DVD as well as the Turning Point PPV DVD should both be in stock within the next few weeks.



Toybiz has announced that along with the scheduled 12 action figures they will also be releasing TNA's unique Six Sided ring.



D'Lo Brown recently contacted TNA about a pat time return to the company but they were said to be unhappy with how he left before and did not return his call.



Upon his return to TNA Sean Waltman is expcted to wrestle under the name Syxx-Pac.


The episode of "Blue Collar TV" that will feature Jeff Jarrett and others from TNA will air on Friday, February 18th at 9:30PM on the WB.


Scott Hall has been pulled from this Sundays TNA Against All Odds PPV card. He was scheduled to team with Bobby Roode to take on Monty Brown and DDP in a tag team match. Hall has had more problems with substance abuse as of late and TNA has decided to pull him from the event. The match however will still go down as Bobby Roode will now team with fellow Team Canada member Eric Young.



Petey Williams vs Primetime has also been added to the card which brings the match caount including the pre show to a total of nine.


Ron & Don Harris are one of the mystery teams for Traci and Trinity...


Johnny Fairplay's TNA contract expired last week. He talked with WWE about being brought in as the Smackdown G.M. to replace Teddy Long...


Sean Waltman starts with TNA at the next tapings...


The Final Resolution PPV buyrate early estimates are 35,000, perhaps a few thousand better than the first PPV. That encouraging for TNA...






- Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against WCW and former creative writer Vince Russo continues. The lawsuit was filed after the 2000 Bash at the Beach PPV in which Russo cut his classic "shoot" promo on Hogan. The part regarding Russo has been dropped. What is going to trail is Hogan’s two claims of contractual breaches, both for creative control, and that he wasn’t the “featured wrestler” on his contracted six pay-per-view for 2000.


Hogan has agreed to star in a new reality based television show about his family for VH-1. The sides have agreed to an eight show trial run, and the series is being filmed at Hogan's mansion. There is talk the series could debut in March or April.


One of the first episodes will feature Hulk's daugther Brooke out on her first date, and Hogan hiring Brian Knobs and Jimmy Hart to spy on them for the night.


- Following his deportation from the U.S., Hector Garza has returned to wrestling in Mexico. It is being reported in Mexico that Garza won’t be allowed back into the United States for ten years.


- The Rock is currently in Prague finishing up the movie project “Doom,” which is slated for an August 5th release.


- Brock Lesnar has filmed ads for 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment, a Midwestern chain. According to reports, he looked smaller than usual.


- Jake Roberts told friends at the Wrestle Reunion convention that he is now engaged to be married.


- Apparently Scott Hall got so drunk on the flight back from Korea, he had to be rushed to a hospital and was in Intensive Care in Orlando.


- The 2/11 show in Mexico that features the DX reunion of Billy Gunn, Sean Waltman and “Road Dogg” BG James will also feature Johnny Stamboli.


- Former ROH and HWA wrestler Matt Stryker is living in Japan and training at Pro Wrestling Noah’s dojo.


- Mexican promoter Paco Alonso has made it know that he doesn’t want any of his wrestlers working with Konnan. In the 1992, Konnan raided Alonso’s talent in the creation of the AAA promotion. Konnan is in AAA’s plans for big shows this year.


- Vampiro works 2/11 and 2/18 at Arena Mexico.


Mick Foley is off his scheduled debut for Frank Goodman's UXW promotion on 2/26 in Bethpage, New York.



Scheduled for the UXW event are the following bouts:


*UXW champion Balls Mahoney vs. Raven

*Al Snow vs. Steve Corino

*The Sandman vs. Axl Rotten

*King Kong Bundy vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

*Simon Diamond vs. Striker

*UXW Tag Team champions The Solution vs. The SAT

*Trent Acid vs. Sonjay Dutt

*Chris Candido vs. Jay Lethal

*Skinhead Ivan vs. April Hunter

*Lowlife Louie Ramos vs. Cpl. Robinson - Death Match

*Also scheduled are Mike Kruel, Xavier, Slyck Wagner Brown, Jack Evans, B-Boy, Masked Maniac, The Christopher Street Connection, The Outcast Killaz, Vordell Walker, Azrieal, Grimm Reefer, and more to be announced.



Greg Price has released a DVD of the Rock N' Roll Express Q & A Session from his convention in North Carolina last August, which you can order at http://www.NWALegends.com.


The Missouri State Athletic Commission has recently passed legislation House Bill 600 in their state.


The legislation states that:


Effective July 1, 2003, all persons and business entities renewing a license with the Division of Professional Registration are required to have paid all state income taxes, and also are required to have filed all necessary state income tax returns for the preceding three years.


If you have failed to pay your taxes or have failed to file your tax returns your license will be subject to suspension within 90 days of being notified by the Missouri Department of Revenue of any delinquency or failure to file. This requirement was enacted in House Bill 600 of the 92nd General Assembly (2003), and was signed into law by the Governor on July 1, 2003.


If you receive a House Bill 600 letter from us you will need to contact the Department of Revenue at (573) 751-7200 and get the tax issue resolved with their office.


Once the issue is resolved with the Department of Revenue, they will provide you with a letter of tax compliance. Once you receive the letter of tax compliance, fax it to your respective board office immediately. Please check the board web page for the appropriate fax number.


Missouri is among the states requiring professional wrestling to have licenses


In short, the legislation requires pro-wrestlers to have paid state income taxes. They are also are required to file state tax income returns for the last three years.


Check out a partial list of the names: Kurt Angle, Dave Batista, Shelton Benjamin, Carlos Colon Jr., Adam Copeland (Edge), Lance Storm (Lance Evers), Ric Flair (yes even after all he did for St. Louis), Jackie Gayda, Charlie Haas, Ron and Don Harris (TNA), Heidenreich (ok, maybe this story isn’t so bad), Paul Heyman, Shawn Michaels, Book T, Chris Irvine (Chris Jericho), Ron "The Truth" Killings, Johnny Ace, Brian Christopher, and Jerry Lawler, Rena Mero, Jay Reso (Christian), Tommy "Wildfire" Rich, Charlies "Little Naitch" Robinson, Ron Simmons, Tracy Smothers, Jimmy Valiant, and Torrie Wilson.


Additionally, a number of independent wrestlers have been suspended.


- Harry Smith (the son of the late Davey Boy Smith, the British Bulldog) had surgery yesterday on his broken hand that he suffered on his first Japanese tour. He expects to be back in New Japan in May.




UK News - by Goldy


Hey everyone, after last weeks huge column it's back to a smaller one for this week as I've been in London since Thursday to attend a Fozzy gig! I'll be making up for it next week though, so stay tuned...




All Star Results - Newbury - 5/02/05

- Domino def Wildman Whiplash

- Nigel McGuiness def TJ Wilson

- Chad Collyer & The Dragon def Jose Lopez & Red Devil

- Flatliner & Little Legs def Chief Thundercloud & Ahmed Chaer.


MPW - Coventry - 5/02/05

- Danny Oxman def Chris Stone

- Imperial Dragon & Ronin def Andy Shoes & Edgar Stryfe.

- Rhyme & Reason def Imperial Dragon & Ronin

- Rhyme & Reason defeated SFC

- Majik def Leon Lionheart 2-1

- Falcon w/ Cage Tyler def White Tiger

- John Bull def Mad Mike

- Raze def Jetta w/ Fan Boy, Leon Lionheart , - Adam Shame w/ Draevyn & Nero.

- Hatred w/ Draevyn def Psycho Steve

- Samurai def Jekkel w/ Exodus.


NWA/IWF - Consett - 05/02/05

- Billy Grange def Liam 'The Player' Atkinson.

- 'Bad Boy' Jed Masters & Lee Kyle def Danny Williams & Zack Sabre.

- Shaun Avery def Devilman.

- Conscience def 'Unbreakable' Bobby Jackson.

- Jimmy Blade def JP Monroe.

- Fergal Devitt & Paul Tracey def Pac & Harry Pain.

- Stephen Walloski def Chris Prime by DQ.

- Johnny Moss def Assasin.


UKPW - Hackney - 4/02/05

- Anton Green def Jason Detroit

- Country Boy def Chris Wyld

- Team Sexay def Stevie James & Ethan Hayze

- Jag Chana def Marcus Hiscott

- Chris Wyld def Anton Green and Ethan Hayze.






FWA open their new chain of gyms today (Sunday 13th February) and they will have a special activity going on to mark the launch.


This brand new chain of wrestling schools will feature not only classes taken by top FWA names but also the world’s first ever nationally-recognized wrestling syllabus. The gyms will located in the following areas:


- The FWA Academy in Portsmouth

- FWA South London in Croydon

- FWA North East in Hull

- FWA Manchester

- FWA Ireland in Dublin.



This Sunday sees the long-awaited return of the former British Middleweight Champion, one of the UK's top technical wrestlers, Johnny Kidd to Enfield, as the trainer for the session.


Johnny Kidd was one of the most prominent wrestlers in RBW during 2004, competing in several brilliant contests against the likes of "Golden Boy" Cameron Knite, "Misfit" Jorge Castano, "Wildcat" Robbie Brookside and many others, winning and loosing the British Middleweight Championship along the line.


Kidd's efforts did not go unnoticed, with him walking away with the RBW Wrestler Of The Year award.


As 2005 begins, Johnny Kidd has become the first wrestler to advance through into the semi-finals of the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament, following his defeat of Tex Benedict in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire a couple of weeks ago.


The sessions are at the normal times and the recently reduced prices. Full information can be found at http://www.rbwtraining.co.uk .


Johnny Kidd is one of the best wrestlers in the country to learn from, and we hope to see you there!





FWA - New Frontiers

Already signed for the FWA’s first show of 2005, on Saturday February 26 at Broxbourne Civic Hall, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, are the following:


- The Showstealer’ Alex Shane v ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm.

- Special Announcement by ‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch

- The South City Thriller’ Hade Vansen v Spud.

- The Zebra Kid v Chris Hero.

- James Tighe and Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton v Aviv Maayan and Ross Jordan.

- ‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan (with the EntouRAGE and Stevie Knight) v Stevie Lynn

- The Duke of Danger and Simmons (with Buttercup) v Declan O’Connor and Joey Hayes.

- FWA All-England Title Eliminator featuring Jack Xavier (subject to medical clearance)

- The FWA main show debut of Dirk Feelgood.

- The First Ever FWA Open Door Invitational

Who Gets to Wrestle? The Fans Decide!


Already announced are ‘Superstar’ Tony Sefton, Carbon, Heresy, Max Voltage, ‘The Golden Boy’ Cameron Knite, Jack Storm, ‘The Raging Bull’ TJ Cain, Johnny Phere, JC Thunder, Jamie Idol and now Dragon Phoenix.


Tickets are on sale now for FWA New Frontiers through the box office on 01992 441946.


Tickets are still available through the FWA On-Line Box Office. Click the link on the http://www.frontierwrestling.com homepage for full details of how to book your tickets and for a seating plan of the tickets available through On-Line Box Office.


Tickets cost £35 for Gold Ringside, £25 for Silver Ringside, £15, £10 and £20. Anyone purchasing a Gold or Silver Ringside ticket through FWA On-Line Box Office will receive a free downloadable video from a selection of FWA releases.



IWF have a FREE show today (Sunday 13th march) 2pm at St. Joseph's Church Hall in Gateshead. This is show for friends and family primarly but the invitation of a afternoons entertanment stretches to everyone. The card will feature all our top juinor wrestlers, aswell as many from the main IWF roster and is shaping up very nicley. Here's the card thus far:


- Max Heat © vs R.D. Wood vs Jordan Wright

- Jimmy Blade © vs Nick Damocles

- Harry Pain vs Boogie Knights

- Johnny Hogarth vs Joey Wright

- BadBoy Jed Masters vs Maccaz ov the Mad Meadowell Crew.

- Lee Kyle vs Jackie Normal.



Steve Logan's K-Star Promotions Ltd will be heading into Walsall this February for a rip roaring Pro Wrestling event! On Friday the 25th February 2005, KSW will head to 'The Black Horse', Harding Road, Leamore, Walsall, West Midlands for its 3rd annual 'WrestleFest' event.


Slated to appear are the K-Star British Champion Mad Dog Maxx, 'American Grappler' Corey Americana, 'The 350lb Warrior' Saracen, 'Giant' Kade Callous, WolfMan, Pogo the Clown and more.


This show will feature the return of Carl Mizzery! K-Star's own 'Dark Angel' left in 2003 under strange circumstances, now he has shockingly returned and re-signed with Mr Logan and KSW with a promise to shake things up in K-star once more!


Steve Logan describes KSW events as a 'Great Family night out with all the thrills and spills expected", so if you like your body slamming, pile driving action, head on down to 'The Black Horse' on Harding Road, Leamore, Walsall, on Friday 25th February 2005 at 7:00pm for your slice of wrestling action.


Doors open at 7:00pm, Bouts start at 7:30pm, Tickets cost just £5:00, however tickets are expected to sell fast, so it is advised you book early.



SCW is back in 2005. Their first show of the year takes place at the Hardy Spicers Socail Club on February 27th. All the usual SCW talent will be there.


Tickets are £5 each and can be purchased on the door of the venue/club, basic group rates are 4 tickets for £15, giving you a saving of £5.

Telephone: 07732 438641. For online news for SCW go to: http://www.sovereignwrestling.tk



The following wrestlers will be facing off against each other in our ‘Night of the Cruisers’ Show on Friday 25th February 2005, at Shildon Civic Hall, Shildon, County Durham.


- Micky L Vs Spud

- Stevie Lynn Vs Anthony McIntyre (Macca)

- El Ligero Vs Shady Nattrass

- Darkside Vs Wolfgang


The winners of each match will face off the night after in Hartlepool in what is another innovative idea from wZw to add spice to the Cruiser Division. The match will be ‘The Pyramid Elimination Match.’ This match will be a grueling killer and only the fittest will and can survive and become the wZw Cruiser Division Champion.


For more information and ticketing details check out the official wZw website at http://www.wzwuk.com , tickets start from as little as £4.






BCW have an event on the 18th of March, at Carluke District Hall. The card so far looks like this:


- Mitsuhara Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa v.s Doug Williams & Stevie Knight

- Thee Drew Galloway W/ Charles Boddington V.S Joe.E.Legend.

- Aviv Maayan V.S Kotaro Suzuki.


Also on the 20th March, two days later, BCW are holding a show at the East Kilbride Ballerup Hall. This show will feature RAVEN! Stay tuned for more details in the next few weeks!



Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya have purchased ringside tickets for FWA New Frontiers.


It is thought that the husband and wife wrestling duo, father and stepmother of The Zebra Kid, approached FWA management to ask permission to attend New Frontiers to watch their son’s comeback match against American star Chris Hero.


Ricky did so out of courtesy to the FWA to ensure there was no lingering bad feeling between the Knight family and management – bearing in mind the despicable conduct of both Ricky and Saraya on FWA shows last year. Remember, Ricky Knight perpetrated some heinous actions against his son during their bloody war in the FWA last summer, while Saraya forced Nikita out of the FWA after destroying her with two illegal tombstone piledrivers at Carpe Diem and collected the bounty offered by Jane Childs, a devastating attack that has kept Nikita from returning to the FWA for the past eight months.


However, all this seems to be water under the bridge. Knight was recently awarded with the FWA’s Services to British Wrestling Award, while Ricky and Zebra are back on speaking terms following Zebra’s recent lengthy absence from wrestling due to his prison sentence.


Sources close to Ricky say he simply wants to be at New Frontiers to support his son and although the FWA office offered him complimentary tickets, the veteran owner of WAW apparently insisted on putting his hand in his pocket to buy seats for himself and Saraya, to prove his feelings were genuine.


Meanwhile, The Zebra Kid is said to be in intensive training for his comeback and is preparing himself for what he expects will be an aggressive, hard-hitting war of attrition. As for his opponent, Chris Hero contacted http://www.frontierwrestling.com this week to say how much he is looking forward to facing The Zebra Kid and performing in front of FWA fans for the first time.


Hot on the heels of the announcement that Raven is returning to the FWA at the Live show at the Morecambe Dome on Saturday March 26, this night of firsts in the north-west just keeps on getting bigger and better.


The FWA recently announced plans to create a new title for lighter wrestlers, christened the FWA Flyweight Title. An eight-man knockout tournament will be held to determine the first ever FWA Flyweight Champion and FWA fans at the Morecambe Dome on March 26 will be able to see some of the First Round tournament matches.


We believe that the FWA is currently negotiating not only with some of its regular smaller wrestlers to compete in this tournament but also some unsigned flyweight talent from all over the UK. Although no names have been confirmed just yet, we expect an announcement on some of the participants in the first ever FWA Flyweight Title Tournament very soon.


The box office for FWA Live in Morecambe, featuring former WWE, WCW and ECW superstar Raven and the first round of the FWA Flyweight Title Tournament, is now open. Tickets cost £16 for front row ringside, £10 for adults, £7.50 for children (16 or under) and £30 for a family ticket. You can also purchase tickets for an afternoon Fan Slam at the Waterfront Bar, adjacent to the Dome, at the box office, at a cost of £4.50 (£5 on the door). The Fan Slam will be hosted by Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert with his special guests including Raven.


As the Waterfront Bar is licensed premises, this Fan Slam is only open to fans aged 18 or over, or fans aged 14-17 accompanied by an adult.



MPW's have announced their next show is on March 5th 2005, make sure you head over to http://www.mpwrestling.co.uk for all the details.



As part of The Wrestling Channel Supershow weekend, Samoa Joe will be making his wZw debut and will feature in a hard hitting main event. His opponent will be either Spitfire or Iceman, depending on who will be wZw Title Holder at the wZw Shildon Show on 25th February.


This show takes place on the 18th March at 'Town Hall Brawl' Middlesbrough Town Hall.

More names are due to be added to the show in the coming weeks, making this show in Middlesbrough one of the hottest in the North of England for a long time.


Tickets have already gone on sale from the Middlesbrough Town Hall Box Office - 01642 729729. Tickets cost: £15 Ringside Seating,

£10 General Seating and £30 Family Ticket 2 Adults and 2 Children (General Seating).





Spud has updated his website over at http://www.spudleyville.co.uk if you've never visited you should check it out as it's always a fun read.


Carl Mizzery has launched a new website, to check it out head over to http://www.mizzery.2ya.com.


That's everything for this week, thank you for reading.





The Main Event: By Steven Ashfield



The Main Event: Say thanks to Uncle Vince, NOT!



Again this week I’m looking at what makes a good promoter and before turning my eyes towards the UK scene, I’ve decided to take a look at Vince McMahon, and in particular how he views the UK market.


With audiences down in America and Canada, Vince has looked at his quarterly accounts and realised that there’s money to be made in turning his company even more into a worldwide business. Higher attendances equal higher merchandise sales and as figures show that we in the UK pay more to see a WWE show than Americans do, there’s plenty more revenue to be made by increasing WWE coverage in the UK.


That’s exactly what Vince McMahon is doing as we get more public appearances by WWE stars, longer tours and of course the thrill of seeing Raw and Smackdown being staged live in the UK. It all looks pretty good doesn’t it? But sadly of course there’s a downside as Vince starts to make money out of us in other ways.


Last year WWE signed a new long-term deal with SKY TV. It changes greatly the way we watch WWE action. If you weren’t totally committed to WWE and didn’t want to fork out money on a Sky Sports subscription, you didn’t have to. Sky One showed plenty of wrestling including a pre-watershed version of Smackdown. If you wanted to see highlights of what happened that week on Raw, there were plenty of chances to do so. That’s history now. Yes you get the chance to shout at Ivory during WWE Experience but the amount of wrestling on Sky One has greatly diminished. It’s all on Sky Sports now, or is it?


Of course it’s not. You see, while Uncle Vince gave us the chance to watch more adverts than we’ve ever seen in our lives, with a live Raw show inbetween, and a few WWE specials, he signed a deal that costs fans a three figure sum. The new deal means that the vast majority of WWE PPV’s are exactly that. Looking forward to Wrestlemania? Course you are, but are you going to see it live? It’s on Sky Box Office this year and living in NTL Land that means I can’t get to see it along with Summerslam, Survivor Series etc.


We’ve been lucky of course getting to see most of the shows live and free. Only the problems with the Channel 4 contract have caused certain events like the Rumble and Survivor Series to be put on Box Office in the past. But that was then and this is now. If you want to see the big shows live, you’ll be spending close to £200 this year. If you want to see WWE live, you’ll pay more than you would if you lived in the States and start saving up now if you want to buy a programme.


Not therefore what it seemed is it? Vince wants to give us more coverage, you know, reward the fans for their continued support and all that Jazz. But at the same time he’s Vince McMahon and money is his God. Is that the behaviour of a good promoter?


Next time around, I’ll be looking at the British scene and why I’m not totally convinced Brian Dixon is a good promoter!



WWE Statistics

January 1st - January 8th

- By Chris2K



If you know me, I sympathise, but you'll also know that I'm a big fan of statistics. For the last few months I've been doing something similar to this just as a hobby-type thing, going from 1999 onwards, and now I've decided to bring it to the newsletter. Allow me to explain...


This project is basically a league table. It relies on the results of matches shown on WWE TV, be it RAW, SmackDown, Velocity or Heat. For the purposes of this project, I have separated the points into shows, rather than having one big table.


But why do it? Well it doesn't take that long at all, and it allows you to see who's been winning the most this year, and who's been the year's biggest jobber. It's just a bit of fun really :).


To score points all you need to do is win a match, or be involved in a DQ. You get five points for winning, three for a DQ, Double Count-out or draw, no points for a no contest, and you lose a point for a defeat.




Chris Benoit def. Chris Jericho

Batista def. Maven

William Regal and Tajiri def. La Resistance 1

Shawn Michaels def. Ric Flair

Randy Orton def. Tyson Tomko

Triple H def. Edge


1 - Regal and Tajiri gain five extra points for winning the tag titles. La Res lose an extra one each.




Batista - 28

Randy Orton - 23

Triple H - 23

Muhammed Hussan - 20

Shelton Benjamin - 19

Kane - 18

Chris Benoit - 15

Chris Jericho - 15

Shawn Michaels - 15

Trish Stratus - 15

William Regal - 15

Edge - 12

Rob Conway - 10

Sylvan Grenier - 9

Tajiri - 9

Maven - 6

Christy Hemme - 5

Eugene - 4

Viscera - 4

Christian - 1

Gene Snitsky - 0

Jerry Lawler - -1

Maria - -1

Rhyno - -1

Rosey - -1

Val Venis - -1

Victoria - -1

Hurricane - -3

Lita - -3

Ric Flair - -3

Tyson Tomko - -4




Eddie Guerrero def. Kenzo Suzuki

The Bashams vs. Jindrak and Reigns ended in a no contest 1

Funaki def. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

John Cena def. Orlando Jordan

Torrie Wilson def. Hiroko

Kurt Angle def. Rey Mysterio Jr.


1 - The Bashams, Reigns and Jindrak all get three points.




Doug Basham ~ 22

Kurt Angle ~ 22

John Cena ~ 20

Danny Basham ~ 17

Rey Mysterio Jr. ~ 17

Funaki ~ 14

Undertaker ~ 13

Booker T ~ 8

John Bradshaw Layfield ~ 8

Eddie Guerrero ~ 6

Paul London ~ 5

Scotty 2 Hotty ~ 5

Torrie Wilson ~ 5

Big Show ~ 4

Rene Dupree ~ 2

Luther Reigns ~ 1

Mark Jindrak ~ 0

Heidenreich ~ -1

Hiroko ~ -1

Shannon Moore ~ -1

Spike Dudley ~ -1

Akio ~ -2

Chavo Guerrero ~ -2

Nunzio ~ -2

Orlando Jordan ~ -2

Kenzo Suzuki ~ -3

Rob Van Dam ~ -3




Hardcore Holly def. Rene Dupree

Charlie Haas def. Spike Dudley

Paul London def. Akio




Hardcore Holly ~ 18

Kenzo Suzuki ~ 10

Scotty 2 Hotty ~ 10

Akio ~ 9

Paul London ~ 8

Rene Dupree ~ 8

Charlie Haas ~ 7

Booker T ~ 5

Danny Basham ~ 5

Doug Basham ~ 5

Funaki ~ 5

Luther Reigns ~ 5

Mark Jindrak ~ 5

Orlando Jordan ~ 5

Chavo Guerrero Jr. ~ 3

Billy Kidman ~ -1

Shannon Moore ~ -1

Nunzio ~ -3

Spike Dudley ~ -3




No Matches.




Tajiri ~ 15

Hurricane ~ 10

Simon Dean ~ 10

Trish Stratus ~ 10

Rhyno ~ 9

Maven ~ 5

Ric Flair ~ 5

Rosey ~ 5

Tyson Tomko ~ 5

Rob Conway ~ 4

Molly Holly ~ -1

Victoria ~ -1

William Regal ~ -1

Stevie Richards ~ -3

Val Venis ~ -4


See you in seven :xyx.





Forum Threads of the Week




Original Rumble Finish Revealed by Chris2K. GREAT debating by all.








Whats the Maddest you have Ever Been by Jonny Knoxville. It proved to us all once again that the TWOites are a scary set of people.




TWO Member of the Week/Heel of the Week



Who is TWO Member of the Week?

AC is this weeks star! Having taken part in the US forum and providing us with many laughs in the forms of new avatars, AC is 'Da Man'!


Who is TWO Heel of the Week


Christian Rules, to refuse to respond to someone as they have a Eugene avatar! Oh dear........


Forums In Focus


This week the news of Brock Lesnar issuing a lawsuit against WWE has been at the front of many peoples minds. Heres some of your thoughts.


he made his bed now he has to lie in it: Tazz13. Yeah man, and Im sure its a cold, cold bed with Sable in it!


If he ever ends up back in WWE (which he will) Vince will BURY him.: WWEBeltmark. Last person Vince buried was Undertaker, look what happened to HIM! Brock has a cowboy gimmick coming up!


i dont like brock, IMO he sucks, so im glad he's got him self screwed over, id think that he'll lose the case.: Vaile. The opinion of TWO's very own legal expert! Or not.


Id like to Brock back but hope the WWE stick to thier guns and dont pay over the top money for him: Fully. Just under the counter?


If I was Vince I woould bring him back when he'd eaten humble pie and then job his ass out to all and sundry even Spike Dudley and Paul London : Spiritchaser. Spirit is NOT a fan of the Pain!


Darkstar and Chris2K








Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various sources around the Internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.


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